Yamaha CS6X
Yamaha CS6X

CS6X, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the CS series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Yamaha CS6X

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 7 reviews )
 5 reviews71 %
 1 user review14 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Yamaha CS6X
All the right features are there. I feel the sampling is a little extraneous. The keys are nice and bouncy although a little narrow. Plenty of presets and sound control. Having the plug in board option is nice too.

Price paid

$950/used circa 2001


Ehhhh.... it's a tad confusing. The submenus can be a bit tedious at time searching for the right paramater. Most parameters have a knob on the front panel, thankfully, so you only rarely have to dive under the hood.

Built like a brick shit house. It's pretty heavy and would probably break if you dropped it from a high distance but it can put up with a good beating.


The sound quality is great. The presets seem mainly focused on the trance genre which is why I bought it.. Effects are useable but I'm suce a fan of outboard and plug in effects I usually keep the synth as dry as possible.


Bottom line: I love this synth for the trance/house/techno sounds I can get out of it. Piercing highs, warm pads, rumbling lows and everything in between. It's my main MIDI controller and I use with a wide variety of soft synths also. I've actually sold a few synths just to hang on to this one. I will probably buy some old school analog synths soon to round out my collection but the CS6x is the last VA synth I will buy for a long time.

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: Unknown ( 6-, 2003)

mangalore's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" excellent!"

Yamaha CS6X
google for specs and Yamaha are your friends ...

it is basically complete and honest.


Manual a bit messy, I've seen better ..

the edict is feasible on the synth as well thought out despite the sub menu but greatly facilitated by assigning knobs below the display
but the edit on the PC is great and friendly (as DHAB)


Excellent for those who love the sounds electro barred and totally unrealistic .. but just realistic in the electro!

I not like the bass from the original PCM except subs that take the same route at D &B; added that once the plg YEAR they are super top and indispensable

expression and the effects are okay and know no more to be forgotten.


Already be aware that some crap compared to this synth is a synth .. true!
incomparable with a Korg Triton Classic example that I bought in a hurry and is totally incomparable and especially auditory next!

I was interested in its release in 90 'but more 12,000 bales for aquérir I was a little cool.
This synth is totally ignored because of the label "techno" and affiliation
in the range CS1X/CS2X with whom he was confused and did absolutely nothing to do with him because he has a powerful synthetic complete multimode filter with LFO and a bank doubled PCM sample particularly well cared for (by chance ) and by its orientation to face fashion "techie" at the time that makes it just stuffed samples of analog machines and with whom we obtiend very good rich, powerful sound well above some "big names "acclaimed, and this for a synth that came out 15 years ago!
And do not forget its compatibility with significant PLG cards, I added the personal PLGAN with its step sequencer and editor (compatible with that of the excellent AN1X) which allows for analog sounds typed 'kind of egg Arp 2600, R2D2 chirping in, kind of spacey pads Solina, the basslines to Brian Transeau ect .. amazing!
I also added the excellent PLG150PF with great sounds of acoustic piano and Rhodes electro-type level Motif ES I think although I have not tested.

bought used only € 350, this is an excellent value for money

I love the creative side with ARPEGIO and sounds wacky and sometimes innatendus (what I like in synths) its controls and knobs on the front (left fifteen years ago at the time of the Korg 01W!)

surment not the machine that I will sell on a whim because I am pleased every time I use it.

As a reminder I had fun making a demo unpretentious only patches of origin and with the internal PCM (without maps) Souncloud:
* To listen to because it gives an idea of ​​the sounds of this bike (I think)

Will one day be sought on c because machine seriously misunderstood but excellent for that matter.

BeyondTheVeil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha CS6X
For those who know a little English read:

Synthesizer Section Keyboard:
61-key, initial touch / after touch
Tone Generator: AWM2
Multitimbraility: 16 + 1 (A / D) + 1 (Phrase Clip) + 2 (Plug-in)
Maximum Polyphony: 64 notes
Arpeggiator: 128 arpeggio type
Effects: 88 fully editable effects
Normal Voices: 256 Preset, 128 User
Drum Kits: 8 kits
Performances: 128 User, 64 External
Clip Phrase Memory: 4 MB (volatile)
Clips: 256
Clip Kits: 4 (Key 73 x 4 sets)
Sampling Freq. : 44.1 kHz, 16-bit Linear

Display: Custom LCD
External Memory: 3.3 V Smart Media Card
Expandability: 2 Slots for Plug-in Boards
Connectors: Headphones, Stereo Output (L / Mono, R), Individual Output 1 and 2 Breath Controller Input Stereo 1 and 2, Foot Controller (assignable), Foot Volume (assignable), Footswitch (assignable), MIDI In / Out / Thru , To Host
Controllers: Pitch Bend Wheel, Modulation Wheel (assignable), Ribbon Controller, Assignable Knob x 5, Sound Control knobs x 14, Volume Knob x 5, Data Entry / Page Knob x 2, A / D Input Gain
Dimensions: 1019 mm x 357 mm x 109 mm
(40-1/8 "x 14-9/16" x 4-3/8 ")
Weight: 11.6 kg (25.6 lbs)


I have not used this synth for a long time. So I do not didouillé sounds, I was content just to put some reverb on the sounds of plants ^ ^
However, the configuration seems simple, at least for the basic settings. For editing sounds, I could not say. The screen would be worth more to the menu navigation is easier and more intuitive. In contrast, many pots on the front allows good control of the various parameters of sound, and it's great.
As for the manual ... I did that puff, but it looks complete, accurate and understandable enough.


I sold this synth because it just was not suited to my style of music. Indeed, I am of symphonic metal and sounds are typically oriented modern music like hip-hop, trance, house ... However, after comparison with the Triton, I can say that the sounds may still be suitable for the metal: I was satisfied with the piano sound (great with the reverb, much better than the triton), ropes and choirs. I was also surprised by the realism of the soprano saxophone. Level synth sounds and webs, there are some very good things too. Besides, I regret not find some of these patches on the Triton!
The effects are very good (although I only used the basics), and the pots much easier controls. The velocity is good and convenient for the piano, however I did not use the aftertouch.


I used it a few months for me Dépan.
I like the specifics: the pots in front, very convenient. The ribbon control is nice too, although I have not used a lot and it's a little gadget. And the sounds are very good. Finally, there is everything you need to level connections at the back of the keyboard.
The specifics I like least: the screen too small. I would have preferred a larger screen, which would have been more intuitive for editing sounds and menu navigation. And the "sampler" disappointed me. This is not a real sampler, it just allows to record some sounds. And again! It lacks a lot of memory on the keyboard for this kind of thing.
Quality / price ratio: me I had the synth for a pittance, so I can not say much. Even for 500 euros, I think it's still a good value because it is a good instrument. I do not have that choice would do to the extent that this synth is not quite suited to my style of music, but I still was very pleased.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha CS6X
The yamaha is a CS6x synhttiseur numrique, ddi to contemporary music, techno trance and dance ...
It has 61 keys, 19 controllers in real time, MIDI In Out Through, Host, all audio classics. It has 512 voices, not to mention the basic waveforms of 500 +, more drum kits, many effects, reverb chorus variation paramtrables ...
64-note polyphony expandable with PLG cards available ... 2 card slots ...
CS6x editor that allows you to have the functions of CS6 on PC ...


The handling is a bit complicated to beginners, and not intuitive trs. It must first use the patches
program and then edit them before embarking on the construction of a voice ... but the manual is clear trs, and a user will amateur one week to master the main functions of synth ...
The effects are good quality and trs Fully ditables. We can overlay 4 DIFFERENT ....
This can really enrich the basic sound ....
The synht trs is robust, we have the imprssion this time really a pro gear, with its rich, warm trs.


The sounds are good at trs electronic music, but acoustic sounds dbrouillent is not bad too, After a few modifications. The expressiveness trs is strong, and sounds are rather practitioner.
The waveforms can CRER basic sound of the beginning the end as if you had four oscillators based ...
The effects are good trs, and gnral performance is working well and dmontrent the power of this standard keyboard that comes with its radical break prdcesseurs ..... Indeed, it sounds so much more productive and more metal, the sounds are warm, the weather can effect change Exceeds a minute of pressing a key on the keyboard. The after touch is excellent, and the feel of the keyboard is better than the old yamaha AN or CS ... It seems that this is a keyboard light heavyweight.


I've had it 1 month, I really like its design, similar to that of the triton korg, I mostly feel, and the quality of the presets. It sounds PRO FINALLY ... I had the CS1x, AN1x, and IT IS not see anything, it's something else ...! I bought 900 euros is a good quality price today
I do not regret my purchase .... SO .... if you choose your vaults fans new music or if you have a keyboard DSIR gnral order to reproduce the sounds acoustic ....
This is the machine for you ...

Chris.angel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha CS6X
The CS6x is synthtiseur down the AWM2 technology: it allows CRER complex sounds from a library of over 400 samples of quality rpart of 16 MB of ROM memory. It also allows the reproduction of the samples personal thanks Phrase Clip. It is also team of two slots for optional expansion cards and a slot for SmartMedia card (4 MB card is included).

The CS6x possde many, many contrlleurs trs (knobs, pitch bend, ribbon controller, ...) and offers two more connectors for footswitch and foot controller connectors for two (IDAL therefore play two on the same machine :-) ).

It can store 512 patches and 192 patches Voice type type performance (similar to multitimbral mode).

Perspective effects, we find the classic Reverb and Chorus, over 116 in 2 Insert effects rpart.

And do not forget the classic but powerful arpgiateur trs (offering 128 units) and a keyboard mode Matra.


Admit as much, its handling is not the most comfortable, and it is important to understand its architecture with the optimal use of power - I n'voque naturally not the fact of choosing a patch and turn the knobs!. In addition, the manual, too few or too full, is poorly organized and rvle quite heavy tackle.

But with a little patience and a little more effort, this machine is like discovering a dot ingnieux Systm many possibilities.

The edition of patches and the effect is relatively simple, the edition of Performance and Phrase Clip is a little less. With a good job prparatoire the CS6x is rvle nanmoins trs scne effective.


With this machine, we are still far from the sound of modern analog synth modlisation. The engine synthse down on samples and offers all the advantages of these machines incovnients found in almost 20 years.

To end on a positive note, one must first admit that the acoustic sounds are not convincing trs. The Grand Piano is lamentable, strings and brass are drinking.

But ... but this keyboard is not intended for pianists or to dance bands! This is a Synth worthy of the name Destiny electronic music. And, fortunately, it is the he excels! Far from these small and ERRF CS1x CS2x the CS6x offers high-quality samples for sound (not sound) of as great quality. And the power of its engine enables synthse couraging sounds as simple as sounds trs trs labor.


As usual, Yamaha has been great with this machine: a lot of features, great sounds and possibilities, and that sometimes the dtriment intuitiva and efficiency.

In short, the CS6x Plars insiders for its performance, its sounds and its capabilities ... provided we take the time to meet (it QLQ Reserved surprises, including dual registration Phrase Clip to avoid losing them APRS extinction of the machine).

At all espces modules, function keyboard-Matra is also well thought out, although sharing a 5 octave keyboard into 4 parts, this is truly the limit!

In addition to these dtails the CS6x is the only machine on the market offering such services on a single pice. The Triton confronts, she was chosen for its orientation rsolument Live and sounds almost as good quality.

And finally, its price (new or used) actually really an investment of choice in its field.