Teenage Engineering OP-1

OP-1, Digital Synth from Teenage Engineering.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Teenage Engineering OP-1

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djama's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" One of my best purchases"

Teenage Engineering OP-1
Technically the side small studio + synth + sampler while one is super successful.
But this is not a QY for example. It's very different even. Less editing capabilities or arrangement, less notepad, but more "instrument", more intuitive and more personality.
Possibility to connect to the computer, but I do not do too much except to transfer the sounds in two senses.


it's quite different from work on a computer, but we made it very quickly, it is not completely weird. The design helps a lot. It's intuitive and constraints become engines for creativity.
Well, 2 x more tracks that would be cool though.


Sound that has a lot of character. A little lo-fi some say. In any case it is typed. The effects are effective, but few parameters of good quality and well-chosen.
I really like, I guess it may not appeal to some.
When I use it, the sound quickly ladle the side flying lotus, but I like it fine.


I've had a few months and I just think it's one of my best investments!
I had serious doubts, the next object pretty hipster made me a little scared. Critics not reassured me. The price made me a good laugh too. As against the somewhat toy I liked (I'm quite a fan of his boiboites).
The few demos I saw also let glimpse many possibilities.
Finally I needed a portable solution to my travels I came across a good secondhand, so I tested. It was a very good idea.
The possibilities are enormous. It is truly portable: with a small headphone and zoom it is completely autonomous.

So it sounds expensive, but I do not see what other machine offers many options of this quality in such a small format.

On it is a secondhand business. on the other hand, you better be sure of his needs and not buy without knowing what it really because otherwise we may be disappointed (few tracks, limited edition, synth sounds and colorful sampler ...)

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" An electro Workstation in backpack"

Teenage Engineering OP-1
The OP-1 is a complete Workstation to easily compose "Electro" music anywhere, anytime!
We are not all DJs who need to dial in the plane to Ibiza ...
If like me, you have a family life that no longer allows you to use your favorite keyboard and the urge to tinker sounds and compositions "Electro" eats you, the OP-1 is "THE" real answer .

Hardly bigger than some smartphones, it is always with me.
Whether you train or 1h 5min pause, the unit is operational in seconds qq.
The battery actually holds a charge (I never seem to have the load!)

This is not a Kronos or a M50 but the result is: I can easily and quickly create a soundscape composition and my sounds "Electro".
I insist that the technical choices of the OP-1 may seem light (1 LFO, 1 envelope, etc.) but they are sufficient to quickly and easily produce a good overall result of fully autonomous!
This is what we expect when we have little time and we want to focus on fun technology.

The sample part with the microphone and the integrated HP OP-1 are not gadgets: what a pleasure to deal in the place of their choice and to capture the soundtrack!
Especially as its look and its dimensions allow you to do it discreetly.

Programmable "random" arpeggiators (called "Sequence" on the OP-1) offer attractive alternatives to the composition.

2 octaves keyboard is "sufficient".


This is THE highlight of this device: ergonomics foolproof.
- Simplicity (4 buttons + Shift key) - Efficatité - Robustness.

I use it even in the dark (without seeing the keys)!


SOUNDS ELECTRO ONLY (I recommend the OP-1 for conventional).

This is not a Kronos or even a M50 but the result is still there: the different synthesis engines for SYNTH DRUM part and the part held their rank.

Each engine has:
- 4 parameters (but each setting is used to control several others) + ADSR + Polyphonic, Monophonic, legato, or Unison
- 1 LFO configurable from a choice of 7
- 1 configurable effect from a choice of 7

In the end, there is nothing to break for "geek" sound!
While it is impossible to repeat exactly the sounds of a Moog or MS20, but with astonishing rapidity that we approach and fun game is here :-)


OP-1 excels in its range (I must say it is the only one).

I am regularly tempted by other machines, other audio sequencer.
But every time I return to the simplicity and efficiency of this unit.

Its price has hindered me. But back to the time of use, this is the machine I am more cushioned!

With OP-1, the pleasure of composing electro and share their creations take (almost) in the pocket.

astrolab's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Him and me, it's for life!"

Teenage Engineering OP-1
In the world of synths, this little, tiny, microscopic synth is a real UFO.

This is a digital synth
This is a sampler
It is a tool for creating pure and instinctive
It is a sequencer psychopath
8 different syntheses (including Drums)
Editing envelopes
Several types of LFO: a treat
6 notes of polyphony for each synthesis
4-track recorder ultra fun with endless overdubs. Edition: copy / paste
Micro-keys pleasant same for large hands / long fingers
4 encoders infinite race
no MIDI (but now the problem is solved: OPLAB or interface, for example, IconnectMidi)
Effects (reverb spring, delay, punch, etc ...)

It is a branch of computer: recovering our creations (synth, drums, records ...) as files. AIF


Manual hyper clear
It's hard to explain to a friend how the OP-1 works while use is super intuitive
Editing sounds: fingers in the nose
Editing Effects: Same
Edit LFO: idem


Sound: it's digital. But the very good digital veeeeeery. Personally I love, I'm talking about.
No velocity, no aftertouch. You can cheat (envelopes, volume, etc ...)


I use it for 1 month.
I totally crack synth for that - before trying it - I had serious doubts.

I'm seriously considering offering a second to live.

My conclusion is simple: it is a synthetic hyper focusing, which can do everything (sampler, sequencer, record, edit), great thought / imagined, autonomous approximately 16 hours, which I think has the most intuitive sequencer, the most direct, most effective and most complete I know. Just for the sequencer "ENDLESS" (because yes, there are several types of sequencers in!) OP-1 is a must.

I'm on the train or plane: OP-1. So small, but so effective!

I love it, but as I have rarely enjoyed a synth. For one simple reason: it makes me want to create constantly.

Swiss Army knife of creation. I think we love or hate this synth.

New argument: USB to MIDI (or OPLAB IConnectMidi) make this synth a companion of choice for studio and stage.

edit: there's really immature criticism, no arguments which - in my opinion - are there to disassemble the instrument. These people have they really tried the OP-1???

juji's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Swiss Army Knife (Sweden)"

Teenage Engineering OP-1
Everything has been said already.
7 mode synthesis synth + a drum
Sampler, Drum sampler
5 effects

4 tracks

all on battery, portable and least 1kg ...


It's pretty simple at first, once we have understood the shift key combinations. The edition of synths and effects of its architecture and its simple sounded right away :)

For the magneto part is a bit more mixed for me. To understand all the subtleties one must read the manual.
I use too much 4 the track for mixing préférantle to live on.

However no way to erase a single track it's all or nothing. It just possibly a lifter track if its duration is less than (memory) 90s.

on the other hand, and it is seen from them, they just transfer the live recordings on his computer as a. Aif. Because it must be admitted, especially when it has the usb plug blows out a lot. This method allows for a clean sound, one begins to dream for a future firmware update there have included as a vst virus on IT ...

Sequencing issue I also externally, the sequence being grid is really too short (1 measure), the other its not bad and can give way to experimentation. The swing function is quite powerful.


So many good surprise.
What this little beast out of his gut is inversely proportional to this size. It just really out of low fat good fat or round and plump. I even used recently to make Sub.

Otherwise with 7 engines syntheses was a wide range of sound, still confined in the field of electronic music. The LFO's well thought out and nice to use and the effect and the ADSR, it's really short synthesis. It comes easily to what you want without spending hours.

The synthesis engine drum is a good addition to the latest OS, but I still prefer to spend my time on my tempest or my MD. But lost on an island in an ocean I would gladly spend more time.

The drum sampler is more than adequate and the bank is its cool, we just add the own or those conceived during OP1 drum contest. The pleasant surprise is that after sequencing, we just use the keyboard to dépitcher sequence, very friendly.

The sampler with the highway maintenance but I have yet to grow in its entrenchment in particular in terms of depitch. But we just do something nice with you including time stretch by fiddling a little.

So for that sound good


Richie Hawtin good although did consider that as a simple controller design and expensive, it's a real synth that has a great character and nomadic.
Its small size may in some frustrated annoyed that some function is not accessible by a single button, but the price willing to pay for a powerful tool that you just carry around.

In addition the update brings new features and the TE is a team listens to its users. We can dream for the next update a sound card function, or a granular Sythe beat cruching short, it has not finished out of its chrysalis.

I therefore advise to everyone and especially for beginners because it is multi function (synth, sampler, drumbox, recorder) and little animations on the screen are very educational.

So yes it is a bit expensive, but well worth it. Do not forget that it is made of suede and then submitted to the European labor cost (30 euro at the 1/2h elektron (also Swedish)). So I think you will find that very occas difficult because we do not want to part with.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" exemplary ergonomics"

Teenage Engineering OP-1
I find the very typical synth.
this machine has a strong personality, that's why I love her.
very good drum sounds I had not bought for that but I must admit it surprised me at this level. plus I'm pretty demanding about it because my main instrument is the acoustic drum.


I bought this machine for its ergonomics.
Once we understand its logic, everything goes very quickly to create a piece.

The sequencers are super effective.
The step function is to store hyper powerful: it can, from a terrible idea by recreating a riff that has nothing to do and that sounds! and I loved that side of living that kind scratchent, here we approach it thoroughly!

However I found the manual rather average. But it is not serious, are guys who have created a unique forum for this machine: http://ohpeewon.com/
or found a lot of useful information for understanding hyper! on the other hand is on, you have to read and listen to English.


It sounds SERIOUS!
rather it is a machine oriented electronic music.
You will be amazed by the powerful sound quality that this little trick of anything you spell from the speakers. it boggles the mind!

There's no velocity, but you just say it was not created for that. Once integrated ca, you can easily reach without it; it creates bass lines or other any other way, or by finding tricks to mimic a velocity (see site ohpeewon)


I was following back in the world of analog, I must say that OP-1 that really surprises me. and this every day!
2 weeks I have already created and I do not know how many pieces: this machine inspires me!

olix's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love"

Teenage Engineering OP-1
Well, I'm starting.
This is a seven types of synth numrique synthse, polyphony 6 notes. As is
A squence of 100 ratings
A sampler (monosample across the keyboard)
A box of 24 rhythm sounds
A magntophone 4 tracks (from 6mn max)
A synchronizer between the squence, the box and the tape.
A controller
A mini-keyboard 24 keys (without VLOC)
USB ports for MIDI and back, not making MIDI.


To beginners, it is ncessaire to read the manual to become familiar with functions (Shift CASC provides other functions).
Is easy and the shipping is childish.
The manual has seen more clearly.


These engines give 7, with only 4 Settings, an infinity of sound.
Ralistes not sound (except the sampler), but modern
Trs original effects: grid, phone, punch.


I have ten days ago, bought without testing.
Seeing as a small portable keyboard aisment (it runs on battery), extremely well-Designed, rsolument modern sduit ds me that I had on hand.
Only BMOL: it may be not for everyone.
It complte my studio.

noSkillz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"A unique instrument"

Teenage Engineering OP-1
As for the specifications, everything has already been brilliantly detailed by Infracid, therefore I won't say more about it. Note that I just received my OP-1, so this is a fresh opinion after a sleepless messing with it. I will return to flesh out my feelings as I use this beast.


Editing sounds and effects architecture is ultra-easy, you can't imagine an easier process: each editable parameter is displayed on the screen with the color of the corresponding knob. Simply identify the color and turn the knob!
Playing a sound while modifying it can be done by playing notes on the keyboard of course, but it's even more handy to program notes in one of three available sequencers and start the loop. It is very practical because you can then focus only on the parameters.
The manual in English, only available online (https://www.teenageengineering.com/library), is very clear. I've checked it to understand how the tape works, especially tape manipulation (Lift, Drop, Split). At first, you wonder just what you're doing, but it's a good experience: after some trial and error, you soon realize how it works and get used to it.
The ergonomics of this machine is a crazy thing. I don't know how long the TEam has been working on the development, but it is truly amazing. I put very little time to get my bearings to switch between the pages of each module (synthesizer, drums, tape). The "Help" button is available at any time so you know which button you're pushing.


Again, I won't come back into the synthesis and effects, my friend Infracid described them very well.
The velocity is not taken into account. You can easily work around this limitation by recording several takes, setting the appropriate recording level each time.
The factory sounds are numerous and varied, and 8 synthesis engines are more than enough to get what you want - or not, and it's even better: you grope around and edit sounds randomly, it's ultra-creative.
The tape is excellent in sound but also visually speaking. As I wrote above, it requires an adjustment period, but you eventually master it rather quickly.
The accelerometer (G-force sensor) is an additional factor of creativity. Starting from a random preset I tweaked for a few minutes, I found myself with a pad sound, to which I added a delay. I then switched the LFO, controlled by the accelerometer, assigned to the pitch. I played one note and another in the fifth, while steering slowly OP-1. Then I added another note, slowly reduced the OP-1 in the horizontal ... The result is guaranteed.


I'm using the OP-1 since just one day, and I love it! It's a real pocket (or rather backpack) studio, a Swiss army knife of synthesis, an upgradeable drum machine, an ultra-creative tool ... You won't explore it fully within just a few hours!
I'll quote Shamaniaq on the OhPeeWon forum: "The OP-1 uses ADDICTIVE SYNTHESIS!"
I've been making music on a computer with a master keyboard for years. The OP-1 has that extra something that adds a fun and experimental side... You start exploring without necessarily knowing where you're going; you discover, try, grope, fail, and sequence... There's a magical, unknown, random aspect. It has its limitations, but they lead you to creativity.
This is truly a unique instrument!

Infracid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"the future is on ..."

Teenage Engineering OP-1
8 syntheses, 4 sequencers (including a magnetic strip 4), sampler, 5 configurable effects, integrating radio ..... see site builder



there are three, a classic (a grid), a ramdom (a spinning wheel in the desired direction and speed) and finally a kind tb (we chose 32 such notes bear a luxury arpeggio feature him same setting again ...


it has four pages, one for volume and pan, for a general EQ (low, medium, high), one for the effects (cited above), and finally saw the meter in general with a drive and a bonus for release effect of violent or "pump" as the mean of the times, little more than two keys are used to retain memories of a parameter change (eg cutting down on the master)

then come have a delicate function: the magnetos BAND

It is the only way to make a complete song as three sequencers mentioned above works as arpeggios that is to say an item has both (BAR, sample, osc ..)

it has 6min normal speed (read speed of the tape) or 24min slow read but then the sound quality is to say a garage ... time corresponds to the max of his paternal, not bad but the problem is that you can not save the work done on it!! the possibility his big, we can do a loop if its 6min sings or more small part that we loop in real time. according to the copy, paste, undo / rendo (per band), connect, reverse, stop (remove the read head of the band leaving it running normally cut only the sound), the mute effort between the bands. .. attention because of the gold record there is no quantification so it's a little warm but nothing too serious for that practice music every day ...

THE VINYL: this is definitely where you freeze a piece will do as a disk, once it's all fixed play and stop, there are two whose face I do not know how long (or 2x6min 2x3min)

more bonus: there is a microphone, a radio and a motion sensor assigned to all features!


(Test done on Dynaudio and BM5A bm9s)

there are eight types: 1 - CLUSTER: This summary includes six oscillators for sounds rather typed ambient water ... but with his short typed ADSR can get the violins ... more similar (for the record I made a sound very similar to that heard in the nightclub (the rectum) in irreversible Gaspar Noé).

Digital: pure synthesis very aggressive (like mr oizo, justice ...) but also can convince his very 8 bit ...

dr-wave: excellent synthesis based on 2 osc that intersects a speed and a definition (even a bit of history) configurable, has passed through all the phases can be a square wave and a sine wave.

FM: As the name suggests it is a matter of simple FM synthesis, but with excellent choice of parameter giving wide possibility (of a very gentle and calm to aggressive on amphetamine)

phase: it is a sorry one of my least explore but I can still say that it is based on self-oscillation and movement of a mirror between point A and point B.

pulse: perhaps the simplest summaries of op-1, 2 oscillators with a variable amplitude modulation on it and a filter ...

string: then it's incredible wealth of this synthesis that mimic very well the sounds a string of short range, the cliché has it really huge experimental

sampler: bon bah says it all .... made very neutral, but its relation to cutting parameter, the loop area and volume

drum machine: it is a variant of the sampler, but most specialize in the practice of the slice (each kit is manufactured from a long sample), noted that this party has a adsr dedicated to rhythm sounds (adsr comprehensive kit )

This little world has its own ADSR, its purpose, lfo's and his own bank and use factory


there are 5 (for now) SPRING: there is talk of a spring reverb downright huge and can be made suffer the worst treatment at the famous resort has its spatialized background, his progress in every configuration ( discrete or destructive ).... great

PUNCH: This is a low pass filter with parameters of intensity that recall the famous low-pass in homework (daft punk), nice but not too many surprises.

PHONE: so it will not be easy to describe, we have on the screen of a reverse phone comes out four or more distinct color piece, if we act on this parameter we get it sounds like matrix (the pill) its that's the cliché but we can achieve results never heard again.

GRID: a delay is very nervous and that goes from one extreme to the other to handle a incredible (as of Autechre gantz) in practice I guess it's unstoppable breakcore

DELAY: GRID is the opposite, ie it is flat, psyche, beautiful .... Here is more classic but indispenssable


CONCLUSION: Well for me it is a flawless ergonomic point of view, sound and build quality, the camera offers a synthesis that screws with the times and that does not seek to emulate the analog (each his own role;) ) making the digital synthesis assume a choice, the op-1 are in the gut, it is fat, accurate, charismatic in a mix (I mean the sound ...), hover, efficient, electro short-acoustic .... perfect.

then yes I know the scope of the protection of non y'en a track that will moan (and I understand it) can not have multiple pattern I know it seems strange but it's yours to us be an ingredient of a disadvantage, ie it must be used in real time, can keep its sounds so if you master the beast on her track again in real time which can be given a new practice in electronic music (such as competition has mpc beatmaker in their time) and by the way op-1 is sufficient to itself because it is a real all (except back up track), if it is a new bone change her but even otherwise it does not matter one has already classic sequencer, the moog, the PC and all the mess .... that's something else and more time ....

bah I forget good stuff, I made lots of mistakes and if it is not clear s'trouve but hey I tried ...

thank you