Yamaha DX7
Yamaha DX7

DX7, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the DX series.

sonic75 08/05/2014

Yamaha DX7 : sonic75's user review


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All is said


Editing sounds with, for example, MidiQuest, it's easy! Biensure without soft and without aid it is much less fun ...


FM sounds, love it or hate it. Too often considered cold, metal, slap, but she had a good editor and patience can get beautiful tablecloths and almost trippy soft and warm "pads", not just the sound of bells or low 80s typed. The DX7 can even approach the grain called "analog" machines in the late 70's for a few leads or bass sounds like. At the time (80/90) was categorized for particular types of sounds and used in a certain style of music but now with soft publishers we discover that this synth has the belly and that can we get unexpected things!


Just a little personal accuracy, many people regret the absence of internal effects on the DX7, for my part I think it is an advantage as it can add any conceivable effects with a multi-quality effects ("Lexicon" eg). For the following versions (DX7 IID / FD) is dependent on what gives us the machine and with a lesser quality deal with various multi-effects racks.
A good chorus and a good reverb plastered DX7 MKI and it is pure bliss! Oh I forgot, this synth is virtually indestructible ...