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Guillaume LANGEVIN 08/20/2010

Martin & Co DX-1R : Guillaume LANGEVIN's user review


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Made in USA - Guitar input range at Martin, as Dreadnoughts, fourteen non-cash boxes, mahogany back and sides compressed, massive spruce top, black Micarta affects (but what the micarta?? )
There therefore a good and a bad point: a year round chipboard but a massive table, all with very little varnish, which has an advantage and a defect (see below). The guitar is an absolute sobriety, the mechanics are good and everything really inspires confidence.
Buying a box that is highly recommended.


The neck is very pleasant to the touch, fluidity foolproof as we will not look any further than an octave. The ergonomics of the instrument is good, it's a dreadnought so the box is impressive but the playability is there. As stated above, access to acute is not good, but this is not the purpose of this guitar. One detail that I enjoyed: the string action is low enough to plant.

Added 22/10/10: After verification, this Martin is larger than the average of the Dreadnought, the body is wider and imposing. This could lead some people but not me :-)


Then, the sound, there's a lot to say:
It's a guitar "entry level", which is still € 700, it is therefore entitled to expect a certain quality. And the good news, we released a Martin guitar course "minimalist" because little varnished and supplied without case, but the savings are not realized in sound, quite the contrary.
Prime Agreement: ping, slap! Game to pick is just fabulous: the spectrum is apparent, it sparkles everywhere, the balance between bass, midrange and treble is impeccable, and it sounds Martin no doubt, it is far from the modern sounds of Takamine to 1000 € ( I do not criticize Takamine, it's just different). At the risk of attracting criticism: that Martin is his big sister to 1000 €, again the savings are paid on the finishes and fittings.
As for the game in hand, it is a treat, being played in slap or that touches the strings. You can really assayed the game, it sounds no matter what!
I really love the sound of the instrument, for me it's a skyscraper cowboy it is difficult to fault.


I owned an Art and Lutherie Cedar, an Art and Lutherie Ami and Cort electro, then I wanted to go up a notch and pay me a really good acoustics. This Martin is perfect, it's a real pleasure every time to play with. She is very polished, which has the disadvantage of being very fragile, hence the interest to pay for a good case. But the advantage is that the table will move faster than sound and should only improve further with time. In stores it was placed next to a Martin DXK2 ( that costs € 669. Nothing to see, even if the wood used are not the same. The DX1R is much better, and value for money is terrible!

Most of Martin DX1R:
- The look, simple but elegant
- The ease of play
- Sound!!
- Value Price

The - the Martin DX1R:
- Frailty
- No pouch supplied

Conclusion: Excellent guitar, please! You will become addicted.
Overall rating: 17/20

Added 22/10/10: After several weeks of heavy use (at least 2 hours per day), it is always as much a treat. I have since tried Patrick & Simon, Takamine, Godin and often more expensive, and I remain persuaded that Martin and good for its price range