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yannou56 12/25/2010

Yamaha FG720S : yannou56's user review

" The very first"

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Made in China
a mechanical oil bath
White binding
solid top

I can not say more


macnhe pleasant, it runs itself.
the guitar is stable, the Dreadnought shape is not a problem for me. but for children or smaller in size, it is not perfect (in my opinion, but a test is never useless).


What sound for a guitar of this price and yet I have asked the seller. he is listened to my Takamine, the Cort, the lag, all more expensive than the Yamaha (20 or 30 euros, but more expensive). well not Y'avait photo. none had the roundness and warmth that just to have that fg. over the massive table provides a good projection that allows him to play any style of music, whatever the technique.


I've had over 2 years. this is my first guitar, one on which I have sweated and suffered to learn the game. autan say it has great sentimental value for me. I've tried other models? oh yes, or say rather than the seller. this guitar, I love, I love, I love it. short, you'll understand that I never part with it. when the value for money, I would say that someone who has between 150 and 800 euros can not avoid yamaha. you can even go further, the qialité of fg 720 for less than 300 euros! yes it is possible with the fg700ms. it is the same, but that's just the finishing that changes (no binding around the neck for example).

I recommend the Yamaha FG720S and especially to everyone. Try it and you will see!

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