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The_Missing_Dude 12/07/2006

Yamaha FG-430 : The_Missing_Dude's user review


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Guitars made in Asia
Finishes irrprochables
Pure Acoustic


Fairly easy to play, as long as it is known to play.
Access in acute Prilleux because there is no pan shot.
Guitar perfect balance in all positions.


Big insurance to ring Martin.
I love all the sounds of this guitar, you can play everything on it.


Overall a good instrument, trs aged well, even gets better.
I have 6 years, she never of.
I had the opportunity to play on Yamaha MODELS more rent, I quickly regained my own.
Same with other brands (Art & Lutherie, Seagull ...), I prfre mine in terms of sound.
I'll spare all the same, I must buy an electro-acoustic mid-range for the concerts, I'm too afraid to leave my Kazuo Yairi Alvarez, because it became a rare and MODEL I will not put anyone the abyss.
In any case a good guitar for a trs beginners as true feelings and Longva guarantees.