Sennheiser BF 811
Sennheiser BF 811

BF 811, Dynamic Microphone from Sennheiser in the BF series.

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Tonka 11/15/2004

Sennheiser BF 811 : Tonka's user review


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Dynamic vocal microphone for stage ... and can accommodate in-home studio.


Purchased 97 is still my mic scene, I never go anywhere without it.

When buying I compared with a SM58, and there's no bin photo, for the same price I prefer the BF811.

I have long been used in home studio and I'm pretty happy with the result, even if there is no headroom and the fine grain of a static, it is very clean with a nice rendering proximity.

I even managed to record percussion with: it's not for, but by spending a little time you get there.

In short a great microphone.