Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

Tempest, Drum Machine from Dave Smith Instruments.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Dave Smith Instruments Tempest

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 11 reviews )
 4 reviews36 %
 2 reviews18 %
 1 user review9 %
 1 user review9 %
 1 user review9 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Poor
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JimboSpins's review"Online Community"

Dave Smith Instruments Tempest
The Dave Smith Instruments Tempest is an analog drum machine and synth. It cost almost 2 thousand dollars but is well worth the money considering all of the features you get with the Tempest. The Dave Smith Instruments Tempest has a bright LED display with real time recording. It does have adjustable swing timing, but the swing timing is not as good as the swing function of the AKAI models. The Tempest will connect with your computer via USB and it has MIDI in and MIDI out.


There are 6 analog voices on the Tempest, and each of them has 2 digital oscillators and 2 analog oscillators. The Tempest is fully loaded with a large bank of presets and preloaded samples. There are 16 pads that are pretty well built, but they are not as touch sensitive as I would have liked them to be. There are over 450 sounds on the Dave Smith Instruments Tempest. There are also, 8 TRS outputs and a headphone ¼ output; but the Dave Smiths Instruments Tempest does not have any inputs.


One of the pluses of using the Dave Smith Instruments Tempest is that there is an online community that you can tap into. You will be able to have all of your technical questions answered and exchange sounds with other users. Not too long after the Tempest came out, they came out with another driver update, So all of the drivers are currently very stable.


The quality of the Dave Smith Instruments Tempest is solid; it is well built and portable. I am happy that I have chosen to use the Tempest. The value for the price is decent, it does seem like it cost a little too much at times but you will find yourself using the Dave Smith Instruments Tempest very often once you purchase it. The manual will help you right away if you have any questions, and the communities of fellow users are available any time of the day!
Mr FILF05/02/2012

Mr FILF's review"Perfect!"

Dave Smith Instruments Tempest
The best. It doesn't lie on paper nor to the ears.
No editor, but is it really necessary?
I would've preferred a wider palette of preset analog sounds.


If you have some analog background, the creation process goes fast. It took me two evenings to create my first sound.
I have only consulted the manual when I get stuck in a particular point.
Editing sounds is incredible, it's its main strength.


The sound is perfect. I have Maschine and I'm spoiled in terms of sample quantities. I loved Its analog touch right from the start, it makes me smile just to mention it.
Picking the Tempest, is picking a product that meets your expectations.
For samples, go for Octotrack or Maschine. When it comes to analog, there is already a clear winner...


I've been using the Tempest for a week.
Here's the third song I've done with it (I'm limited to 16T while I await the update):
That will give you a glimpse of what it can do.

Here's another sound made solely with the Tempest - after one month of happy use.

I love almost everything to this day, because it meets my expectations. Which means sound design and songwriting without any pseudo-David-Guetta pretensions.
The only snag are the updates, which I must admit don't come that often. But when that gets worked out, this unit will become a reference in its genre.

Its value for money for a 6-voice analog synth is more than correct, despite some people being confused and trying to compare it to analog modeling.

Given my experience with it, would I buy it again? I don't have enough experience with it yet. I will update my review in due time.
I'm nevertheless a happy user while I await two updates that make me salivate.