DJ-Tech I-Mix Reload
DJ-Tech I-Mix Reload

I-Mix Reload, MIDI Control Surface for DJ from DJ-Tech.

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 2 reviews40 %
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coqo-paradise's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent to start"

DJ-Tech I-Mix Reload
For how long have you been using it?

I use it for 1year

Did you try many other models before getting this one?

I already tried a console hercules, the cdj 2000, cdj 800mk1 and mk2, cdj 1000MK3.

What thing do you like most/least about it?

- The price
- Simplicity
- Functions
- The software included with Deckadance
- The look.

- Some bug right in the mix, notament from scratch!
- The loading time of BPM on the computer.
- And the biggest problem is the preview, since I never had jel'ai succeed in activated! Yet I have tried everything but impossible to find and many ceu who had this problem, and without the preview is true that his was a little messed my purchase.

What is your opinion about the value for the price?

The quality is pretty good, but I would say it has kept a plate to really learn the basics of mixing, I would say its 1year than enough, anyway after a year I felt that I was not going iMix longer hold still long time, several buttons reacts badly, then I am very careful with SOMEBODY in my business, I always clean etc. .. So here is not very expensive but should not expect that what lasts 5 years ..
Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?

With experience, not because it is a console for first I found. But if I had to go back to my beginnings so I will take it without a problem it is really great I had a lot fun with, I really APRIS, although I is not got to preview, but the quality is not yet top top because after a year like I said I felt a bit "fragile"

For all the newbie with a budget very sere I started to take the council iMix reload you will not regret and learn well, but if your budget is slightly larger, Direct Buy a pair of denon dns 1000 with a small table Mix not too expensive, his will be better, then eventually passed on best denon dns 3700, cdj 1000MK3 see cdj 900, cdj 2000 .. :)

That good mix to you all i hope my advice will help you in your choices.
DJ Stereo.


YoyoVFR's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Quality at the height of the price"

DJ-Tech I-Mix Reload
Console used occasionally for 5 months.

First model tested.

Pros: Multiple functions / buttons, aesthetics ...
Cons: General appearance, reliability?

Value for money? not satisfied, jog right has never worked well (or have to restart Traktor Deckadance provided 2 times for it to be taken into account), then stop working after several weeks. The console will start as collateral ...

She had been more or less deprecated in favor of the Total Control, I would do it no choice (less distributed elsewhere ...)

matam2000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DJ-Tech I-Mix Reload
I use this controller dj for 3 months in my home studio which has a keyboard m audio x session pro + audio + m + 2 a padKONTROL Korg Numark TT500 + a + Rodec scratchbox running a MacBook with a vci 100 + serato + 8 + traktor + live kore etc etc. .... ) And the last p'tite iMix reload I'll talk to you today!

the +
the jogs are very sensitive and once properly set to the mapping (sensivity and rotary encoding) and sensitivity as well and are using it for killing a small scratch (cross smooth parameter or sharp)
LEDs red blue and yellow / orange is unclear to see the activity or inactivity of one or more controls.
the. trackwheel search for songs (very accurate and faster than simple buttons)
baucoup pots fader assignable buttons (a bit more than I think vci 100 announced) and fully configurable with sections thoughtful .. eg section lopp and hot cue on each side with a party on the top left efx / play pause cue down each side of the controller etc etc. .... the whole is of course now assign a wish ...
The -
property on the plastic shell is a true metallic faceplate'll have been welcome (but for the price we'll not blame him too) and it is quite Quait PVC ABS so good ...
always apparent fragility of the fader but I think it's more the plastic part that makes this ...
(Me I customized my iMix knob with better quality than most design and nicknames imitation aluminum cross faders and always with the best quality materials and nicer to the eye)
I also removed the front stalled for two pieces of aluminum on each side of the cross to reduce the space between the breakpoint and openness of its mode cut ... (Less than a millimeter now what can scratch more precisely to the nose dirty style crab etc. .... plus the cross is so flexible Assé Assé handy (not that the south wind vci but he is doing really well ) ...

few ... I have a vci 100 / Xponent (test) / hercules tjs handy when there is a lack of input / output! / X session pro I use to control the effects sections baucoup .... and others focused on the sequencing and prod ... but we talk about the DJ controller!

The report will money! 180 euro bought nine is the big plus of this control surface which offers us a price that the two jogs touch of good quality control of many different (knobs / faders / buttons) of the LEDs of different colors + remarkable precision

edito small binding that I find this quite effective surface for scratching and electro mix ... she rises to the height of a vci 100 without its precious metal shell course and the knobs for better quality but 200 euro difference does it make anyway ... Cheros roughly the vci 100 has better quality exterior materials but the internal electronics is the same ...
(I opened the two to get an idea ...)

I would do the same choice on it but being on that in time it takes both my vci
but I counsel any and all who want reasonably investire a DJ control surface without being constrained in its creativity

peace all!

djcharlis's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DJ-Tech I-Mix Reload

It's been one month that I have my Reload Mix is ​​a real little jewel, it is perfect and really answers my every needs

Have you tried many other models before buying:

Yes, before buying it, I was the owner of a Hercules MK2, and iMix reload really has nothing to do with the MK2. Also, a friend at the university a month had a VCI 100 and I tried it once in a while at home, I find the Imix and very similar to the VCI-100, but the price is not the same !

What is so special that you love the most, the least:

The size of the controller, it is great!
The prize, cheap relative to the Vestax
Manufacturing quality
The jogs, which are like the CDJ jogs
Jogs with the recognition of the hand, which is really great!
A large number of buttons and knobs, perfectly suited to my use

I see not to be honest!

How would you rate the quality / price:
Very very good!

With experience, you do again this choice:
Absolutely, I would do this choice without asking any questions.

PS For all interested, I trvail a mapping of four decks Traktor, I would have finished within one or two weeks!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DJ-Tech I-Mix Reload
Dj tech i mix is ​​a twelve o'clock Controller to control a DJ software such as Traktor or Vdj. This is an upgrade version of the mix i. Compared to the base model, we gain 2 jogs and pressure sensitive buttons and knobs supplmentaires ddis to Contrle effects and loops.

The Controller comes with TRAKTOR LE, Deckadance, documentation, USB cable and its stro card as a USB key.

The object is made of plastic because trslger, jogs however have a portion Mtal. It is relatively compact, which will fit nicely in a aisment Type laptop bag for transport.

No need drivers spciaux on windows XP, the surface is automatically recognized in connection.

First highlight the jogs are relatively large and fluids (slightly larger than those of a VCI-100). The habitus touch pioneer will find the classic touch of a good CD player. Actually put hand size, we really feel to manipulate a jog CDJ. We put the hand on the jog, the music stops as to enable the scratch, while a touch on the altre decide the tempo of the current song.

The pitch faders are ongoing but prcis and especially very hard which quickly dplacer of them just by touching them as a Xponent example. Note that the sensitivity of jogs is adjustable thanks to the knobs to the rear of the console.

The knobs of EQS are relatively hard, we therefore use the Kill prfra for legalization of violent change.

I do not use the crossfader but the curve of the latter is adjustable as jogs to the rear of the console.

Some buttons may light up, which allows you to see the status of a deck directly on the console (lit for play, ect ...) and checks to see if a deck is curly or Switch-on effect. 3 colors available, red, green and blue.

During the mix with Traktor, surface RGIT very well, so it is possible to mix with as we mix a CDJ1000 example, despite a shorter pitch fader. But the fun is. The interest of a surface is the total Contrle of software, so it does not touch the mouse, allowing a truly ergonomic grip a program like traktor.

You choose your track with an endless knobs, one load and press play, as in real ddi stuff. The buttons s'clairent are a real plus for them find among the many contrles.

The main point is ngatif the plastic shell that does not inspire solidity unlike a VCI-100 with a shell Mtal. To see how the surface will age so.

The sound card is supplied bundled a little cheap, too, a real sound card it will therefore s'quiper for best results.

THE surface is self feeds via USB or can be plugged into mains via a non supplied adapter.

For less than 300, this is the first product for srieux-controlling a soft dj, and sensations during the mix are very close to the pro stuff.

So it's an interesting product for its price and allowing the passage to the high range without much change habits, provided you do not use auto sync of course.

Here is a mix RALIS on this console, the tracks are blocks without auto sync.

it is also proof that you can raliser cheap and very effective products

mapping for traktor: