Sennheiser e 609
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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Sennheiser e 609

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 24 reviews )
 10 reviews42 %
 10 reviews42 %
 4 reviews17 %
Value For Money : Excellent

Anonymous 's review

Sennheiser e 609
The Sennheiser E 609 is a microphone specifically built with guitar amps and cabinets in mind. When the standard for mic'ing anything goes, "Just put a Shure SM57 on everything and EQ it to make it fit better later," it can understandably get a little obnoxious to do so repeatedly, and because the SM57 is a workhorse microphone, mic'ing up most things with the SM57 falls just ever so slightly short of perfectly ideal.

Enter the Sennheiser E 609. It is a dynamic microphone with a supercardioid pickup pattern, so you can count on it picking up just what is in front of it. The Sennheiser E 609 boasts a comparatively impressive frequency response of 40-18,000 Hz, so you can count on it to pick up a few more of the nuances of a guitar through an amp than the Shure SM57, which only goes up to 15,000 Hz.

The microphone itself is unique in design, being very low profile, and side address. This makes it incredibly inconspicuous when using on stage or in the studio, and in the short time I had access to it, I found that having an E 609 in front of the guitar amp was more of a godsend than I thought. Its low profile makes sure that the E 609 never gets in the way, unlike the SM57 which will protrude from the amp. When working in cramp spaces, I can only imagine how much more secure one would feel.

The sound itself is very impressive. The SM57 is by no means a bad guitar amp microphone, but comparatively to the Sennheiser E 609, it sounds downright hollow. You just have to imagine the SM57 sound, but richer, and at the same time, a bit crispier. The low mids pop out with a sizzle that I did not previously know the low mids could have.


For roughly the same price as an SM57, you can have a dedicated guitar amp microphone. It's not the workhorse that the 57 is, but if you're completely aware of what you want to mic things up with, you shouldn't have to worry about not having an ideal microphone anyway. If you desperately need a guitar amp microphone just to have a guitar amp microphone, this is a great choice over the vaunted SM57.

joshsound's review

Sennheiser e 609
This mic is a very low cost, very good sounding mic, but only for very specific applications. It is a side address dynamic mic by Sennheiser which was designed to be used to record loud, mid-heavy heavy sources. Obviously the major intents are going to be guitar cabinets and horn instruments. The pickup pattern on this mic is a supercardioid, so there is some very steep rejection of the sides and back on this mic. You will get a very defined picture of your source, which is great since you often want to have a very isolated sound for your guitar and horn tracks. It has a great SPL handling capability, so you can crank your amp all the way up without breaking this mic up. It doesn't have a low-roll off or a switchable polar pattern. The output tends to be a little low, so it seems like a pad is not necessary even though this mic is meant to record loud events. You will connect this with an XLR cable and you don't need any phantom power. As for the sound, think of an SM57 but move the focus of that mic an octave lower. This mic is great for when you want guitars to sound powerful, because it really makes the mids and low mids sing. The SM57, which is usually the traditional guitar amp mainstay, can make isolated guitars sound a little hollow at times, whereas guitars through this mic are much more full.


I used this mic at a friend's home studio and was not expecting much, but I was very surprised at the great guitar tone we were able to get very quickly. Actually, the sound coming out of the amp itself was not nearly as nice as what came through the mic, so you could definitely argue that the frequency curve of the mic itself is like a nice EQ for electric guitars. It is only around $100, and it's very handy for guitar tracks and the occasional trumpet solo. I recommend checking it out.

davidbarrieres's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" challenger sm 57? ..."

Sennheiser e 609
Ideal for electric guitars, and trumpets.


best in this microphone: no need to faithfully repequer pole to a guitar amp, its shape allows it to dangle before the Bafil (we will have made a second round with the XLR cable to turn the handle to the head or combo ).
for Repik from scratch: there, I love it!

Tin-Man's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser e 609
This microphone is used, in most cases, to use guitar amps or toms or kick drum. I use this for my microphone for voice. I preview, even when I was recording on a 4-track to K7, he gave more presence and bass to the voice, without any additional external (budget then lean forces ...). The only concern, as it is not made for that is that we sing the lips glued to the microphone ... matter of habit ....


I use it for almost 20 years. Most is therefore for the presence of the small recording material without any external effect, a compressor or limiter .... The least is that it is not for this: op The models I've tried was most often the Shure, which only in the cases mentioned above (small items newbie) did not have enough presence in the voice.

With experience, I do it again this election, but in the same situation only.

Rectif of 24/08/2007: It takes longer than the guitar amp, and it's killing, stuck to the amp. épicétout!
Le Taz02/13/2008

Le Taz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser e 609
Dynamic mic like "lollipop".


I'll make it short, because the gots and colors ... I tested the 609 and its rival, the famous SM57 live and recording. Scne on, I made a simple test to play against the faade. The SM57 is fine, but with something or granules which did not please me, without me really Dranger. Transplanting with the 609: the sound that comes out of the faade excatement is one of my cabinet, Fidler trs.
Saving ... I try the 57, and I do not use russi (at least I honntet not blame him). I think adapted guitar sounds "hard", which tear (it's not a questionof style). But here, my guitar is its soft ... 609 Fidler as the most, I better captures the dynamics of play, without me taking the issue head mix, too. N'tant more product, I'm going back on the 606.

Pucelle_Dabidjan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser e 609
Micros lollipop nice, comes in a beautiful color box and equipped with its claw. The purchase by Ricardo cot CHF 160.00 us what we can honnte Whereas as a prize. For a full manual trs in German (we are a Swiss group which is normal) that explains how to properly position the microphone and different techniques to achieve a particular sound ... Frankly nice.

7 because it does not transport box "hardcase" (bhouuuu. ..)


This is what I described the era: My opinion is taken lightly, in fact, I never possd mic guitar and I know that in micro scratches Shure SM57 ingnieur our former sound.

Now things have changed and I made a lot of expression since. However, I stay glued to this microphone. Even if its use is limited spectrum (electric guitar), the sound is neutral and will be returned with air and greater lack of grain that many competitors. It does not come forward and let the sound comes out of your guitar cabinet as it is. Note that it is also sensitive trs dynamics and does not crunch. If you want to put forward its own color, it will Galise in conscquence. It takes lgrement all sounds around him, so it is wise to use it on a set that sends a lot (and it can lower its sensitivity or to isolate attacks peripherals (using a cache for example). The microphone can be the same cab and scotch trs well dbrouiller. rsiste it well with water and fire. The purchase price is honnte.


berl's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser e 609
Good dynamic look nice, has changed a little on scne ...


I use it - there are some who will jump to the ceiling - to use the bombing of PA groups fest-noz. Although these are sharp instruments with harmonic standards, the fact that he is very aggressive fast ... to take an aggressive instrument with a microphone that accentuates it. Similarly, transient severe bombardment are important and Necessary for reproducing sound of a bomb: the 609 goes down well and does it well. Finally, the power of a bomb is standard, the 609 accepts high SPL without flinching.
So I adopted him and I still use it!
Studio C&P04/01/2005

Studio C&P's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser e 609
Dynamic microphone capsule mounted on the front .....
Designed to dub guitar cabinets.


If you do the Rock / mtal is what I found best for transplanting a baffle.
on the other hand in sound do not expect to get exactly the sound of your cabinet:

It's ultra comprss and it does not transcribed all the shades ....
But for rock or pchu mtal is exactly what it takes!

I prfre in SM57 ... because I find it less aggressive (less acute) and heavier (more serious).

Brubao's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser e 609
Wide dynamic microphone capsule


I use it in the studio for 6 months, mainly for the sound of guitar amps, snare and toms.
He gives her a wide trs, flattering the bottom mdium, dynamic, and organic prcis. Less electrical and more natural I think a sm57.
Very practical in concert (no need to walk: Just hang in front of the HP, it Pipelines Limited for that).
For me a must among others in a fleet of pickups.

Rem: I'm curious to hear what he gives on a sax tnor ...

Loran4444's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser e 609
- What kind of microphone? miking guitar / amp ... but works well on Toms and other percussion
- What technology? dynamic


- How long have you use it? 2 years
- What is the particular feature you like best and least? More prcis a SM57 for clean sounds and crunch
- With the exprience, you do again this choice? yes