Zoom RT-123
Zoom RT-123

RT-123, Drum Machine from Zoom.

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All user reviews of 1/5 for the Zoom RT-123

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callmaster's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom RT-123
Many sounds, we must make a careful selection is not good for everything ....
No effects, acceptable to a connection bar of his size (stereo jack6.35, noon, and a headphone jack to plug in his guitar, bass a lot EST).
the sequencer is downright crappy and use CHAOTIQUE.la program is reserved for brave .....
In contrast to the twenty ptite its low there are at least 3 dchirent that serious.


Manuel clear enough, it's clear what's beyond.


The pads (sensitive to the bike.) Are too close to be able to mumuse with, it's pretty embtant ...
On all batt kit only 20% are relevant and usable.


I used 6 months, thoroughly every day, I really wanted the creature matris,
I understand that is was a "gadget".
So, I sold 50 Euros

I stress to say what is not worth more than 50 Euros, I was really pisses me off to see the cot a + M ----- It's not possible to 80euros A!! It can not cost more than CHRE Mythic TR 505 TR 626 or ROLAND home.

Ggn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom RT-123
- Connectors without problems, series guitar without problems. Rglage well and not breathing.
The sounds are perfect for me. almost too many choices
The immense possibilities sequencing but Hul Hul galre need any program pfouoooo!

Oh yes also had to buy a computer? oh yes and make a midi internship?

the outside power supply: No: Either it's PSU exterior ventuelle batteries or batteries impossibility and the power supply is in! L are no batteries and the power supply is extrieure.


Almost easy at first. then we quickly dchante, more and faster!
The manual is well done, at least for a gas plant .......... but why I bought a?
I just wanted to play music! and have a rhythmic accompaniment ready for use on bookshelf as they say, with possibly break possibilities of the foot ................. ................. And voil I bought something set, I'm lucky he did not have to do it in C or assembler or Cobol. PFFFFFFFFFFFFF. It's not for the musicians but for technoacousticiens!
The bass I not! How do I change the tonality to short a piece? Oh yes you have to program the entire song notes note and after it is a prisoner of its programming. It can serve as a very square partition drive. Not a measure that dborde! This is the horror that thing!


Sounds can be great on a good amp.
tempo, adjustable swing all is well.
The paterns plants: Severe Dummies! the Zouc? was not there! The Reggea? knows virtually no! The Caribbean rhythms? : O I have not had trouvs! The lilting afros: A little bit, still short and still be programmed. I speak not of musette rhythm or other .... it's made by and for Japanese engineers that thing!
Programming a piece: Measure by measure! But this is a really amazing! To program a rock half the if, you have to type everything, add paterns one by one: allucinant! dlire of thee intRet count measures then when you play: Improv is impossible!


1 year I have bought 10 months dfinitivement I regret this purchase. Yet I would have tried.
I bought it on "AVISS advice" from a store celbre Pigalle effects. Even when we can not spend 10 hours in a store to try this type of thing that price to see if we will do it or if this is research.
Price quality ratio? : Exellent for something that does not serve me! I do not spend hours needlessly account efforts to explore all the possibilities of the time I'd rat something.
The report is: X = 0 Euros diviss by endless dissatisfaction.
I do not rachtreais this "stuff" and I would not stay in the shop it to me advisable. (And did not want me to change it, even with me leaving in feathers)

I play music ..... I do not want to edit work programs that I have to be a slave!