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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Tama Iron Cobra HP900PTW

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 7 reviews )
 5 reviews71 %
 2 reviews29 %
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MGR/ParadiseDrummer's review"Tama HP900PTW Iron Cobra Power Glide Twin Pedal"

Tama Iron Cobra HP900PTW
I bought this double pedal from Musicians Friend. I purchased it because my cheap $99 pacific pedal was old, rusted, and just to squeeky for normal use. I paid $270 for it, and I bought it with a pack that included two additional sets of beaters, high tension springs, and some other goodies, for the same price.

This is simply the smoothest pedal I have ever played on. The action isn't too light (like an Axis pedal) and the footboard is decent sized (unlike a DW pedal). It's perfect for my tecnique because I do alot of heel-toe playing, which, in my case, requires a decent sized footboard, smoothness of action, and no "kickback" from the pedal when hitting hard. The Iron Cobra provides all of these. Also, the power glide cam does as advertised, increasing the punch with little or no effort.

My only complaint is that it didn't arrive sooner, and the adjustments were a bit quirky to get at first but I caught on in like five min.

This pedal is obviously built to last. it looks thick and clunky, but it is really just strong, it actually isn't all that much heavier than my former Pacific pedal. The cross bar bolts grip with a piece of steel, so there is no damage there, and you don't have to reach under the footplate to tighten it! Also, it stays in place very well, very secure on the ground. Appeently, the action never needs oiling either, which was a big problem with my previous pedal.

I would say that this is one of the best if not the absolute best pedals on the market today. You can play fast with it almost effortlessly, it is completely silent, and can be very sensative and light if need be. It is stable, sturdy, strong, and very much worth the money that I paid for it.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/lars=god's review"Tama Iron Cobra 900ptw (twin pedal)"

Tama Iron Cobra HP900PTW
Bought it in a huge music shop (Piens) in Deinze, Belgium, 5 months ago. Cost me about 320 dollars (or euros)

It's just an amazing pedal. The best thing must be how extremely rigid and sturdy this pedal feels. It's rather heavy, but has very smooth action. Even at higher speeds, you always feel a lot of control and every hit comes out really clear. Then of course you can adjust about everything you want on this pedal, and you get a carrying case.

One little flaw is that the bolts of the connecting rod are screwed directly into the rod, leaving marks. You'll have to replace that rod every couple of years. Also, 320 bucks is still a lot of money, but it's worth it in the long run.

Construction, as I said, is superb. This is a pedal that lasts. I dont see how it could be any better.

If you're looking for a great twin pedal, this is it. The Iron Cobra is so versatile it works for whatever kind of music you play. Well worth its price.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

rocknrollbabyyy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tama Iron Cobra HP900PTW
I use this pedal for about three years ... I play in a black metal band that you'll understand that means it serves me well ...
The feature I like most .... In reality what are the characteristics: First, the strength, not a single problem in three years, it still meets the finger and the eye and I know each rehearsal 'I will have no problems with it and it's really a plus!

Then both the precision of the strike that adjustments! Everything is adjustable in a precise and childish! a bit of a key in a way, I put my bat as I feel a little bit of key in the opposite direction and it moves more than 10 years ...

So even if a priori and when the model has been very heavy hands, feet once they proved to be ultra lightweight and comfortable ...

the only small problem but that's partly my fault, is having fucking stickers on the arm ... a board, be careful that the same arm is never in contact with screw kick ... Otherwise, it will happen the same thing to me, the stickers are crushed and the steel is found "sanded".
I have not tried many other models that I had the opportunity to put my foot store on a stagg (...) and a dw. But that does not really tested and pushed to their limits the comparison is hard to do ....
Regarding value for money, yeah, it still hurts to c ** out € 370 but frankly it's worth ... Delivered in addition to her beautiful black box is engraved or wholesale "IRON COBRA" it's not really disgusting though ... Well over time the clasps of the box proved to be a bad bill ...
With experience, yes I would do without hesitation that choice now is the best of the best ... I'm tempted by an AXIS recently but the price repulses me a bit ... If anyone has tried both, I would like a comparison ptite ...

Charly32's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tama Iron Cobra HP900PTW
So I use the pedals for Nol, then 6 months soon.

I test the Baguetterie the other models of double pedals such as the 5002 DW, the pearl p2002BE, and Yamaha DFP9310. I ruled out of the pedals too cheap as Gibraltar and The models too expensive as the DW 9002 or trick.

My choice was the Iron Cobra, because "I feel it is". For me it is an asset, for many it is a default. I do not play death metal, but sometimes I just blaster and I get to go fast (some sixteenth note 230), and that having chosen the Power Glide and not the Rolling Glide (optimized for gear power more than speed).
Then, for the price, are rglages consquents, although I have only slightly modified the trs Factory: Reduces the corner I just bats 45 30 about.
The default of the pedals? I have not encountered the masses. In addition to a drummer I susi beginners (2 years) and so I not a game that pushes the hardware to its limits. Going to be bad language: a system that rapidly mounting the Yamaha would be great.

For the report quality price: Trs good, as most pearl CHRE (I pay 369). As the yamaha 355, I think it was she who possde the best. But given the low price and Difference in addition to the touch I liked its looks, I took the Iron Cobra. Choice I would do it willingly.

jazzystochat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tama Iron Cobra HP900PTW
I prcise I am the owner of the former MODEL (do not be deus .. Lol).
What can I say, it is a flexible and rapid pedals that allows fast and powerful game, mine is two sided team bats, plastic felt, and I ht the weight, it is quite VLOC no.
I tried other pedals dj before, like most good mdiocres .. (I had two older gibraltar intruder, alloy problem at the pivot of the sole , breaks both blah .. what, too bad too heavy, have to play with rangos lumberjack .. lol)
I chose the latter C becaufe I could try it, I had a good opinion, and I had the opportunity to have a site on a clbre Enchant re starting with e and ends with ay, between the two There's a letter which I believe is the deuxime of the alphabet, in short .. and needed only the central part of the gimbal I r usin .. For 140 euros I got it almost new, a good shot ..!
Regarding the price quality ratio if the new achte (360euros) is up almost the same level as a pearl, but is more expensive than a Yamaha (and bcp least that DW one ..!) compare what is comparable.
It possde many rglages (angles bats etc. ..) and every point stratgiques are mounted on rolling, MODEL more "rolling" is called a logical "roling glide" but so fluid that sometimes seems not to have anything under the foot .. .. got Affair
I Rasht (with my current VCU) without the same problem.