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zeetoon 05/22/2012

Takamine G321 : zeetoon's user review

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The G series is manufactured in China.
Mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, medium profile, not too thick.
The guitar is well finished. The mahogany table is obviously not massive.


The handle is nice, very settled law upon receipt of the guitar, but is hardly adjustable, the trussrod with little action. But the guitar frieze so unbearable, almost unplayable. By putting a hold of 2 mm under the bridge saddle and ropes from 11 to 52 things are improving but the string action becomes important, making the game "muscular". The sound is very good, ample as in the low treble.


I do not really have a reference, only playing on electric (or so compared to a Harley Benton HBC45, off any class!). The sound is powerful and I feel balanced, I play mostly strumming.


Used for a month, I tried a few models. A Lag T66D that I regret not having chosen, and my old Harley Benton rotten, which is what it is.
I love its sound, it is unfortunate that unshrinking and planning of key is needed on a new product, because the string action is too high for a game really comfortable. The quality / price would be good if the production was not hazardous.