damaye 02/12/2010

Electro-Voice RE20 : damaye's user review


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It is a dynamic microphone reference, originally designed for the spoken voice (radio broadcast), but it may be very suitable for singing and for all other uses.

It has a round and warm with a strong personality, while being accurate extrêmment. We feel it encourages the body of sound while showing some silky frequencies in the lower medium.

It can be very valuable for certain kinds of songs when we want to avoid having too many or too sharp nose.

In fact it is a microphone that seems particularly well suited for digital recording because it avoids adding another layer of gloss and sharp that end up tired ears.

One can also use it to store all kinds of beats with (he is able to withstand high pressures). In this case it may be more neutral = more difficult to distinguish from other microphones. Good experience for recording an electric guitar a little too aggressive in its clear and crunch.


I could test it for several days.

I tested many other mics before this one, static, dynamic and electret.

Its peculiarity that I liked most is his accuracy, his warmth and the fact that he makes something very nice and not at all aggressive on a digital recorder, while having a real personality. It is a micro 'confidence and pleasure "
The least? hard to say, this mic is perfect for some uses. We have enjoyed a switch to have a lump in the upper midrange, it could be useful in some cases.

The price / quality ratio is extremely good given that this is a very high-end microphone.

I am considering the aquérir.