Universal Audio UAD-2 Nevana 64
Universal Audio UAD-2 Nevana 64

UAD-2 Nevana 64, DSP Board from Universal Audio in the UAD-2 PCIe series.

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marc tessi 01/30/2014

Universal Audio UAD-2 Nevana 64 : marc tessi's user review

«  It does sound good! »

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Built in my home studio
With a Mac Pro


Used in Logic 9


No problem for installation
everything happens for the best


Hello to all
I have a UAD-2 Nevana 64 over 4 years.
I find that all the plug are interesting because of their qualities in general.
Compressors are effective (1176, LA2A, Neve33609 ...)
During three years I had a real home in 1176 and before selling, I made trials
plug between the AU and the real machine treatment after taking her on snare, and vocals.
I came pretty close to a 1176 harware with AU plug result.
Nevertheless with still greater difference in the voice on the snare.
I use a lot tranche NEVE 88RS for its EQ and filters
the LA2A on bass provides good;
The RealVerb Pro, really good for various applications and environments.
I also use the EMT140 and the Pultec.
In all my projects, I always turn first to the AU plugs
to attack the mix and frankly I'm really happy because they
sound good for my taste.
Note that I am in the music pop rock variety register.