Yamaha DX7
Yamaha DX7

DX7, Digital Synth from Yamaha in the DX series.

elektrat 03/27/2007

Yamaha DX7 : elektrat's user review


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See data sheet.


At first I thought this synth incronpréhensible.En fact it is.
But there is nothing to comprendre.Tous accessible.Il settings are simply set intuitively and disrupt the settings.
If we change the algorithm such as the changes the nature of sound, more or less brilliant,
more or less filtered, and all other functional settings.

We must hack. This technique is very complex synth but its use is intuitive.


The sound is infinite and it can be very beautiful.
The Modulation wheel can make a hell of vibrato.
The sounds can range from a kind of cross between a very old 60's electronic piano
hybrid jazz guitar so hot to a kind of electronic cytare coupled with crystal-clear sound with the dulcimer.

We do not twisted effects, sound percussion bell but also the kind of bass sounds with great FM attack.

He rarely shows an effect of this synth notament copper in ground and it
The ideal is to connect behind a expendeur and stereo reverb and there is little to do stuff vangelis.


This synth is a real box of surprises and is very complementary to a good analog to
it will make the bass strings with the moog, and leads the genre saw.

The fm is the possibility to create complex sounds near the acoustic instruments
while it works with analog sounds simple.

Run to buy the DX7 is not expensive and it does not shake as disappointing products
yamaha motif ES current type gas plant with sounds not great instrumentals and less hot than Roland.