Behringer EP2500
Behringer EP2500
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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Behringer EP2500

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 13 reviews )
 5 reviews38 %
 4 reviews31 %
 2 reviews15 %
 1 user review8 %
Value For Money : Excellent

Ipwarrior's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer EP2500
* How long have you use it? They were used primarily for sound with a large hall, in place of a PA2600 Boost * Have you tried many other models before buying it? Apart from Boost PA2200 PA2600 Rope B 130W, Power of a 22kg 2x250WRMS not. * How long have you use it? They have served as two times: both say they are nearly new. * What is so special that you like most and least? Most: power, I like serrated knobs. The least: too sensitive perhaps? are what really less? * How would you rate the quality / price? Excellent. For the 8 ohms love this amp, it behaves very well: I have not taken any risks. I symmetric supplies have no worries (box samson symmetrization). * With experience, you do again this choice? ... For use as a dilettante like mine, yes may be the EP1500 to 31cm. Oh one last point: in 4x450WRMS/20-20Khz EP2500 2: sound of a large room with a correct pressure. I was filtering on-12db 30Hz in équalo. So it grows, if you have good speakers so it grows stronger there's no problems. PS: do not compare with Dynacord in 2X600W good but it is rather nice for the price.

Last point: the best are cold, especially when empty.
But I had calculated the margin for the SM115.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer EP2500
I did some research before buying EUROPOWER EP2500
Its been a week and he had his dejas bathême and he pulled the hand ais
I read every comment I could find on the Internet (English / French)
I know that some are critical of the amplifier.
Fan Noise-very aceptable (my Peavey PV900 is noisier than EP2500)
-Weight, in its standard of any amp Qualibre have 30à45 lbs (except the new generation without transformer)
It breath, you should always take into account the rest of the equipment that will be matched with the amplifier, so it is your normall is that some of it is because every breath apareille can increase the has the breath out (amplified)
and finally quality / price / performance / production of all its positive factor EUROPOWER EP2500
I was fortunate to work with many amplificareur (Crown, Crest, Peavey, QSC, Yorville and other) and all have strengths and the acunne for the EP2500 its switch (ON / OFF) is too accessible and sensitive to touch, then do not s'aprocher at a party at the risk of the meter off, the potentiometer (gain) should be less sensitive and it's also easy to access by Behringer against nevertheless done to the amp once in a rack mount (rackmount) is more recessed than the other component that makes the facade birth not align with other apareilles making it one can moin Accessible

Many people associate quality with the price I know that this not always true birth often we pay for the name (Marks) and not vraimment for the object itself, the reason must be looked at from every angle and compared The rest is a matter of choice

Finally I read very satisfied and I would do the same choice

I give 8 / 10 because neither have kidney perfect in this world


frizouille44's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer EP2500
I use this amp for 3 months. I really rflchi how I wanted to use my next power amp and now I can say what it is.
I use it in local rpt for the song and that is not all guitar and bass and also for music, loop ... (I am a drummer). It is very well for this use but it's really NOT FOR PRO musical side, there are a lot of power is his strength is what convinced me it is exellent for RPTS can do push there's no feedback There's all that should be level but sound quality is trs blah, I will do nothing more than a concert in a bar with him.
And also for technicos there's no protection out once dyed if the music does not cut you can still hear it.

Price quality ratio I think there is no better, the price is always a little blah for the sound quality when compared to others who are of the same quality but often not much less powerful s' deprived in watts

tinmar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Behringer EP2500
I use this amp for 2 months
J'apprcie robustness and price. However, it's just a lens and mtallique.
No I have not tried many MODELS before the acquire.
Very good value for price /
I remake that choice.

J uses this amp for sound with a group of 4-5 people for PEIT festivals and concerts in bars. I should parfaitemenyt and seems robust.
The sound could be better but given the use that I'm in (quite festive music acoustic conditions not always exceptional) it suits me perfectly.
I put 8 / 10 based on its value for money.
It is ideal for budget groups who need a solution powerful enough sound and robust in order to increase the concerts has left and right