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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Yamaha S90 XS

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %
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stompboxjon's review"Great sounding patches"

Yamaha S90 XS
The Yamaha S90 XS is a 88 key synth with a stage piano as well, it has over 1000 voices as well as a built in USB drive and on board DAW controls that can either be used with a Mac or a PC (any version of Windows). At first glance looking at this board you will think that it cost way to much money for as simple as it looks. They key part of this board is that the sounds are very good, there really are no bad patches on the whole thing. It is a very good synth to have for a large genre of music. When it comes to the stage piano part of it, you can easily plug a microphone right into it and have an on stage set up right at your finger tips. I have used the Yamaha S90 XS with Reason 4 and with recording directly into Pro Tools.


Setting this synth up takes no effort at all. You can read through the manual if you need it, but I hardly ever do everything on this board from the song process. I basically used it for the sounds and maybe a few small performances for some friends. Editing the parameters of your sounds are very in depth. I won’t say it is easy because it is not, unless you are use to doing your sound editing from a keyboard. Its actually a lot different than doing it on a software synth. But after you get use to it you will be very comfortable with editing all of the parameters on the Yamaha S90 XS.


When you are playing the Yamaha S90 you will love the feel of the keys, they have a nice weighted feel to them. As a player, you can really get your expressiveness out like you can sitting at a real piano. The piano sounds are very good and realistic, they are actually some of the best piano patches that I have heard coming from a synth keyboard.


The Yamaha S90’s sounds are the selling point for it, if you get a chance go to your local music store and see if they have this on display. You will be locked in on it for hours just messing with all of the sounds and effects. But, the fact that the price is so high almost makes it not affordable for the average “at home” musician. I do suggest purchasing this keyboard though if you can afford it. The quality of the Yamaha S90 XS is well worth every dollar that it cost. I have been using the Yamaha S90 XS since the winter of 2009, and I am still learning new stuff about it.

Esprit-Libre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" ideal for creating"

Yamaha S90 XS
for the characteristics I invite you to go directly to the page of Yamaha France


Then to configure it so simple, it may be understood how the system (OS) of the machine, from there his journey

Yes 2dition of its easy and quick, nothing wrong I have fun like crazy sounds


agree totally has my styles my creation ..
The expression is excellent, I never felt that before ...
sounds are a realistic hope, the sax, I would not say ...
The effects are excellent adapted and modified a wish ..
Having not heard any, I will say piano, wind instruments has, as the violins, then there's good .... I hate anything


since not long less than a week, I spend 8 hours per day over a feast ....
In real synth, not a Sonic Cell and by my master keyboard M Audio 88es ....
The most touch keyboard, the sound quality and ease of working on it ...
Least, uh, I try, oh yes, there is no digital I / O perspective, to work in 24Bit 96 kHz for example, is not a minus, gosh there is no

Finally, to summarize, you need a good keyboard for both computer music or concert, look no further, and pass the test, the S90 XS