Marco's Custom Stagg Jazzbass Fretless
Marco's Custom Stagg Jazzbass Fretless

Stagg Jazzbass Fretless, Electric Fretless Bass from Marco's Custom.

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Marc0 08/24/2006

Marco's Custom Stagg Jazzbass Fretless : Marc0's user review


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- Stagg Bass
- J Micros
- Fender Jazz Bass clone
- Original blue with white pickguard
- Passive, now active.


It was I who customized this low, the first work was défretter the handle and fill the slots, then the re-polish.
The handle is quite nice, like that of a Standard JazzBass without the frets of course it does not feel too low quality of Stagg.
The bass has been re-polished, revarnished, to make way for a natural wood color polish. The pickguard has been changed and electronics.
A preamp is powered by a 9V battery and increases the output level. A switch was placed in order to turn on the preamp. For the settings are those of origin, volume, mixer and tone.


Obviously the bass is a low-end at the base, so the sounds are not those found on a Fender Jazz Bass. The action needs some adjustments in the current state of things, but fretless bass sounds great.
The preamp works wonders and fisheries data for passive pickups.


That's one of my first customized instruments, the whole I'm pretty happy even though the bass deserves a few more settings. Like anything with a small low-end bass purchased from OCCAZ there is something fun.
I start a small 7, because I'm still happy with my work;)