Shure 520sl Green Bullet
Shure 520sl Green Bullet

520sl Green Bullet, Dynamic Microphone from Shure.

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MacB 03/20/2013

Shure 520sl Green Bullet : MacB's user review


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- Take harmonica instrument or singing with an aspect years old transistor radio 50-60.
- Perfect for blues harmonica for: a good amp with all lamp type fender reverb or bassman is sound and Muddy Waters Junior Wells, Jerry Portnoy, Moreland & Arebuckle (U.S. group San Francisco)
- For the song that will give you a small side transistor directly in all the lamps
- No interest in being plugged into a sound system, it works but in my opinion it is not made for it, it does not matter if it is nothing more than a strain SM58 to keep up to mouth.
- The cell interior is very strong, stronger than some ersatz Hohner in particular, not solid brittle crystal cell.
- This adds micro-mid frequency bass / treble.
- Micro very punchy, with his personality
- Lamp plugged into an amp for the low end harmonics = Mr. LARSEN it becomes so if you can try it before with your personal amp.
- Good reproduction of old vintage mics!


7 years of use, primarily as qu'harmoniciste in blues rock group, he mastered all genres, blues rock, jazz, southern rock, pop, rock, hard, harmonica and it will pair c ' is clear!

I tried the model from Hohner, fragile, modern, cold, alone aesthetics is perhaps better than the Shure. The SHURE significantly better sound blues, harmonica, Jack White is currently screaming on stage with THE BOY RACONTEURS or MANNISH Muddy Waters, or the gravelly voice plugged into a lamp, a certain Seasick Steve, this microphone is mythical, myth, through the years since its inception.

I would do this choice, if I can not find an old vintage 50s microphone U.S., but hey, this microphone is surprising (in a good way) sometimes in good order as the SM58 but use different different course .