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Samson Technologies Dynamic Microphones user reviews

  • Samson Technologies QKick

    Samson Technologies QKick - fouineblanche's review


    Bass drum microphone, or the sound of low frequency instruments. It runs on thomann 50 euros ttc and is rather good between micro-level, but make no mistake you really see the difference with a better quality microphone as the AKG D112 or BETA 52A.…

  • Samson Technologies R21

    Samson Technologies R21 - tontonseb's review


    Versatile condenser microphone. used for voice but also the planting of instruments. No switch. OVERALL OPINION A good all-purpose microphone and a microphone for singing Hon. Robust, it faithfully reproduces the sound, not as good as a Shure SM5…

  • Samson Technologies Q8

    Samson Technologies Q8 - nicobatteur's review


    Micro Audio Q8 Samso Comes with adapter and clamp in a briefcase. OVERALL OPINION I use the microphone and then a few days. There is no feedback and the voice is as crystal retutuée Cairo. This mic is great for éalement resume guitar amplif…

  • Samson Technologies Q1U

    Samson Technologies Q1U - Amour 3's review


    Aillant me the microphone Samson Audio Q1U Usb j'utulise that almost every day a messenger, I find that happens is great for this application. OVERALL OPINION I have micro RSDLP since I was 2 months comptemps of 100% occurs mainly in use on messe…

  • Samson Technologies S11

    Samson Technologies S11 - dittohead's review


    Micro vocals / instruments sold in bags with his pliers. For details on the manufacturer's website gives all the details;) OVERALL OPINION I use it for over a year. This microphone has the advantage of bring out the voice in particular thanks t…

  • Samson Technologies QSnare

    Samson Technologies QSnare - sampeter's review


    I bought used a drum kit has seven microphones. but oupsss! I use the clothes pegs (loll) to position. the plastic ties were not enough (plastic) microphones do their job once locked. samson damage lacked a (hair ) the choice of plastique.le system i…

  • Samson Technologies QMic

    Samson Technologies QMic - gelbar's review


    Hypercardioid dynamic microphone. Comes with mini-grade carrying case + clip. OVERALL OPINION Purchased by chance, I use it for 2 years as: - Micro singing to repeat (rock): hot, powerful, no feedback, much better than a SM58 on these three p…

  • Samson Technologies QMic

    Samson Technologies QMic - Fr@'s review


    Micro Chant unidirectional hyper cardode OVERALL OPINION I have 4 years: qualitbr /> + Strength Little handling noise / pop / some feedback Good sensitivity - Compar an sm58, it lacks a bit of fever, but aa the advantage of being war…

  • Samson Technologies R21

    Samson Technologies R21 - buck88's review


    G bought these dynamic microphones for back VOCALS repeated in my group and I served in extra microphones for sound decision-scratching dry! The rendering is quite Fidler OVERALL OPINION I use them for 2 months The sound is clean, but lacks pow…