Ibanez Electric Basses user reviews

  • Ibanez GSR200

    Ibanez GSR200 - titiri2004's review


    Made of indonsie handle GSR4 Agathis body 22 frets Phat II EQ equalizer microphones Powersound Powersound P + J - (2 volumes + 1 Tone + a boost Bridge Standard 4 active? it gives off quite a surprising range of beautiful sounds (there t…

  • Ibanez SR500

    Ibanez SR500 - lothian's review


    So it's made in Korea. It has 24 frets, and it has Bartolini Mk1 that my liver so it's walk from the thunder of the active electronic There's 5 rglage it: one for volume, one for balance, for a serious one for for the "average" and one for the tr…

  • Ibanez SR590

    Ibanez SR590 - Antoni41's review


    Made in Korea. 24 frets. Bartolini pickups, Bartolini 3-band qualizer (o three SETTING THE Tone in addition to the volume). Good finishing gnral. UTILIZATION Handle extremely thin and fast with Access in acute ergonomic. The body is quite…

  • Ibanez TRB200

    Ibanez TRB200 - Bassiston's review


    MODEL Japan 24 frets, 1 PB, 1 JB Original bridge (Ibanez) 1 volume, a selector and a balance Grave / Aigbr /> Bolt UTILIZATION Rather fine, enjoyable to play when the strings are new, more difficult with bcp uses strings CHAC is fairly s…

  • Ibanez ATK300 [1995-1999]

    Ibanez ATK300 [1995-1999] - vsoleil's review


    Made in Japan, 22 frets. Low active humbucker. Four knobs to adjust the treble, medium and low. Volume a selector to choose which part of the microphone you want to play. Either alone easel, or nearly all the coils of the handle, what changes s…

  • Ibanez K5

    Ibanez K5 - Eric-Bass's review


    Made in Korea, the K5 has 24 frets for two Bartolini pickups and active in Vari mid 9V. It is a standart bridge, one can settle on the output level (volume), the balance between the two microphones, bass, treble, mids, for which Defines the fquence. …

  • Ibanez SR905

    Ibanez SR905 - Bassbreaker's review


    Manufacturing Coren, 24 frets, 2 Bartolini pickups, bridge battery-castB25, qualizer Bartolini MK1: 1 volume, 1 balance, 3 qualizers treble, middle, bass, stick in the body of the guitar UTILIZATION I bought this bass because the neck SPECIFICATI…

  • Ibanez SR800

    Ibanez SR800 - slow_pulse_boy's review


    MODEL bought in 1989. Channel 24 cases. A micro Jazz bass in the bridge position, an inverted micro Precision in the neck position. Rglages of Origin: bass, treble, balance microphone (with the 3 + ZrO Crant volume gnral. The electronic is only a…

  • Ibanez BTB300BG

    Ibanez BTB300BG - Gregpunk's review


    The BTB is the site REFERENCE amricain, not on the site franais. I bought Albaynac Music (42 - St Etienne) for $ 500 new. mics: SPJ-4N Ibanez and Ibanez Neck PU Bridge PU SPJ-4B Volume 1 knob knob select one of the micro Lequalisation is on …

  • Ibanez SR800

    Ibanez SR800 - hushben's review


    Like any sles ibanez made in Japan 24 Freight easel very average (not separated bridges) The hack and electroniquze is completely borked the handle is painted and lacquered (very comfortable even for narrow por June 1st string) UTILIZATION …

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