Zoom RT-123
Zoom RT-123

RT-123, Drum Machine from Zoom.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Zoom RT-123

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nohay-lapatine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom RT-123
I find it empty but you get into habitue.la squence by step is pretty boring
Three independent tracks (2 batteries and a bass).
no effect. there is a way "mix" that puts a button loops and mix them together (a condition to start the sample at the time bont) is fun.
for editing sounds, we can only change a pad or Veloci senbilit to his touch.


Practical Handbook on every page except that there are 3 or 4 languages, knowing that each language has a column.
ex: Fran is the column two ie the right half of the film left the book.
used to it.


The sound samples are a very very eclectiques.Les practitioner.
expression is rather flat but groove all the same.
the problem is that the sounds are too pure samples is not enough chaud.on the impression that he is naked.


I have since May 4 ans.Je do not use practically, except for use mtronome type or when the drummer of a group is absent repeating, but it's pretty fast.

I got 500 francs for the era, aware that c'tait a case.

In conclusion, I would say that the party is quickly squenceur limit.
I have used live with a SP505 sampler, a QY700 squeneur for MIDI and a sustain pedal that allowed me to play with 3 tracks zoom in or mute solo.C 'silent fun!

short, I keep it just for his drum samples for a time in a computer a good squenceur with good audio processing, it can be very interrssant!

chbi18's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom RT-123


The manual is clear, complete, use simple master in 30 minutes


The sounds are friendly, there for all tastes and it is especially well is varied in styles


You have to be clear, we are far from a pro machine, but for rpter quietly, without making head or ruin of wallet is IDAL.
over the rt-234 is not much interesting and more so as the offer you can find good OCCAZ.

as long as I do not need suprieur MODEL, I have no reason to change

macmag's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom RT-123
No effects, a limit MIDI connectors, but a bank of its rather wide.


Usage is rather easy after a small period of grip. The manual is well designed and it will not be too difficult. No cons must be patient for programming (like most rhythm boxes).


The sounds are really not terrible but adpanne. Interesting for sonorits "electronic".


As a drummer, I do not serve me very often, but I can say that for the price, this box rhythm is a rather good investment.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom RT-123
For the price, not bad. Plugs into a simple bass amp, and go! The sounds are enough for both drums for the bass. No special effects, but is it useful toiut the world?.


Honntement, easy to use, but you still even reading the manual srieusement, which is clear in his explanations, but a prsentation questionable.
The edition of the sounds is easy. Once we familiaris with the gear and that it has developed a small personal mthode programming, it becomes carrment funny.


The sound is crdible trs. In a sound system, it replaces one problem with no drummer. Obviously, this is not as flexible, with a contest against a less and does not drink your beers ..


I use it for a year, and she used to prparer the work of my group.
I tried it before MODELS + sophisticated, and I sold. This is my box I think Premire mastery without ingnieur be specially!
For 125 euros, it would be wrong to miss out. I recommend this type of stuff any guitarist who wants to have a small rhythm section his hand, efficient and reliable.
For the friend who complains about the programmme measure by measure, it can also program 2 by 2, or 4 by 4, its own way (type function / pad 8 (bar length) / + / - value, select the number of measures 1 99 / function). Hi All