Pioneer HDJ-1000
Pioneer HDJ-1000

HDJ-1000, DJ headphone from Pioneer in the HDJ series.

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All user reviews of 2/5 for the Pioneer HDJ-1000

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Sciebo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Product finishing doubtful."

Pioneer HDJ-1000
I use it for 3 years, I had the Sony-700DJ MDRV 5 years ago, and the HD 200 (my first headphone mix)

+ The sound is very nice to use for DJing and listening to HIFI and incidentally listen to my music productions to the headphone, it gives me another idea in addition to the car radio and speaker monitoring.

- Tired head after a while, it tightens on the cartilage of the ear.
- The finish is not the height, 200 euros a headphone, he finally crack on left earpiece in plastic (under L).

With the experience I would not recommend this headset, it is an expensive toy Playskool.


4000Aniko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pioneer HDJ-1000
I use this headset for 6 months before I aquérir entries range Stanton possessing a pretty nice return for the price and quality between a gemini also (45-50) ..

the pioneer for my opinion simpleamateur offers good comfort, not too heavy, a sound rather good ..
(Do not look hi-fi anyway ..)
I tend to use all my headphones high noise level, it offers a good return i rather clear in the high and low frequency and holds the power (without snaps)
not bad contact in the wire or plugs also.

In spite of my carefully made against the two media earphone broke one after the other,
too brittle plastic supports,
I look better when the plastic is not full it is clear that this may not be strong
the manner in which the design is made,
the case comes to ecartementlorsque notte onmet the headphone in place (without the spacing of 50 cm ..)

Related to a lack of quality to me after the party structure,

I would do not have that choice and I look better in the future rather than to me based on the references of the brand
not always as good as a..

jeromeeugène's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pioneer HDJ-1000
Used only a few months ....
I actually joined the opinion of my predecessors, very good sound and strong momentum (copies of these headphones do not exist at its level)
What I like least: Warning! this headphone is very fragile and is now recognized as such! Contrary to what I read, the cushions are not leather (must not ask)

First of all I want to point out that I am a careful guy see a little maniac.
Working in clubs every day, he sold the first time after a month on a joint (back to the vendor who took me under warranty unusually) two months after the sound is less on a headset, not can deprive me of headphones I played only with a headset, a week after the second break! and in full evening believe me it is disadvantageous. Two of my friends have had exactly the same problem.

At this price very poor quality / price ratio unreliable (one of the few failures of the brand)

No, I do it again over this choice, not even one third of the price

espe_607's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Pioneer HDJ-1000
Hi I am a tous.J the acquisition of Pioneer headphones HDJ1000 there are now almost 2 ans.Et say that has seen the first? C is the class at all. HDJ1000 the features of an exceptional quality of his ear as well as handy as you want the headphones once rabatu can go in the pocket of your jeans lol.Bref practical, aesthetic, of a very good sound quality, but c is that after things go wrong ... because at the end of one year of normal use the left side (atrium) began to sizzle (like false contact problem) then there are 2 months ago it stopped working the tout.Je then returns to the store to explain the problem to the technician and what was my surprise at hearing this one tell me that he could not do anything about it, that it has the same (and the same problem but it happened faster type c after 6 months) and that Pioneer does not have spare parts for This modele.Donc In fact, it means that you can take it and throw it away! C is great! Congratulations progress! Oh yes last thing j have still paid the m. .. 250 euros! So if you want to avoid getting trapped, n not buy this product!