Prodipe TT1 Lanen
Prodipe TT1 Lanen

TT1 Lanen, Dynamic Microphone from Prodipe.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Prodipe TT1 Lanen

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 40 reviews )
 19 reviews48 %
 12 reviews30 %
 4 reviews10 %
Value For Money : Excellent

Anonymous 's review

Prodipe TT1 Lanen
The Prodipe TT1 Ludovic Lanen microphone is, hands down, a fantastic microphone that was developed by the French audio company Prodipe. The goal of the Ludovic Lanen was simple: they wanted to create a good budget microphone that didn’t compromise on sound and did not feel at all cheap in any way. What they came up with was the TT1. This microphone has a typical frequency response from 50 Hz to the typical hand held dynamic 15,000 Hz, and has a cardioid polar pattern. So the specs are nothing particularly fancy. In fact, those two particular things are straight copies of the SM58, a microphone more than triple the cost of the Prodipe. What makes it special is the fact that the company Prodipe simply went through a bunch of Chinese capsules and found one that was both cheap and biased in a certain way to lend the microphone a certain flavor. What ends up happening with this microphone is that there is a peak in the low end and a bit of clean air at the top. This makes the microphone sound very unlike a typical stage microphone, because it is surprisingly detailed.


The incredibly special thing about this microphone is that it costs less than $30. This makes it possible to acquire many of them very quickly. In use, I have found that these are not great microphones when you put many of them on many voices, as the lower frequencies do tend to get a little bit bloated. However, these can be used on pretty much anything, with it having a wide pickup pattern and a very high level of gain. On guitar and toms it sounds unbelievably expensive, or example. So if you need a workhorse that an double as a fantastic vocal microphone for live and studio settings, look no further.

armando54's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect, clear and precise."

Prodipe TT1 Lanen
Voice or singing karaoke.


I am not a specialist in micro, but I have another microphone which is twice trademark of tech that made me bought in a shop on Nancy touting the merits that this was the copy of SM58 and well TT1 Lanen is also good, more gain and an ON / OFF switch that I do not have the other. Perhaps slightly less well than the other as I have, but 2 times cheaper, all black, pleasant to touch.

For mobile DJs or karaoke, no need to put € 100 into a microphone, make a rather cheaper for 2;-)

Value for money, perfect !!!

rominet83's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Why pay more?"

Prodipe TT1 Lanen
Micro Dynamics, basically a cheap SM58 or E435.


After several years, I use it mainly for vocals.
It is a bit lightweight as main mic but secondary, it will do nicely.

The real advantage of this microphone is to fall without it being too serious for cheap ... And strong. If we count the number of times that the singer has fallen, it should be in ruins, but did not track and works flawless.

I recommend ...

misterdj1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" perfect"

Prodipe TT1 Lanen
I use it for the presentation event - discomobile


bought hurriedly following the untimely death of my shure sm 58. I do not regret my choice! I prefer it even to 58 sm, I find it more sensitive, more hot.
Excellent value for money
I recommend this product

jimilu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good and cheap!"

Prodipe TT1 Lanen
I'm not going back on the technical characteristics, it is a dynamic cardioid microphone, something like 58 sm.
I am guitarist in a blues-rock and I do the vocals on some tracks. I needed a proper mic, I read the reviews on the Prodipe TT1 Lanen and told myself that for the price I did not risk much.


I bought this mic on Cygnus Audiofanzine for € 25, the switch model. Regular use, weekly, and live again, he has a potato this mic is terrible! My singer has an AKG D5, very good mic, I would say a bit more defined than the TT1, but less fishing. He tried mine because at our last live performance, people thought my voice sounded better than his own mix.
He was amazed, I was immediately told that less tired voice, because no need to force, the only complaint and this is true it is more directional than the AKG, with TT1 must always sing well in front of the cellule.Mis aside this detail, nothing!
I have a friend who runs a small recording studio in his park he has SM58, SM57 and TT1 he uses for vocals by the lead voice for this he uses a tube microphone, but for remains carefree.
With a quality / price ratio like that we can only recommend this microphone for those seeking an easy mic that sounds right away, just not enough perspective on his life, we'll see.

mrpessoa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Exceptional value for money"

Prodipe TT1 Lanen
Micro dynamic to the scene or taken for "draft" in the studio without having to leave the static sensitive with his cage and everything.
I use it for voice and beatboxing.


I use it for several months. This is my first dynamic microphone. I really needed to have a small dynamic mic to record in all conditions, without breaking my head with my static (a m-audio luna which I am very pleased by the way).

What I love most is obviously the price (!) € 50 for a microphone that was done serious work. For cons, I can not tell its limits considering my use (working draft before making serious), and the fact that I have not tried yet on stage.

With experience, I will ever choose this without hesitation: I see it out over 50 € for a microphone that will use this. BUT ... if after testing on stage, I realize that in addition it provides, I revindrai change my opinion to put 10/10 everywhere!

makisu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great!"

Prodipe TT1 Lanen
I use this microphone to add sound and record the singer of my band.
We use it in rehearsal, recording and concert.
We are an amateur group, we are not super demanding, we want a versatile microphone that does not pose any problems and we seem to have a good sound.
We do not have neither the will nor the means to have an array of microphones.

This mic is great for us because it corresponds to our high standards.


I use it for 2 years since we tried it the other relegated only micro that we know, the SM58 in the closet.

Upon first use the singer was amazed by the result: a song that stands out and easily.
We also have fewer feedback problems with the SM58.
We are not experts in the sound and the sound system and it helps a lot.

What I like about this microphone is that it's simpler to have a good result.
I find the price / quality ratio excellent.
I do it again this choice easily.

fredsoundivine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" bluffing"

Prodipe TT1 Lanen
cardioid dynamic vocal microphone


I use this mic for a little over six months, I wanted a microphone to dub my guitar amp but not the budjet for a 57 sm, I pulled on the advice of my dealer about this tt1.
microphone that has a good international practice.
value for money simply unbeatable for me.
I did recement the acquisition of a 57 sm and I realized I had spent € 70 too because I have a PA sysytem, ​​which holds the road and be very HOnet I do not find differences with the tt1, I used the same vocal mic (metal) and I left my 58 sm in his kit.

In summary, it must surely be better but for € 40 you do not prenezz the head, try you will not be disappointed mas.
pkl 112/20/2011

pkl 1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Prodipe buried Shure!"

Prodipe TT1 Lanen
I use this dynamic mic for vocals as well as for miking guitar (Lag Tramontane 333) and even in back of amp


I do not have much experience but compared microphones Shure or a Sheineser which are references and cost more than double the TT1 is unbeatable!
fredo 311/19/2011

fredo 3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" He will not leave me"

Prodipe TT1 Lanen
microphone for singing or recovery instrument (sax, trumpet, accordion)


I have long worked with a black fire sennheizer 527 for singing and I could not do without it. I must say I was worried for his succession. I try Shure (SM58, BETA58) but the grain does not suit me Pasetti sennheizer an E840 which I found pretty good.
there are some less music store prodipe I entrust this to test, then at the price I have seen dpart one can laugh but when I used I found it much better than the shure and my opinion as well as my old black fire that I thought iremplacable.
So do not look at the price, made the test.
for me anyway it is very well, j'espre that age well, I think take a deuxime but the pro TT1 model (without interruption)
for once and found the good stuff at low prices do not hesitate