Power Acoustics Double 300
Power Acoustics Double 300

Double 300, Dual-Channel Power Amp from Power Acoustics.

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condos51 12/21/2006

Power Acoustics Double 300 : condos51's user review


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Well I bought down a jumbo 1000 MKII and the seller kindly gave me another power amp as a gift, a double 300.

Like the jumbo is not very complicated to repair as long as they know these amps, as I do.

Once repaired jumbo, no surprise, it works well, see my post on this amp ...

on the other hand regarding the dual 300, having "only" six transistors per channel I was not expecting a miracle but a proper amp ...

I was surprised because despite 400VA + Bridge + 4 x 4700μF 25A per channel and it works very well.

a very good dynamic and very little distortion at high level.

At least unlike other brands that boast of watts with a shovel, and here they are bels there.

As the name suggests, 2 x 300W or 2 x 200W RMS/4ohms RMS into 8 ohms, although for two or four compact speakers or a floor.

it is not ventilated but has two large heat sinks to Fin spacing that allow much cooling, unless rack, provide a modification (installation of FAN in the rack ...)

other than that great amp, certainly not light but at least we know what's inside ...

original price at the time: 6490FF is 989.39 euros.

with a good repair the amp is like new and left for 20 years.