QSC RMX 2450
QSC RMX 2450
DJ V-Style 06/11/2012

QSC RMX 2450 : DJ V-Style's user review

«  Excellent quality / price ratio »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I use this amp for over a month, this is my second amp QSC RMX. I buy it because the other was no longer powerful enough for my speakers (I need two times 500 W RMS into 8 ohms)
These models are extremely robust. These are legacy amp and that is why their price is quite reasonable, and it gives us that advantage because older generation does not mean lower quality, on the contrary, apart from its weight It is full of indisputable advantages: the sound is very satisfying, the components are quality and manufacture of amplifier has the reputation of faithful QSC: Workhorse.

I made this choice already twice, and in this price range I would do without hesitation. But to raise the budget more, it is better to move towards higher models like the PLX.