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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Mapex M Series

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 8 reviews )
 7 reviews88 %
 1 user review13 %
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MGR/sabianrules07's review"Mapex M Series"

Mapex M Series
I recieved this set secondhand and only slightly used from my father (most likely from eBay. My set came in a rare, "special order" Transparent Purple Laquer with a 22" x 16" bass, one 13" x 11" rack tom and a 16" x 16" floor tom. A 5 1/2" x 14" snare was also included. My kit came with all of the 500 series hardware (boom stand, straight stand, snare stand, hi-hat stand), a 300 series throne, a Mapex P-380 double bass pedal (bought separately, said the owner) and a custom cut Mapex boom stand and a off-brand boom stand (both of those I don't use).

Okay, first I'd like to clarify that this set, for its wood construction, looks and sounds fantastic. I tune down with my drums (considering mine only came with a 13" rack tom and a 16" floor tom...deep sizes), so the bass drum gives off a bantastic boom and the toms emit rounded but deep overtones that are powerful yet versitile enough for any style of music. I heard complaints about the snare giving off too many overtones, but considering the construction (which I will get to in a little bit), all I had to do was tune the snare head high up to get a fantastic pop. The hardware is great. The P-380 Pedal is also fantastic, as it is my first double pedal.

Honestly, I got more than what I bargained for. If any complaints, mine is mainly a hardware complaint. The doublew pedal just needs better beaters. I plan on saving up to some Tama Iron Cobra beaters for some extra bounce.

Now, this is the part that gets a lot of people confused. My version comes with non-matching bass drum hoops and gold badges. What does that signify?...that this model is constucted of a 8 ply Maple and Basswood combo. The inner 7 plies are of basswood, while the guite large outer stave ply is of maple. The maple adds warmth, sustain, and attack (also helps to the tranparent lacquer finish); while the basswood adds the tone, clarity, and projection (gives off a sound similar to a stronger form of birch, in my opinion). Many have said that this model is either the new M Maple (made of 9 ply 100% Maple) or the new M Birch (made of an 8 ply Maple/Birch combo), but this is an opled model made from around 1999 to about 2003 or so, so don't be confused. Everything is well built and sturdy. I have yet to break a part or ruin the finish on these babies.

Honestly, I love my Mapexes. They may be old, but they sound fantastic for their construction and layout...and plus, considering the finish, only a select few were made, so I got a rare set
(~GO ME!!~). Don't be confused with this model and the new Mapex M's. These are entirely different and discontinued. Nevertheles, I love mine, as I use them for live and studio work.

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MGR/sabianrules07's review"Mapex M-Series"

Mapex M Series
I got 'em off of eBay for about $450 as a gift.

Okay, these are the discontinued models. However, for their sound and construction, they are excellent. Great attack with a good amount of overtones. This old model comes with the ultra-rare transparent lacquer finish (from the extra maple ply; mine is transparent purple...cherry red, amber and greenish-blue are also available on rarer models). Snare has a little ring, but can be muffled. Toms have good low end (standard configuration) and bass has a lot of low-end punch to it.

The factory "Remo" heads it came with suck. I suggest Remo Clear Pinstripes on toms, Remo Coated Powerstroke 3 on the snare, Remo Hazy Ambassadors on the tom and snare bottoms, and an Evans EMAD on the bass drum.

These are the old models, so they are made out of 8 ply Maple/Basswood. The newer ones are made out of 9 ply 100% maple. THese, however, are good sounding for their construction (Maple=great attack and beautiful finish; Basswood=good mid-end overtones and projection). Hardware is sturdy and takes beating.

Try either the new or older models. Both are great. Even though mine's out-dated, it's rare and it sounds killer. I never knew a company like Mapex can produce such a good product.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Mapex M Series"

Mapex M Series
Purchase the mapex M series, at andertons music shop in the uk for £499. This kit offered all the critera i was looking for in a mid range kit and more.

The overall appearace and quaility of the kit stood out, the gloss finsih on the maple outside wood of the toms, not only makes the kit look professtional and expensive, but provides a long term high quality, whilst reduces the amount of scatches and damage.
In addition the kit sound fantastic! The toms provide a deep clear sound, whilst the snare is still sharp and snappy but also very clear and unquic.
The hardware is solid and the chunky two handle boom stands mantains an excellant sound for the holding of the cymbals and adds to the proffessional look of the kit.
Also the remo rims are steady and add to the excellant maple wood tom sound.

There really isn't much to say, however this kit can take a long time to tune to a perfect sound, especally the snare. But easy for any experienced drummer.

One of the best parts of the kits, beats the peral exports hands down by far, trust me. The peral export compared to the mapex m series seem cheap and crappy.


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MGR/Sandro del Greco10/17/2001

MGR/Sandro del Greco's review"Mapex M-Series"

Mapex M Series
I bought this kit from the Newcastle Drum Centre in England. After looking for months at mid range kits I found this great kit, it was a bargain at £520. I had looked at other kits like the Pearl Export but it doesn't look as good as the mapex kit and the Tama Rockstar, but this was too expensive for me (im a poor boy :)).

The first thing that caught my eye was the colour, transparent amber and the raw hoops on the bass drum. I'm not sure about the mapex hardware as I got Pearl stuff with my kit. Also you get Remo heads with the drums as standard, which really sold me the kit, for £520 that is amazing. Also I don't really like the idea of big toms so I got the fusion sizes as you get a "normal" sized bass drum with them. And one more thing is that the toms don't get pierced by the tom arms, which improves the sound of the drums.

There isn't really anything I don't like, it probably would of been better if the bass drum wasn't pierced but its only 1 hole so that's ok :). That's all that I don't like.

They are great quality, I have had my drums for 2 months now and there has been no problems at all, not even the smallest thing.

These drums are possible the best drums I have ever played in my 3 years drumming, with the shells being maple on the inside and the bass wood on the out side they look great as well as sounding great. If you are looking to buy a mid range kit this is the one you should be buying!!!!

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MGR/Marvin R.09/15/2001

MGR/Marvin R.'s review"Mapex M-Series"

Mapex M Series
I obtained this kit from a good source, at an outstanding price. This kit is definitely the best in its class.

Well, it is obvious that Mapex did their R & D; extensively. To sum it up, they pretty much did everything in their manufacturing and quality control areas, to avoid all the flaws & negatives that are found in every other company's kits. ((Ex. Their mounted toms rods do not strip, as others... consistency in their shells versus others... hardware of every level is exceptional... ))

I don't have any dislikes of the kit itself. The only one, the only one flaw that they do happen to share with other companies kits of the same level, is of course: The shitty factory heads. (All you need to do is get some Evans heads on, you'll be allright...)

Very sturdy, easy to set up, comfortable, flexible. This kit has the I.T.S. Mounts - Ed.

As a younger company among all those over-priced big boys that boast of maple this, maple that (those are the companies that make consumers pay extra so that their endorsers can have kits...)
Mapex should be thankful to them; they have shown what not to do in drum manufacturing; they've had obvious flaws, thank goodness for good research, and listening to the drummer first, not "the market".

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Mapex M-Series"

Mapex M Series
I aquired this kit after researching Pearl, Sonor, Gretsch, Tama, Ludwig, Yamaha, and Mapex. I tried the Pearl Export, but it looked and cheap. I also come very close to getting the Tama Rockstar Custom but the price was slightly too high. I got the Mapex M-Series after finding a very cheap price,$840, for a 6-piece set at This drum set is the best in its price range !!

I like almost everything about this set. The finish is amazing (transparent laquer), especially for the price. Similarly priced sets come with crappy wrapped finishes that not only look bad, but kill the sound. The sound is very nice; definatly better than a standard Pearl Export. The Fusion tom sizes are a little deeper than most sets and therefore sound deeper. The 22" kick has a deep punch, literally some nice "bang for the buck." THIS SET DOES COME WITH ITS TOM MOUNTS I was a little confused...there was no mention of it on the web site for some reason. The ITS monts do make it sound better. The double-braced hardware is good, although not incredible, and the hi-hat stand is better than Pearl's. ...And the best part: this set is 100% louder than the 5-lugged "drumset" I used to play.

The Bass pedal doesn't complement the bass drum at all. It's just not powerful enough to get the full potential of the bass drum. The snare rings a little, but if its tight enough it's much less noticable. The factory heads are a little cheap, but you can't expect much.

Very high quality set, bright finish, strong hardware, low-mass split lugs make it sound and look better. To sum the quality up in one word: Flawless.

I have to admit I have had the set for less than a week, but I found it very hard to find a review on this set so I'm helping out buyers who want to know some thing about this set before purchasing it. I can tell you that it is the best in its price range and that it blows the standard Pearl Export away. The Mapex M-Series looks good, sounds good, and is worth the money you pay for it.

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magicsticks's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Mapex M Series
I use this drumkit for almost three years in a rock band and a metal band.
most: his toms and gc, which is great for a wooden drum "cheap" (Lime Saddle and folds outside in) a lot of projection in the bass, although rock
the finish is very nice (it's a lacquer) design is lgent (cocquilles, accessories)
the original accessories are great, and I n'xagere I am not the least enmrd foot snare drum and cymbal stand with pearl accessories 2000 SERIES !!!!!)
the least: the sound of the snare, trs feeble compared to the rest of the kit

I learned to play a rockstar quality that is somewhat similar (but more expensive), I made a month ago a pair of batteries (with a group) and M is widely suprieur has the Yamaha Stage Custom.

I buy this kit 800 euros, the report largely silent quality the best price in this range.

Mapex is a brand that deserves to be more rspecte, I will also go upmarket in Cellec.