Martin & Co D-15

D-15, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Martin & Co in the 15 series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Martin & Co D-15

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 11 reviews )
 9 reviews82 %
 2 reviews18 %

songboy's review

Martin & Co D-15
This is a USA made martin guitar. 
I have heard the bridge called a "Belly style."  I am not sure what that signifies, but it is the same style of bridge found on every Dreadnought guitar I have ever owned or played.
It is a Dovetail neck with a Low Oval style.  comfortable but meaty.
It has 14 clear frets (before the neck and body meet) and 20 total frets.  This guitar does not come with a pick up built in, at least not the one I got.  I had a K & K Sound pickup installed four years ago and it sounds amazing. 
Again, no pickup originally, but the one I installed simply goes to a 1/4" output, no knobs or selectors.


This is not a cutaway guitar, so I would say no, it is not easy access to the top frets. 
If you like the sound of an all Mahogany guitar, than you will love it.  I personally really enjoy this guitar and have gotten many compliments from a lot of people, including the former front of the house sound man for Dave Matthews band and Bonnie Raitt (he couldn't believe how good it sounded). 
I have compared this to some much higher end dreadnoughts, and though most all of those were better than my D-15, she wasn't to far behind at all.  Especially when comparing prices.
Drivers?   Don't know what thats about.


The sound I was looking for when I bought this guitar was a Warm, dark acoustic, one better suited for darkish singer song writer rock (like radiohead stuff).  This thing fits that description perfectly.  If you are looking for a bright bluegrass guitar, this is not for you.  She is a little too quite to compete with the spruce tops, but she fits right in (with some good amplification) with a good rock band.
I play everything from Jazz, Hot club and bluegrass to Rock, classical, and electronica.  She works better for the latter three honestly. 


What I like most about this guitar is the excellent mellow tone.  She sings with a deep warm voice and everyone who has heard it seems to agree. 
What I like least??? Nothing
I paid $450 for hear back 2000.  She was a floor model, but when I played her, I knew she was the one. 
Excellent sound.  Sounds even better when paired with a K&k sound pickup. 
I have played a lot of guitars in my life.  If you need a mellow, dark tone out of an acoustic, look no further.
I would cry all night if anything ever happened to my D15.  I hope I never have to replace her, but if something did, I would do it (with a heavy heart) and hope that the new one was just as good.

moosers's review

Martin & Co D-15
The Martin & Co D-15 is a dreadnought style acoustic guitar that is made in the USA.  The guitar isn't an acoustic/electric, so it doesn't have any pick ups or setting controls whatsoever.  The make up is quite basic overall as it is seen in most guitars made by Martin and is what has made them famous.


The overall feel of this guitar is awesome as the neck feels easy on the fingers.  I feel my fingers can slide easily from note to note on this guitar and I've never had any issues with action or anything like that.  The shape and look of the guitar is the same as all Martin dreadnought guitars and the weight is about average.  Playing all around the neck isn't hard, but I do feel like with all acoustic guitars, that this is better for playing rhythm guitar rather than lead.  Getting a nice sound is definitely easy as long as you can play as the inherent tone is beautiful sounding.


The sound of the Martin & Co D-15 is magnificent overall as it sounds vibrant and has a very full bodied tone.  It is great for pretty much any genre in my opinion as it is just a solid sounding acoustic guitar overall.  I use the guitar mostly for rock, pop, and folk as well as some country and find that it is versatile and is great for any use where you would want acoustic guitar.  I have only used the guitar for recording and know that it is great for this, so I don't see why it wouldn't work well in any situation that you would want to use it in, whether it be for live shows or recording.


I first used the Martin & Co D-15 about two years ago and it is definitely up there with some of the best Martin guitars that I have used.  In my opinion, Martin makes some of the best acoustic guitars out there as they are perfectly designed and made at a very high quality.  This guitar is perfect for anyone looking for a reasonably priced acoustic guitar that sounds incredible.  The D-15 is worth a try for any guitar player out there interested in acoustic guitars.
MGR/Steve Davis02/24/2004

MGR/Steve Davis's review"Martin D15"

Martin & Co D-15
Music store. 630 bucks, including "free" hard-shell and a pack of light Elixirs I got the store owner to throw in.

One of the first things I noticed playing the guitar in the back room was that other store customers kept wandering back in and saying things like "Damn! that's a sweet sound." I'm not exactly Steve Howe, so all those compliments were for the incredible punch this guitar has in the low end, and the sweetness that is there on treble runs. The owner said that most people just don't like the "look" of the guitar, but I think it's actually kind of attractive. One real stand-out for me was how incredibly light the guitar is compared to my Tacoma DR29. I'm guessing that lightness means the top vibrates more, and that this is the reason I get more punch from the Martin than from the Tacoma.

I haven't had any regrets so far. I absolutely agree with the fellow who bought this model in order to be heard over street noise. I could easily fill a room of twenty or thirty people with this one, unmiked.

Construction, as far as I can tell, is extremely good. I took a look inside in the store, and I didn't see any shoddy bits. Eyeing it down the fingerboard didn't reveal any neck twist. I wasn't exactly expecting any, but we live in troubled times.

REally a fine, fine guitar. I have hands that aren't really designed well for guitars. I have to be absolutely perfect in form in order to get barre chords out that don't buzz, and this one has action that seems to be set just right, with enough kick in the bottom to help make up for gaffes that would give me mush or buzz on the Tacoma.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Martin Martin D-15"

Martin & Co D-15
i bought it at h&h music for about 700 dollars (im not sure EXACTLY how much cuz i got it as a gift)

Everything about this guitar is great, its solid wood, nice looking, and best of all is the fact that it stays in perfect tune. I got the guitar at christmas and i have only tuned it once in about 6 months!

The only thing i dont like is that there is no cutaway in the body, because i generally play alot of riffs in the upper frets and its a little difficult to get my hands onto the areas of about the 15th fret and upwards.

This guitar is great, they didnt even do anything to it at the store when it was bought to adjust it, and it plays like a charm.

Great guitar, if you can afford it, its a much better investment than a cheaper guitar because it will last you forever and it sounds pro!

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bride's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" excellent guitar"

Martin & Co D-15
Mahogany neck in the shape of c


the handle is super nice it glides well thanks to its matte finish varnish


this instrument is very suitable for playing folk rock as much as that in arpeggio struming


C is a great guitar I can only advise to all those who like to play on a dreadnought

checkbabycheck's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Trs good instrument!"

Martin & Co D-15
It is a guitar made in USA, while sapele with a handle 20 frets al.


The handle is pleasant, even though it took action rviser APRS purchase, the strings were really one inch of the handle! On the other side gives this guitar its full potential with a medium action, because if one goes down too, the "crimps" make the sound dull. While the level


sound is surprising especially in relation to price. It is true that it is difficult to compare with a guitar whose table is pica (as much). Here we have something specific on the round and warm tone. Obviously if you look all costs brilliance, go your way, however if you search the wide sound and heat, this guitar is for you. I find it better to mdiator played with fingers. Besides this type of form is more suitable to rhythmic style "folk boom" that fingerpicking. In short, when I turn 10, even as the price was really an instrument of high quality! Guitar


perfect, provided it falls within the musical style you practice, even if in addition to sound good, it is quite versatile. Be careful though, because before I buy, I tried several, and all did not sound as well. (Even if I suppose that once acquired, the guitar opens due to be played)

suttanacciu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Martin & Co D-15
Manufacturing States, 20 frets with 14 non-cash. Acoustic all solid mahogany, rosewood fingerboard and bridge. C-shaped handle natural satin finish.


The handle is fine and very pleasant new action was a little high and required a turn key, it is normal for an acoustic it leaves the reserve for the attack (it has to spare trunk) .
dreadnougth form without cuttaway does not facilitate access to acute, his calling is not in the solo. a guitar is very light despite its size conséquant but not disturbing. very rustic and aesthetical sense it is no frills months and then it feels great wood! it's very nice.


His side (most important) it's beautiful! ennormes bass, mids and treble very present crystalline all in balance, warmth and roundness to the least enjoyable, the sound is very typical Martin (need I say more) it sounds.
I changed the strings of light sources for elixir and it shines just enough more. She has a nice natural reverb and sustain (it turns it turns!). we can all play with this D15 it meets all the demands both in the mild or the attack was to do in the nice big sound.


I've had almost a year and when I go out the first chord always leaves me thoughtful. when I range (always because I am forced) time that is spent is measured in hours. passion for guitars I tried one when I can and beautiful sounding like that in this price range is beautiful (Bavo Martin). this choice I would do without hesitation if it again, the value \ price is at least indescent I got home Woodbrass for € 749.

Arbresec's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Martin & Co D-15
Guitar factory in the United States, while solid wood. Mahogany or Sapele. For this I put a black mark on this point, I can not find a normal not know what was at hand, what achte.
Edition (6 months post initial APRS): Now that I know something better is clearly Sapelli. In fact, I saw no D15 mahogany from Honduras.


The body is relatively large, I have not impede me. The handle is comfortable and harsh environment it is thin. The guitar is pretty lgre.
Edit 01/12/2006: The size of the box for me ESG fingerstyle pieces. This is not unbearable either.


It's simple, this guitar sounds like a cathedral. It possde a particular well, which is compltement diffrent all these high-end guitars pica / rosewood. This is a guitar of characters, and in terms of flexibility it is possible to do better because the sound is well-typed all the same.
This is fabulous, every minute I spend on it, every time I fall a little more love.


I possde for a week and I spend several hours every day playing.
It smells like wood, smell lgrement pice, a rgal!
A warm and deep, a projection of his copy, I find it too comfortable in severe than in mdium or acute. You can put elixir for a brighter sound I think I would try to update this opinion that I am the DS test.
Aesthetics is its fall, it class! Gross dcoffrage! I feel like playing on a tree trunk freshly dcoup.
I had to try, at least 30 groins acqurir guitars before this one. J'hsitais take a Yamaha which is square LL16 gniale too! But she has no charm at all in his mahogany.
Here I left my ears and my heart choose.

I do not comment on the report qualitprix, it's downright vulgar for a guitar of this class, it is worth gold to me is the guitar of my life, if one day I Rasht otherwise, it will not find better, but can be for one of his characters diffrent.

If c'tait again: we'll talk in a few years. For now I'm in heaven.

Edition (APRS 6 months post initial): I keep the same opinion. As I mount against the ropes Elixir Nanoweb 12-53 (light) and I'm trsdu of feedback, the sound sounds artificial, aseptic. So, next time I mount light rods, but branded "Martin" this time (the strings of both origins Martin medium, great, but not comfortable for the game trs fingers).

seb1977's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Martin & Co D-15
The first time I heard and saw a martin was a DXM, I did not know the brand so I was not influenced by the label, all that is aesthetically more sober and with this " her "that I once scored. Years later I bought the D15 (July 14, 2005) by deduction as you now know where I bought it in Germany of course ... (their site: When you try toue a series of guitar Martin DXM to D28 fever rises in you! I set a limited budget and D15 correspond budjetaire that both the aesthetic and of course the big sound with a predominance in the lower ... I like!


What I liked:
Its rustic and warm as his appearance
Graves impressive (mahogany)
Effective "mute" as "full", a real lung!
No risk of height seen curling game
The smell of wood of course
It is light.
Some speak without laughing bonus after x years ... after a few months already it sounds a little less "green" standard in-store it is stored in its body vibration and air exchange.


What I liked least:
It is quite vulnerable to marks and sweat (thin layer of varnish) put a T-short with long sleeves or you will quickly highlight the corner of the table, or you stall your right elbow (for right-handed)
It lacks a touch of crystal sounds found naturally in his big sisters.


When you buy new, place your hand on the table to feel what is not seen with the naked eye, mine is a bit bumpy and I did not immediately noticed, in principle it does nothing but good. Yesterday I gave a key to p'tit coup de neck slightly concave, normal scratches on a new one, it works!
If I change it will be for another model home ... Martin!