Rockbass Corvette Basic 5 Fretless
Rockbass Corvette Basic 5 Fretless

Corvette Basic 5 Fretless, Electric Fretless Bass from Rockbass.

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Audiofanzine FR 10/03/2008

Rockbass Corvette Basic 5 Fretless : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by benabena/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

I know, I didn't post a picture. And the bass guitar is right in front of me. And my camera isn't far away. Life can be hard.

Made in China but some parts are the same as the parts of a real Warwick.
24 frets, two MEC JJ active pickups, volume for both pickups, pickup balance control, low and high knobs.
Alder body, bolt-on maple neck, striped ebony fingerboard. Blue stain finish, which I personally like.
Provided with strap locks.

Only problem by delivery: The output connector was lose but I tightened it in a few seconds.


Ultra-pleasant neck for my extra-large hands. I find Warwick bodies very ergonomic to play sitting (I'm old) and standing. The controls are ergonomically placed on the body. Regarding its weight, you can feel it's a 5-string and its heavier than its 4-string sister. But you'll forget about it very fast.
Good circuitry, very effective controls. I play without effects and I haven't discovered all sound possibilities yet.


Raw rock music with wild spasms...
I connect the bass directly to the mixer till I get the matching stack (I'm thinking of a Gallien Krueger).
The bass guitar has a huge and versatile sound range depending on the musician and the settings. It is very responsive. From double bass-like sounds to very hard and smacking sounds to classic sounds, the possibilities are impressive.
But the instrument is so responsive that the musician must have a very accurate playing. Every nuance is reproduced...


The most impressive thing is the sound range depending on the playing style.
Awesome value for money. Perhaps I was lucky and I got a good one. It's feasible.
It's hard to find one. I had to insist on this model at the store because it's not referenced in the catalog. I can imagine fretless lefties aren't much business for a store...
I think I will keep it for life, I already eat and sleep with it. And I would buy it again.

If I buy another bass guitar it will be a custom instrument from a luthier, whom I'll explain thoroughly what I want from it.