Rockbass Corvette Basic 5 Fretless
Rockbass Corvette Basic 5 Fretless

Corvette Basic 5 Fretless, Electric Fretless Bass from Rockbass.

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Postmortem 12/27/2010

Rockbass Corvette Basic 5 Fretless : Postmortem's user review

«  And why not! »

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Well I bought this warwick Rockbit Used for 150 euros, I said I have version 4 strings and not 5 ... sorry: s, however since I made up in BEAD I put all the same review.

While a stick is not a handle Warwick, this one is very late compared to the true, the bridge is absolutely not the same (this one is only 1 block).

there is a volume control, balance and 2 tones, one for each pickup which for me is a good point.

good electronics bazaars is a bit ... but it seems that Chinese and AC is a registered intermediary.


I also has a corvette warwick 5 string fretted active (warwick real this time) and good is not the same thing and I will say right now .... if you take In addition to a warwick ca ... cause you destabilize the neck is thin and the bass stings a little nose so the comfort is lower.

Access to acute (last string) Is it easy?

yes it is good but for what is the last frets are going to have trouble ^ ^.

it is super light and sound casually (though a bit cold) is not bad ... let's say for 150 euros I would NEVER find better!


Good I play in a formation of death metal and black metal ... no I do not use it, I play a few old hard rock but it was mostly for fun home.

I play on the Markbass Little Mark valvedrive 3 plus the addition of a compressor EBS Electro-Harmonix on a 2 times 11 Genz Benz and a 15 inch markbass .... with all this it sounds pretty darn well ... well enough to say no not consider the change.

what is good is that like any respectable fretless she "sings" ... it is not always the case!

good as said no preamp or anything it sounds a little cold ... a lamp with a preamp like me it is quickly resolved.


I use it for 1 year

say it is worth about 400 euros ... new at this price I would not have bought secondhand but at 150 euros ... it is a sacred matter.

This is not the best but it is already fretless his job well, however I said again and again ... Warick rockbass is absolutely not comparable WARWICK ... whether in terms of sound and comfort and reliability finishes!

However, at this price the choice I would do it without hesitation!