Pioneer EFX-500-R
Pioneer EFX-500-R

EFX-500-R, DJ Effect from Pioneer.

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All user reviews for the Pioneer EFX-500-R

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 7 reviews )
 3 reviews43 %
 3 reviews43 %
 1 user review14 %
Value For Money : Poor
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stompboxjon's review"DJ gear that rocks"

Pioneer EFX-500-R
The Pioneer DJ EFX 500 is an in depth unit that can do a lot more than you think that it can. Plus its not really that hard to get to understand it without the manual. I go it without a problem in only about 2 hours and was ready to roll. There are some really good beat effects with the EFX 500 and everything is synced up over time based controls so that all your effects and everything are synced up with the bpm of what you are working with.


The Digital jog brings the effects to you in a flash some of the effects like ring modulator and lo fi fuzz. Just to name some, but for the most part all of the effects are extremely good to be on a unit for this price. You can really take your effects to the next level in a flash with the Pioneer DJ EFX 500. There is a 3 Band EQ and Manual tap control so you can change your temp in a flash. There is also 1 input stereo channel, 1/4th phone in and 1 out. The total unit is only a little over 5 pounds and can be taken with you where ever you are at so you can work. It also has midi in and midi out capabilities in case you want to synch it up with some of your other gear. You might not need to though because it can do pretty much anything you can image to be done. The Pioneer EFX 500 is top quality when it comes to DJ effects and equipment.


You might not need to though because it can do pretty much anything you can image to be done. The Pioneer EFX 500 is top quality when it comes to DJ effects and equipment.


Though I haven't used this in a club, I do use it for house parties and get togethers and amaze my friends and family with what I can do with this. Its great for live performances because there are just so many things you can do right at your finger tips.

songboy's review"Hardware Tactile DJ effects that stand up in a world of Software"

Pioneer EFX-500-R
The effects covered in this unit are quite comprehensive. You essentially have two categories, beat mapped and non beat mapped. The beat mapped effects include delay, echo, pan, flanger and transformer. The non beat mapped effects include Jet, zip (phaser style effects) wah, ring and fuzz. The beat effects are contolled via the "beat" section on the left. You get various division of time, a tap tempo button and a manual adjustment knob for tempo. On the other side for the non beat effects your primary controller is the "Jog wheel." With the jog wheel, you can spin your way to delicate, subtle effects to super deep craziness. You can control this unit with standard midi messages but as far as I know, no one has made a PC/Mac editor for this unit. In reality, it doesn't really need it as it is designed to be manipulated quickly and efficiently with you analog fingers. This is a digital processing unit with all digital effects. The connections include 1/4" and RCA audio inputs and outputs as well as MIDI in and out.


Once you get used to the layout, which won't take long (took me about an hour) you will be flying on this thing. With dedicated effect selection buttons and the jog wheel, you will be remixing your own tracks like you never thought possible. The beauty about hardware (especially if it is made right) is that you don't have much setup other than plugging in your sound source and plugging the hardware back into your PA. The manual is clear and efficient and is a good read if you won't to understand more about the effects them selves and very unique and interesting options the EFX 500r offers.


I use this mainly as an effector for my live performance set. I play various intruments (keys, guitar, bass, vocals, sampled drums, synths, etc....) in my set and I run everything into two stereo channels, one clean, and one into this. My rig is setup so that I can select at any time, what instruments are going into the efx or just going straight to the PA mixer. Therefore, everything at one time or another runs through this. As for faithful reproduction, this unit only operates at 16bit, so I feel that for live performance, I don't notice that much but for studio applications, I do notice some weakness in the sound. Especially in my vocals and my analog synths and bass. I am actually selling this unit now to purchase the EFX 1000 which runs at 24 bit and has more effects and options, including spdif in/out. I imagine this will greatly improve the sound quality of my set. I love the effects on this unit. I guess my favorite would be the delay as it comes in so handy having a solid delay with so much control right at your finger tips. The only effect I have any dislike towards would be the Wah. The filter isn't as clean as I get from my analog gear, but I can't be too upset, it is an older digital unit and in all fairness, the Filter isn't horrible, just an older digital version.


What I like most about this unit is what it is, a hardware standalone effects unit. Other than the EFX 1000 (and the 500) these are the only mass produced, somewhat affordable hardware, tactile EFX units I am aware of. I am honestly shocked that Pioneer is the only one who makes something like this. In an age of computers and software, it is getting harder to find quality Hardware gear without searching for boutique manufacturers and forking over an arm and a leg. What I don't like about the unit is simply the features that are missing from the big brother (efx 1000). These include the 16 bit processing power (1000 has 24bit) and the lack of the SPDIF in/out. I paid $350 for this many years ago and at that time, that was a good deal. I am very pleased with this unit and only plan on selling it to get the "step up" model. When I bought it, 16 bit was plenty good. Now, 16 bit is dated so I can't give it a great sound quality rating, more like a 7. The only things I have come acrossed that are similar are all software (Turnado, Artillery, Stutter Edit, the Finger). All the software units are great in there own ways, but I will go Hardware any day of the week when I can. I would definitely purchase this if you are looking for something to spice up your DJ sets or if you are like me, your crazy, massive Looping performance set. In the end though, unless you primarily run MP3's or CD's for your sound sources, you will won't to upgrade to the EFX 1000.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pioneer EFX-500-R
Notice re-edited October 15, 2007

The effects are divided into three parts, which can in turn simultaneously.

the upper part:

- 3-Tone EQ (+6 /-24dB), the filters are set correctly.
- An international 3-position> effect is permanent, because that is released as soon as we loose the inter-and off effect
- The level of input and output with their saw-meter (x2) corresponding (5 bars including a red LED to the saturation level)

the left side:

- Delay, echo, pan, flanger, and trans (muting).
these effects can be assigned to the low, mid or treble (or 3 at a time of course).
they are synchronized to the time, either by car (it has ELSEWHERE dun fairly accurate bpm counter (3 positions) or manual (the "tap") or by a wheel (which is very useful in changing diference sync).
or directly through the 6 buttons (1 / 4 - 1 / 2 - 1 / 3 to 1 / 1 - 2 / 1 - 4 / 1)

timing effects on the BPM tends to shift over time (but slightly too tjrs).

- An international 3-position is present there too (like the one quoted above +)
- A knob of "depht" (power effect)
- A mix knob for the effect of the original sound

the right side:

is the filter part is to choose between:
- JET (who would think of the sound of a boeing that does not go very high)
- ZIP (I would have rather called "pitch" or "octave" to the extent that it gives a feeling of slowing zic and a change of octave)
- WAH (where the filter is full)
- RING, (as the name suggests, he would think of a speaker stuck in a cathedral bell with resonance you can imagine)
- FUZZ, (it's hard-distortion)

- A jog can vary the frequency of the filter with a given meter to see where we are (not very accurate dailleurs)
- A button marked "hold" keeps changing the filter frequency on the same position, if it is disabled the filter back in position every time we do not move anymore (jog)
- A knob of "depht"
- An international 3-position

it is possible to record a "manipulation" of thanks to jog the memory (I think 8sec)

connectivity is well stocked with cinch (RCA) or jack and 6.35 pm (out / in)
a gain selector is present (-10 / +4 db)
an international push (start / stop)

Listening is possible between the party because the left and right with a switch (very small dailleurs) and a rotary volume knob (too small, it looks like a knob without the "cap").
6.35 jack for headphones

it is rack mountable in 19 "and the better of elsewhere because it makes it more ergonomic and completely portable.

size is impecable (300 to 200mm or less) and makes handling easier as airy, again, it is very intuitive.


The basic setup is what makes this workhorse.
editing effects is we do little more straightforward.
the manual is super accurate, the only way not to understand is not to read!


The effects are fairly well supported but is sorely lacking for not being a little more parameters, (rule of the "Q" in the filter, for example) on the other hand is what makes the thing a little more "live" (direct access) and that with the usual one does not need Always listen to it before sending pfl.

I use it mainly for the mix on vinyl or virtual or live via XP10, at this level is impeccable.
I also used the component even if it is not his preferred terrain, effects "studio" or vst interressants more easily.


I use it for just over five months, and at home and "representations",
This machine turns out to be a good model but is not up to all commercial Decomposition Systems (pub) which was built around, I think pioneer plays a fad with the enthusiasm that will with ....

the price is too overly expensive compared to what it is, but unfortunately, at prices high enough we go for more serious and more upscale (it's like the clothes ...!!)

now I could try the korg, the gemini (psp1 I think), the tweakaliser of behringer effects and some "studio" type MIDIVERB etc ... at the level of djing but only in quality / price ratio, I think the behringer defended well, its major flaw (to my taste) is to be too small in size and appearance of having a toy.

experience with the product I would do ***** that choice (although it would now test the efx1000), since anyway I could test it before buying it and I took knowingly.

Now I repeat, it is too expensive for what it is, at that price was not already a bad amp, add € 50 and you have a 1200 mk2.
that's why I put this notice on a bad note ....

***** Edit from 15/10/2007 today I would turn to the KP3 Korg, the EFX 1000 is very good but ZERO related effect / price

LePremierMinistre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pioneer EFX-500-R
I use an EFX 500 since qq months. I'm very happy. Its correct, S / N ratio respectable. Tri-band EQ switchable convenient for the determination of his coming out.

The effects synchronized to the tempo (left side) are good and useful, especially the delay. Transform (sound chopper) and quite scenic, but less usable. Pioneer Classic Flanger. The cross section (jog) is fun as well. The flanger is called Jet classical, Zip simulates a time stretch, but the sound is average. The wah effect is nice, it's a filter that affects the whole band (high pass to low pass according to the position of the jog), this effect is appreciable at high power sound, otherwise it does not do much. The last two effects ring and fuzz are a kind of distortion or sound crusher, not very usable in electro mix, maybe a guitar or a wind instrument?

Conclusion: A fun toy that can bring creativity. Its correct, seems to be robust. It is the Pioneer, we must not forget.







djludwig2cervioni's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pioneer EFX-500-R
Digital effect box of very good quality, very robuste.une time she is hot great wheel turns, the filter is top, with the eco same time it is where it really gives for descents and ascents in the house and THECNO.


It is very easy to use


I use it with a djm 600 if you have the two machines you can make a direct connection from the master table in effect do not send on the table you can connect another effect.avec this configuration you get the well-known effect that I invented: an eco-filter Foit both triggered effect gives me a tros tros modern style mix that grows serious, but let's not forget that I am the legendary DJ Cervioni in Corsica.


I use it since 2002 to tell you that I grave.c mastery is a super machine

titimimi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pioneer EFX-500-R
It is a fact box synchronissa numriques effect of 3 tapes (hi, mid, low), the effects can be prhcouts by headphone can be conect on platinum cd, vinyl and on legalization is a 3-band (low, medium, high), BPM counter, couraging possibility of multiple effects at once, rglage input audio mix with the original ... in fact sum one of the best high quality effects processor used by many djs, no current competitor with this machine


Easy to use, handling spontaneous, you learn techniques to effect almost tt day! The jog dial is trs fluid, the button layout is simple, this device is trs solid, it does not heat ! a bte!!


Near-perfect quality, the effects are relment except two effects that serve almost nothing, it's a peus the mess, but hey have the pardons because the effect shuffled with the isolator of 3 ca dchire band!


Trs reliable machine used by many djs are budjet is peus peus be an expensive but its worth it, I would do the purchase easily!
ventilation is very practical, which is soon to heat the machine at work, the buttons are bright trs seeing more! the penalty is that some are indeed very practical pa is a peus the mess, I put 9 / 10 because it's still the leader in effect for djs

tonioux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pioneer EFX-500-R
Very good effect KALIT the best of the market by far ...


Beginners to use a bit hot but after 1h is made of pure truk with


Kalit exeptionnelle!! tou kan kill the nickel is more than the minimum the eq is great especially for very deep bass !!!!!


3 months its been wonderful as I fai g of evening and APRS 10h of intensive use ... SURPRISE !!!!! nothing to heating a pure bte, g t print component of the Resistors incredible pioneer hat !!!!!! I have to buy me hte Pioneer EFX-1000 I guess not even the monster it can be ke!!