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Tama Drum Sets user reviews

  • Tama Swingstar

    Tama Swingstar - Sinusoidalcharles's review


    Excellent small drumkit all good style for beginners and Development. I loved playing it but as in any sacrifice you have to know his property !!!!!!!!!!!!! …

  • Tama Artstar Esprit

    Tama Artstar Esprit - Batphilou's review


    I also come from a Tama acqurir Artstar config Spirit in a rather "special" ... see for yourself: toms 10 '12' 13 '14' 16 'and two large boxes of 24'. It sends a serious, big boxes even without settings give its huge! Toms are harder to settle, but…

  • Tama Starclassic Maple

    Tama Starclassic Maple - halo of flies's review


    I use this hardware since 1998, I never had any complaints to make, only pseudo-ings sounds complaining about the power and rsonnance wondering systmatiquement any gaffer. I say "pseudo" because I had the opportunity to record the SAE Aubervilliers (…

  • Tama Artstar 2

    Tama Artstar 2 - Bobaille's review


    Well I bought this drumkit it There's about 3 weeks (a Artstar 2) but I had already used it There's a studio three or four years. What I love in the first place in this kit is the kick drum: full, full of bass attack phenomenal (for a small patch Rem…