Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1
Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1

Machinedrum SPS-1, Drum Machine from Elektron in the Machinedrum series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1

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sptarton's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1
There is no longer anything to add ...


BAR first that I had hands, therefore I've had a little trouble at first but it is very fast menus (previously I did not have that drum machine "simple" type korg Electribe). Skip this period one month all the way it is organized and above all seems simple LOGIC!
A quick glance at the manual (or everything is explained clearly) not refuse from time to time for some adjustments!


Even notice that others say it was crazy kicks, everything is triturated wish, wide range of sounds ... C IS FOR ALL THE LOOK AGAIN AND AGAIN!

Personally, I use to his drum kit (puissants!), I am not yet at the point on the sound effects (but that will come ...). Also I utis as master because it has an excellent internal clock .


positive point machine with which it takes some learning time (as with all me tell you) but once it is taken in hand is a treat! RESEARCH AND CREATIVITY, this should be your motto!

big negative: only 32 why not ???!! (Although it is possible to loop 2/3..patterns but it would have been more original with 64 steps)

If I was to do again resume without HESITATE, I just hope to have the chance to own a Monomachine side! AC must give!

ps: my setup: elektron (in master), roland sp 555, korg Electribe EA1 mkII

bojo38's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1
All specifications are easily
available. We appreciate the separate outputs, brushed aluminum design,
quality effects, the possibility to treat an external source.
We can find the sound bank limited. Some would have liked more
of MIDI connectors.


The great strength of the machine, and fortunately for non-English speakers (manual
Found in French) is its ease of use. Getting started
is very simple, we toured the possibilities for use. Probably
best machine for those who want to start (and can risk
to put the price).


The sounds are quite convincing. For me, the sound bank remains despite
any smaller, but is offset by the endless possibilities of
modification. The fine adjustment (voltage kick skins, settings of charlet ...)
allow to leave the drums an incredible realism. Effects assignable to each
can track and more effectively address the lack of overall heat
that we can find (for a normal Swedish ...).
I found, as part of a live performance, lack of responsiveness and accuracy of the knobs and keys tracks especially during mute.


Machine that I use for six months and I like vriament for simplicity.
I think it lacks:
strecth a pitch (like on the old RM1X my good sir),
patterns that can run on more than 32 not 64 it would not be luxury,
of notches halfway on portards,
and a quantization unit time of knobs (1, 1 / 2, 1 / 4 etc ...) as the electribe, instead of the classic 0-127 of the machine).
Watch out for hackers and cradeurs its distal fan, if you can really make sounds grimey, twisted, long, swirling, rotate at the same time on multiple tracks of a pattern saturates the overall sound quite significantly, even compressor with a good butt.
For me this machine is a studio machine, given its limitations of live game, and a machine-oriented rather non-electro. Its interest lies mainly in the delicacy of acoustic sound settings as I mentioned above.
The machine safisfera majgré all probably full composers of minimal tech, house and dub, and even drum 'n bass. To forget the hard tek.
The price is still high for the possibilities. At this price, why not opt ​​for a MC 808, which will have the advantage of having a section of synths and samples ...

To summarize: studio, not boom-boom Cracra.

julienvoirin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1
Asymtriques Audio outputs (unbalanced).
Otherwise all else t say.


Basic use as any standard rate. As against the production of sounds (synthesis) requires quite a helping hand, and exprience.
Manuel just dat now, no in French. (MESI has translated incomprhensible but it looks like aa t done by a machine). Check out the latest from the OS to see the new features (readme file). Read the latest manual date, there are new things for gniaux squenceur!
Otherwise sequencer super, super intuitive, fast, cratif. Good song mode too. BCAN for a really cool to create.

{Edit}: locks the parameters are not transmitted when the SONG mode included in the patterns jous; c'estt damage and Gnant but a little trick controurne the problem.


Its electro trs, trs and also bar so we look good. Also be somewhat simple, but the acoustic sounds synthetic formulation. Through the effects, good engines synthse.
By no Veloci against the sequencer (connect Akai pads;) )
Huge potato, very big kick in the ass with a compressor! It's not the pace Bontempi box!
Forget the presets patterns, some sounds are good but overall has given way want to believe, a show can go jusqu'o synthse engine.
{Edit}: The DMOS carrment the UW is much better quality, cost


Used for 8 months, I love it! Bought new, has hurt the portfolio. Hours of the run, I never arrested. The best is its sequencer, its look, its robustness, its lowest difficulty the edit (whatever with the habit after two months ...). Report quality lev price a bit but it's not made in China (made in Estonia).
Buy it again? hmm hard to say now that there Jomox 999. But I prfrer the Machinedrum XBase09 because the more complete and better sequencer. (And certainly not just BD, Snare, HH). J'hsite enter the UW.

{Edit} I pass in the UW and its adcuple possibility of a radical fawn. The investment is worth it.

zooom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1
See above I believe that everything has been described.


Use logical and relatively simple.


Sound synthesis = = = electro electro electro music =


It is true that the elektron is become a little machine has some fashion advice from some who are quick to say buy that for musics elektro dechire.Et, yes ca ca can rip only ca do not alone, as you listen to the preset program and facility have patern is not afraid because it sounds a nail has to ask who was discharged as a selection when have known that this bar is supposed to be ream the majority of your top programming rythmique.Et much to reassure prospective buyers may have so do great things with this machine but you have to spend time, as has already been said above feel free to link with other machine in the ass like for example the effects and sequences. + eg the lock on system where you can edit and transform each element are alike without any relief for the complex rhythms and precise at this price it ' Was indispensable.
side effect bof reverb and distortion really mean score editions pretty well, placement of knobs super annoying too close especially as have the habit and have wanted to go vite.j 'wishes would ramdon function (for the sequence available on electribe etc. ..) that could give chaos interresting especially for the series of sounds in the background for the program, a function would have been the solo welcome, especially as in play mode when the need to use the mute. that channel 4 MIDI?
This machine can sound daunting to those who know how to use filters which are used to set the pace for those who want it to sound right away go your way unless you really love to spend time or that you like vraimnet such sounds.
they do it again despite many flaws I buy it back because I do not have bars that and what I really complementary. something or you would not disappoint it will be really the sound of a precision remarquable.ou I deeply regret it for not having bought the sps-1uw the big sister that allows to sample and to use the fully sequenced good enough at any point of view.
rating price is too expensive that's for, so think carefully before buying, as another bar less and less kind might suffice.
Board of friends try before you start.

Lsan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1
- Midi in / out / thru, six spares outputs, two inputs, headphone output.
- 4 engines synthse each comprising several basic sounds (46 sounds in total), plus an engine "midi" in sync squenceur for an external device, and two synths sound more minimalist for m lodiques.
- Sounds have up to 8 paramtres edition, plus an individual effect section, 16 assignable LFOs, effects, reverb / compression / eq / delay in master ...
- 16 squenceur sounds programmable pattern (type TRx0x) 16 or 32 steps ..., 8 banks of 16 patterns, 128 songs, sysex support for import / export, sync ... in short no live game mode recordable, we only set the pace against the ... by Intgr knobs allow to vary the sound with a rich ...


- Copy config gnrale
- Edition soft sounds trs
- Manual clear and didactic of all the fawns ® is so simple that we do not use too much digging mninges ... we know it on the bot finger in 2 hours. ..


- Electronic sounds orientation, modern and plutt tending to do things innovative, there are so many possibilities that we can quickly get lost ... I find chouilla numrique however, so must derrire traffic through the preamp to spin a grain analogue.
- The effects are sometimes questionable: the reverb is average. the drive / distortion not copy plutt cold, reducing bit too got my numrique, etc. ... still the default implementations of numriques modern short a pity ... small multi purpose worthy of the name will not be too ... it is in fact its main limitation, it is an instrument numrique, there is no analogue on-board ...
- Programming is ultra soft thanks ergonomics, thanks surtou the "Lock parameters" that allows custom settings to change the basic sound for each of not ... (to give an ide simple editing a sound is a little Flut paramtre pattern for each note of the pitch, we end up with an instrument mlodique ...)


Well, this BAR is exemplary in some respects, other questionable ... his main asset is that it is unique, rich, copy some Manir, but limits on some subjective aspects , including mainly the sound, which we will or not adhrer ...

j'apprcie what above all is its ergonomics and its potential, leaving the others far derrire ... just for the flexibility of squenceur a must ...

in the end my regret is focused on his own a little numrique this type of machine "contemporary", I was previously a TR707, an R8, soft samplers of drums ... the TR707 was a grain analog I regret normment, it seems that today nobody knows how converters, and it's not far from the only own the brand Elektron ...
but with a good preamp that derrire Global Warming, colors the sound, has become a dtail, and the possibilities are limitless ...

it's expensive, but in any case worth its price, all the same ... pity that manufacturers today are no longer able to produce the grain that makes instrumentals Vintage race is always to NEWS ... well, this dernire reflection is that of someone who loves the default sound that brings a unique personality, we mean well ... I'm a fan of mellotron, of asr10, everything that makes the color sound is improper, but having a good brand personality ...
still the MD, for his qualities, APRS 1 year of use, I always use apprcie and can be ... especially because no one has pushed it as far concept, and that is enough to forget his cel default or plutt its peculiarities ...

Nikolafève's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1
I believe that everything was already said




-Solid construction vraimment exept the knobs at all convincing

-The easy handling

Overall sound quality-

Ergonomics-effective for the live

It sytem pressure on the knobs for accelerated the edition

The touch-buttons vraimment enjoyable

-The original edition and the sound, making it a true sound designer for BAR

Identity-recognizable sound, and definitely modern (but that may not appeal to everyone)

-The machine has different syntheses and

-16 LFO quality available (2 waveforms combined), which may be important assignesan

which track!

-Doubling of its resolution to work patterns in detail

Master EQ-effective

Them separate outputs of good manufacturing

Multiple-machine configs can be saved

-L 'edition of fawns patterns "tr" and real-time

-The principle "parameter lock" excellent, allowing among other things can create melodies

-Function verification of sysex

ALL-available basis without ever having to stop reading

-Function trigger triggers standards

-Update of the OS


-Stability foolproof

Machinery "endearing"

Machine already legendary!



-Temporal effects must synchroniss tempo

Quality-of knobs (key vraimment not great, seem fragile, not enough spaces between the 8

knobs), for the price, made vraimment shit!

Vraimment-general memory too small (only 128 patterns, 64 kits)

-Length of only 32 patterns limitsa not

-Obligation to pass on the mode of song that you want to chain of patterns

Mute-not midi controllable, which means using more patterns (and given the number available is

AIM would be able to save money), however the mute are published in song mode, but c is

vraimment not practical when working with a software sequencer

Mute-tempo and not saved in the pattern!

Only 4 midi channels

Machine not velocity sensitive, so buttons not sensitive to either Veloci

Sound-not go anywhere vraimment (identity rather "digital") Luckily you can vraimment

crushing sound and still get something personal and original. but the sound of

Machinedrum, c is the sound of the Machinedrum, c is the signature Elektron. we hang on or hang


- "Swing" al assignable only set the pattern, we would like to choose the tracks

- "Focus" only al assignable entire pattern, we would like to choose the tracks

-Given the number of machine (gnrateurs sound) is not always easy to remember functions

Synthesis with abbreviations in 3 or 4 letters. returns to the manual are frequent,

but pass a time of use, c is ok

-Crappy quality of the distortion

Reverb and delay, only send

Reverb-only correct, but even when correct

-Effect "sample rate reducer" not so good

Whereas amplitude-modulator as an effect ...

Compressor on all or nothing sounds

No mail-in order to make suggestions on the update of the bone (apparently)

No-transformer integrated in the machine





Contrary to what many people say (let's be realistic and objective, I know it is hard when

was EXPENSES 1300!), the Machinedrum is far from a flawless machine, the myth is being

but the real is of this world. it's still a very good BAR, and without any doubt

Best in category BAR has synthse, surely a reference for a long time. it

s'avre useless to compare a BAR on the bottom samples as Electribe SX, which I know well

elsewhere. n if you're not on your quality of sound designer in the synthesis and you want

sounds effective and easily integrated in various styles, choose the solution rather electribe

or MPC. for others, once on the Machinedrum, no more wins. provided of course the love of

particulire sound very identity and not be stingy in hacking. a try it before

purchase. I used the by connecting the input of my virus indigo 2. and ... attention, ca

dechire pussy (DSOL ladies). Indeed, the sound of the Machinedrum is perfectly suited for

final destruction of the other processors via d effects. filters and the effects of two indigo him go

vraimment well, and in a config like this one, we get the rhythm of his vraimment

cleaner. This also allows her to bypass the very mark of the Machinedrum can not

used for all styles in a config as is. short with effects in the ass, the Machinedrum is

vraimment off. it is very simple J made the Acquisition of the Machinedrum same time as

indigo 2 because my intention was clear from the beginning. combine two machine for quality

beats the personal sound quality. and above all do not you dare give you an opinion

Listening to the rhythms that come with the machine, it would be the vraimment a waste. must

vraimment create something on it to realize, especially as the grip is vraimment

simple, then we need not deprive themselves (the instructions can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website).
gn m which have the most is the number vraimment too limited pattern, and not mute

midi controllable, I hope that there will be an update for the control of the famous mute. well

on the quality of the knobs, I think abuse for that price, shame because the buttons themselves are very

seem very nice and sturdy like the rest of the machine. j also is considering to change

the knobs of these four, I think it should be no problem, I hope that it

be too expensive.
j I wanted to give my opinion on this machine for I've had enough to read reviews and tests not

objectives, such as "everything is perfect." mostly magazines specialiss tests, c is not vraimment

pro as an approach to advise its readers, I remember keyboards magazine (and others)

ny saying that he had nothing to say, the price of the machine we would like to test more and no pousss

bias on the part of testers. I wanted more people wanting to make the Acquisition

vraimment am aware of more and less useful when the vraimment use, and have another

thing "will be all, c is the ball!" as Counsel. in fact, that s not becaufe the

Machinedrum is that of other BAR n have ever done, that we must pass the sponge over his faults. BAR

Luxury? ok, so let's be demanding to the end.
During my first few uses, I confess that I've had a hard time sleeping. J had the impression of being

deu for good, ca m've done pinball. but my opinion quickly changed once I understood

What was the vraimment a Machinedrum, once I understood his philosophy and how it was

intended, and especially from the time or day I started working vraimment sounds, I j

understood the power of the machine, and its incredible potential cratif. s it is put to her and agree

for me and our relationship is very good ;-)
even when it seems to me unlikely, to be fully deu especially for those making

electronics. but if for example you want to reproduce the sound like a hip hop the beastie

boys (acoustic, filthy and not square), go your way, and instead of going to see with BAR

samples (Electribe SX or MPC).
do not hesitate to contact me to tell me what you think of my review, and why give

solutions to overcome some defects. be sure to visit our site too, it is still

enjoy ;-)
@ +