Martin & Co HD-28
Martin & Co HD-28

HD-28, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Martin & Co in the Standard series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Martin & Co HD-28

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 13 reviews )
 11 reviews85 %
 1 user review8 %

moosers's review

Martin & Co HD-28
The Martin & Co HD-28 is made in the USA and has 20 frets total. It is not an acoustic/electric guitar so it doesn't have any pick ups or controls. The neck is made out of dark mahogany and feels very good on the fingers.


The neck of the Martin HD-28 feels very fluid and is really easy to play. Compared to other acoustic guitars, the HD-28 feels like water and the action is just about perfect. It is easy to play all around the neck and while it has a pretty standard shape and weight, this guitar is anything but standard. Its pretty easy to get a good sound from this guitar, as it is honestly one of the best sounding guitars I've ever played.


The Martin HD-28 is a great acoustic guitar for any type of music, but I use it mostly for rock and folk music. The tone is extremely rich and vibrant and is an extreme pleasure to listen to. Each note radiates in a special light that is seldom seen in most guitars. There isn't too much that can really be said - one you try it out for yourself you will know what I am talking just sounds that great.


I first used the Martin HD-28 about two years ago and whenever I get the chance it record with it, it is really a pleasure to work with because getting a good recorded sound is incredibly simple with this guitar. While there are a few other Martin guitars that sound as good as the HD-28, but there really aren't that many. If you are looking for one of the best guitars that money can buy, and a lot of money that is, the Martin HD-28 is a great choice and is truly one of the best guitars I've ever had the pleasure of using.
MGR/Michael March10/15/2006

MGR/Michael March's review"Martin HD28"

Martin & Co HD-28
I've been playing guitar for over 30 years. My first guitar lesson was when I was 10 years old. I play guitar and mandolin. Currently i'm playing in a folk/bluegrass trio, and a four-piece rock band. My musical tastes range from rock, folk, blues, jazz.

I purchased my one year old Marting HD28 used through Guitar Center for $1500. I wanted a quality acoustic for playing in my band.

The Martin HD28 is a fantastic guitar! Martin quality, all solid woods, great tone. It has beautiful rosewood sides and back, mahogany neck, and an ebony fretboard. The herringbone trim really sets this guitar apart! The Gotoh chrome tuners are tight, and it comes with a nice hardshell case to protect your investment. This guitar sounds wonderful! It has that ringing Martin tone, deep lows and sparkly highs. And boy does it cut through the mix! You don't have to worry about getting drowned out by the banjos! A great guitar for a great price.

I have to admit, I haven't found anything I don't like about this guitar!

Martin quality! Need I say more? Quality fit and finish, beautiful tone woods, a guitar that looks great and sounds fantastic!

This is really a nice instrument. Martin has a great reputation for putting out quality instruments. They are pricey, but there's something about the Martin tone that makes this guitar a good value!

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Martin HD-28"

Martin & Co HD-28
I purchased this guitar used from Music Craft (S. Carolina) for $3,200. After 17 years of playing, I decided it was buy a guitar that would last a lifetime, and get something special. I bought this specific guitar because it had exactly what I wanted: a Martin, the D-28 history, herringbone trim, rare Brazilian rosewood and an adjustable truss-rod to save on repair costs. To top it off, the guitar is a left-handed model. Don't see many of these.

Tone, tone, tone. This guitar will sustain for a full 30 seconds, and if you hold your ear up to the side of it and strum a chord, it sounds like the inside of a piano. The harmonics produced by the rosewood have to be experienced to be understood. Put simply, the guitar sounds as if it always has a new set of strings on it--it doesn't go 'flat' like a cheap guitar will. The herringbone trim and reddish Brazilian rosewood grain are beautiful. A friend said the guitar looks like a jewelbox.

The nitrocellulose finish tends to crack (this is lacquer checking) if the guitar is exposed to humidity below 35% for extended periods of time. I invested in a hygrometer (humidity sensor) to monitor humidity levels in the house. I keep the guitar in a case to prevent further checking.

This guitar is about 18 years old and except for the lacquer checking and need of a neck reset, the guitar is in excellent shape. The finish is still mirrorlike on the guitar. As for quality, the guitar is excellent. Close joint tolerances, excellent tuners. The intonation is off a bit, but this is because of the need for a neck reset (normal for a guitar of this age). Most importantly, the looks and tone of the guitar are excellent. This guitar has aged well and sounds better than newer HD-28's I've compared it to in guitar stores. Good aging is the sign of a well built guitar.

I started out looking at Martin DX-1's and didn't like the looks or the tone. I then tried a solid wood Martin (J-16GT) and liked the tone and looks, but didn't like the workmanship (glue drops on the inside of the soundbox-the sign of a novice). With the HD-28, I finally found a Martin that had everything I wanted. Martin usually has the veterans build the Standard series models, so the workmanship is top-of-the-line.

If you can find a good HD-28, by all means you won't be disappointed. However, try other models and brands to determine what type of tone you like. I like rosewood HD-28's, hence the purchase. If you like more treble, consider a Martin D-28 instead--it doesn't have the scalloped interior braces.

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7abrice's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Wahouuuuu"

Martin & Co HD-28
The guitar was made in the town of Nazareth in the U.S.. The neck is mahogany back and sides Rosewood (what magical smell when you open the box ...) and the table in Sitka. There is no amplification ... this is a "real" folk .. as purists love ... of course we can add a micro him later


The handle is very nice but I must admit that I felt a greater ability to play on Taylor (314ce for example). This just might be the set of strings over factory installed and has a strong pull to make the explosive sound and use the projection offered rosewood back and sides. Access to acute is not easy but it is the case on all dreadnough ...


I rock and pop all I can say is that my compositions sound more like ... there is this little thing that changes everything ... a warm sound, packed with harmonics ... exactly what I wanted. There is no sound that I hate ... there is nothing to throw ...


Purchased in January 2012 on La Rochelle, I have tried many models before ... Taylor 314ce, 414ce ... Martin D18 ...

That means you do not already know. It was not the playability of a Taylor but with a small adjustment in the luthier ... but what is the sound ... wahouuuuuu ... incredible ... deep and well balanced bass ... a fuller sound, a guitar that has the trunk, head full of harmonics ... it's weird to go back to my old Takamine EN10C ... it seems that the other guitars are not really in comparison ... I remake this choice completely but I think we still have another guitar to complement ... Taylor an example ... for playability and balance a mix

GATEROF's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a must in acoustics"

Martin & Co HD-28
usa made, flat handle but easy, requires a little adjustment of truss rod (1/4 turn) and a light sanding smooth the bridge saddle (0.5mm) to make it perfect in action at nut 2.5mm octave


once properly adjusted it is a dream I preferé light strings for flexibility and comfort of the game without the sound suffers


it is, as you slap comes, it's the best guitar I've tried and can say I've toured the major brands (with the exception of custom shop) and have been few years.
the sound is giant and end at the same time, it's rare, strong, defined, harmonic has no end, you can play on any instrument, fingers this is fantastic, giant strumming, picking one dream, in short it is "the" guitar and it is new!
I dread to think what it will in a few years ....
feared only one thing in this idyllic picture: plastoc ankles!
quickly changed to the real bones, this is anecdotal, but it's a detail that Martin should rectify


this guitar carries you pleasure, nothing but pleasure ....

Pucelle_Dabidjan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Thus, when the eagle of Ganymede to the heavens thunder removed"

Martin & Co HD-28
The Martin! Simply!

One of the many guitars that crossed my hands in my quest for ultimate folk instrument. And also one of the most successful overall for me. This HD-28 was shown at the outset, better finished than her peers. Without ever achieving a good or Lowden Warrior undeniable references to me, but not afford to fault or approximation. The timber had a finer grain than the models that were with him. Martin announced that this spice. I give him a great depth of texture to the light, almost flamed. The back and sides are Indian rosewood, the neck is carved from mahogany and covered with a well-crafted ebony fingerboard.

No defects found and, in addition, a nicer finish than her peers. I also appreciate the humility that comes out of that instrument. Here, we do not worry clearly wants cum on the chin, but I invite you to the game!


I met a more pleasant than sister attempted in this store (dcpa1). The handle, although larger, is more rounded. It remains almost as wide as her sisters but wants to be more greedy. Despite what you might think, it is easier to learn, loves that he turns around, more forgiving placement errors and is more sensual than those using flat-D "(a term that describes staff but other round series modern). The satin finish of the latter is also nice. The tuners are precise, but the saddle would need a little tuning, it was holding the ropes a bit, making risky setting.

Alas, the absence of piezo or other small type of option, and the lack of a belt attachment for me are big manquos. Yes I know, the beautiful heiress wants a tradition, but this will force the fan to extend the euro. And for this guitar, it would be a shame to put a lowcost sensor. Also damage, lack of cutaway that prevents access to acute "simple".


The sound of this guitar is a very nice adventure. A little warmer than others of her peers. It will look for deeper bass and is a bit smoother, finer overall with a sharp less clear. But, overall, the clarity is very good. Just his leg seems a bit warmer. We always keep a little offensive side of the instrument, but without exaggeration. The balance is generally very well found on this guitar. Although the dynamics is being held in registers means (see "offensive" above), articulation and richness of sound are one of its strengths. The Treble is a little more packed than some other current Martin. I do not know if this is related to a specific instrument or line HD28. The game, on any positions remain firm but not harsh. It can attack a lot of styles with such a guitar sound.


"Heaven is not on earth, but there are pieces of" the friend reportedly wrote Jules Renard. This Martin is a good instrument to play sensual, certainly demanding, but not unforgivable. She appears well built and beautiful moments to give anyone who will not allow himself to be discouraged by the price.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good fresh guitar"

Martin & Co HD-28
cool guitar tree wood with bear claws against by no vibrato etsinon bin as a cool classic guitar what with iron strings and not cat gut, unless the cat eats iron, I have not been tuning in fretles are unemanivelle by ropes that it's just when turning, classic look for a cool guitar


the handle is pleasant? ust as well I did play on, ergonomics? like a cool guitar, sound good? ca ca joe depends on you !!!!


it is well suited to my style of music (metal / dance / hip hop) I love his sound square triangle genre pulling believe circle, his bronzed shining when it's a little too dark with very sharp and acute low thick mids are very perceptive, what perfect kind ..
Moreover sustain !!!!! something crazy guitar still sounds in its Case


esstraordinaire cool guitar voila, I try to autrees guitar before, mostly electric, but tired of faires explode amp I wanted quequechose that works all the time, wireless and wooaww, yes it is a bit expensive, but since we've given me

chicruss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Martin & Co HD-28
Made Nazarreth, USA. Health dreadnough, junction of the handle at the fourteenth fret.

Back and sides: rosewood (indian rosewood)
Top: Spruce (Sitka spruce)
neck / fingerboard: rosewood / ebony

Superb finish. Beautiful marquetry.


The neck is fantastic!




In the early electric guitarist, I wanted several years ago to buy a acoustic guitar. I went to a store specializing in Paris where I have tried many brands (Taylor, Takamine, ...). Nothing in my ears did not ring as well as a Martin.
I started by Martin D16RGT. It sounded not bad. After I separated, I bought used a Martin D28. It sounded much better but I had to compare the previous.
A month ago, I purchased a new Martin HD28. Although he sold the D28, I had the opportunity to compare the time of day. I took one of these slaps. What sound! Much richer, more balanced than the D28 and that whatever the playing technique used. Yet the two guitars accused an age difference of 10 years who played the detriment of the HD28. Despite this, no doubt as to which sounds best.
Do not think that only the aesthetics of the guitar exchange between the two models. Go look at the site of Martin where you will find that the X is under the table "scalopped. I would never imagine that this causes such a difference in sound. In addition, it is much prettier than the D28, so ...
I never separate myself from this guitar.

Lf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Martin & Co HD-28
United States manufacturing


Some may find the action too high, but the handle is very enjoyable. Form C is ergonomically tes.


I play mostly folk. This guitar is perfect for this style of music, but you can do with an HD28: blues, fingerpicking, and even jazz.

I love the guitars when they produce a powerful and rich in harmonics. I also like the dominant bass. The HD28 possess all these characteristics.


The HD28, like the D28, has a table in a grocer, a bottom and sides rosewood, a mahogany neck, a bridge and ebony buttons, all in solid wood. It differs, however, the D28 by the dam of the table. This one is lighter, antique. This makes a huge difference, especially for bass. They are more present on the HD28 than on the D28. Its sound is very typical: very rich in harmonics. We like it or not). I love it. The projection of the sound is amazing. Of course I do not mean that is the perfect finisher. It can reach to 2500 Euro. Each A guitar, a type of rope and it requires some time to find the right ones. I have a HD28 for 2 years and I prefer it with Martin Marquis Bronze strings, rather than phosphor-bronze. I recommend the strings being too long treated buzzy, or coated with goretex as dull. You can do everything with a HD28: country, folk, fingerpicking ... the scene, the studio (I do) or play alone in his room. This guitar is a drug you touch it and you can not do without it.

pma's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Martin & Co HD-28
Made States, this guitar is beautiful in its sober I just el'avheter, and I try plusiseurs time in store, just the fact to keep each gives an incredible feeling. great guitar!


Channel enjoyable trs, trs puissace guitar in the bass and treble, his desire martin


We can play anything on it, bossa nova, jazz, rytme funky, rock, I am really sidr!


For two days I, and three months that I tried in the store, the particular feature I like best: everything! and if you have the means Do not hesitate one of the best acoustics of all time

its incredibly rich! trs prcis sound, I vibrate every time! it is not a legends Martin & Co is the top level of luxury. I have a D15 too, the ever, although this is a trs particulire guitar, the sound has matured over time!

when I try to buy Takamine and other brand, yuck! DSOL but for the price except for the sound with pramplis which is of great quality, in pure acoustic sound I dtest, and then I have a cousin who had the same, silent sound ten times better, irrgularit in construction, I want to I bought a deprecated tan10C, I sold it eight months again later!

HD 28 I really recommend for those means, or HD35 for a little more than a D28 or D35, you enter the luxury of what is best for a dreadnought in rich sound, playing comfort, precision, class design, and above all feeling! frankly, it's worth is largely price!