Yamaha FG700S
MGR/Hanna Rose 12/05/2009

Yamaha FG700S : MGR/Hanna Rose's user review

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rosewood fret board, good weight and comfortable size, changed factory strings and it sounds great.
been playing guitar for just under two years mostly folk but some classic rock rythym type. The biggest 'gig' I've ever had was at a nursing home, but I don't do much persuing of gigs, I do street performances for extra cash.

received as a gift - probably cost around $100-150

nice, elegant look. Can be beat up a little which makes it a great beginner's guitar. Has a raw, twangy sound which can be either a pro or a con, depending on your tastes, but sounds awesome with folk and classic style playing. Stays in tune exceptionally well (which is saying a lot as I have a habit of changing the stings often). Looks like an expensive guitar and it doesn't feel remotely fragile unlike most guitars of it's price range. I've had people who have been playing for years and own Martins tell me its one of the nicest guitars they've played

The finish is wearing off and I've only owned the guitar for a year. Granted - it has been played quite heavily and has been exposed to all kinds of extreme Northern weather (hot, hot summers, freezing winters) and has seen it's share of drunken campfire nights. Also, the factory strings that came with it were dead, and needed changing

For a mass-produced Japanese guitar, I haven't had much construction issues (other than the finish issue- see above) The inside is a bit rough-hewn, and you can see it was assembled in a hurry, but that doesn't effect it's playability or sound at all!

I LOVE this guitar and take it just about everywhere with me - no lie. Through high school and now, even through university, it's been a very dependable instrument and probably the best guitar of it's price range on the market today

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