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Mapex Drums & Percussion user reviews

  • Mapex Siège Batteur

    Mapex Siège Batteur - cybio's review


    We find the double release base - 100 euros PARIS, at The Mailbox rhythms for example! …

  • Mapex Mars

    Mapex Mars - mattbatt's review


    Hi, its been less than one month that I have my Mapex Pro M series and I think what is really great, it supports a tom ball, the barrels are pierced at least as little as possible and the drumkit has 7 folds Saddle in which a basswood for the outside…

  • Mapex Mars

    Mapex Mars - Anonyme's review


    I did not buy, I just tested beef in a big fat funk config 20/10/12/14 with Zildjian cymbals and a whore sounds! Prvoir just a blanket in the bass drum pedals and change the GC, I do not like Mapex pedals. If anything wrong, its great. …

  • Mapex Orion Pro

    Mapex Orion Pro - aimp's review


    was 5 years that I use and I still can not find better drumkit, I had to try one of MODEL 40s even in the most prestigious such as DW and frankly I never found better than the drumkit. The ratio quality price is expensive though irrprochable the era …

  • Mapex Janus MJ-295

    Mapex Janus MJ-295 - maddam's review


    I bought the pedals there is more than a year, and I am satisfied with TRS. The Janus Systm to play Charley and the second big one Caise PDAL its promises. The double pedals have a good rponse, triple bats for the placement of stamps on wood or pla…


    Mapex VENUS SERIES - obelik's review


    It's been eight years since I used She is really strong with his very fine for its affordability, its inconvniant is (and this is the case also for other batteries) than toms tend to have a big reason that gives some unwanted vibrations and not agr…

  • Mapex Saturn Pro

    Mapex Saturn Pro - scrawl's review


    I use this drumkit for 2 months. The particular feature is the 5466 that is rock config 24x18, 13x10, 16x16, 18x16, 14x6, 5. it's big, it's caustaud and sound to match. I wanted to buy M-pro n'tait but more important, therefore, as I had to wait …

  • Mapex Janus 7500

    Mapex Janus 7500 - rimfeel's review


    I reu this double pedals ago trs short time, then I notice not so sharp that I could have in two months, but good. I find it accessible and sweet. It seems a cumbersome when eklle is arm's length, but under the foot, it is lgre. It can also be well…