Yamaha FG700S
MGR/Lauren 04/07/2006

Yamaha FG700S : MGR/Lauren's user review

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I'm a beginner, I've been playing for about a month and a half. I'm a big fan of Coldplay, Jason Mraz, Elliott Smith and others.

I'd been borrowing my friend's Ibanez and he asked for it back so, since I'd been practicing consistently I decided to go to guitar center(CA) and buy one. I tested out pretty much all of the acoustics there and none of the ones in my price range really compared with this one. It's a great buy for about 200 bucks.

-It has great tone (or so I hear from more experienced players)
-It is beautifully constructed.
-My fingers reach all of the general chords. (I have medium to small hands)

I would like for the action to be a little lower just because I am a beginner and it was easier to play for hours on an Ibanez where the action is super low.

The guitar has a solid spruce top, and a rosewood fretboard and sound board. It resonates well and is not overly laquered. When more experienced players play I notice no buzz and when I play the buzz is quite minimal. It's well made also from the perspective that I'm clumsy and have dropped it and hit it against my desk numerous times, but I haven't noticed any dents or scratches.

I love this guitar! I feel as though it can only get better with time and I didn't pay 500 dollars for it. I give it a four and a half for beginner players, they might want to change the provided strings to lighter ones.

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