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djeessee 12/13/2006

Valley & Blues cw : djeessee's user review


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Hello all
I am a newcomer because I read FREQUENTLY information and advice on stuff and I signed up after reading that the head of valley blues Toulouse customers and did not care that it was a enfoir.Je am not agree. I own an acoustic electric folk and it's very very bon.Le handle is incredibly comfortable, as a kind of point that would be off the top and bottom bas.La fine in the hand was not locked on the handle, the fingers are more loin.On can make big agreements with the feeling of the hands of Jimma hendrix.De more it sounds crazy and the 12 th solo box set the fund resonance magique.Je conclude by saying that I have for 4 years it gets better by playing and you avoid buying a Martin. It's a really stilted vivante.Merci valley blues


Tres agrable.Confort the palm of your hand to ease the donation of jeux.On does not feel the contraction in the palm of your hand even after 2 hours of play
Very good access to acute (for those who go there .....)
The sound on sharp as in box 12 is crazy it looks like a turbo shine.


She said yes all styles.
It's not a scratch, which limits


I have 4 years
This is the most ultra comfort handle
The fund will ring and you astonished "that I have made a?)
I just essay.Ovation takamine and more felt, Martin too much ...
The ratio q / p is unbeatable
I have advised two friends .... who remain my friends ......