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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Cort B4

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 16 reviews )
 13 reviews81 %
 3 reviews19 %

bullooi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very satisfied"

Cort B4
Obviously I'm not an expert in electronics and I do not care to tell the truth because I am connoisseur, simply. But everything is in place :)


The neck is short, so good for my little arms and nice ergonomics. It seems to correspond to a low of homework + small gigs in bars.


Jazz + bossa is very hot (even if I have to change my amp).
Ample, the sound is well suited to Latin music as well.
I recommend for metal or rock because the attack is not heartbreaking.


For 5 months, it's fine with me: setting after two months (the handle) to shop (on paris in Pigalle, or I bought it) and it goes again (I asked for an adjustment to the bass strings for this is easy to play, so of course, it can curl a little. but each player is free to its setting).
And the more I play, the more I like it ... so let's hope it lasts a long time!

Erio.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Excellent first bass"

Cort B4
For specifics, no surprises:
• ash body
• Neck Maple / Wenge into 5 slices, 24 boxes
• Micro Double MK1 / / Bartolini active EQ / / selector active passive / / micro scale
• Bridge EB12
• Mechanics Hipshot
• Black hardware
• Flamed Maple top (the most beautiful effect: P)

All assembled very cleanly. The frets are filed down the edge of the handle pass-cell plastic (it sucks a little on a wooden instrument oiled) "clip" (that's a little better but it's still bof).

Marking the frets on the fretboard in spots pearlescent (zouliiiii) on the top of the key with reminders on the edge of the handle, which is a big plus for most beginners. Besides, I do not understand that the instrumentals "low quality" or study does not propose a systematic marking of this type, because it is a comfort not really negligible.

The accuracy of acute frets may seem a little loose from the 15th fret ... but let us not forget that this is not a tool "pro" ...

I do climbs that D'Addario strings on it, which, in my opinion, can best exploit the versatility of the critter.

In the end, finish and quality more than acceptable for this price. 8 / 10


To use the instrument, a good belt is to be expected because it stings the nose significantly (or so I am perhaps have lousy: D) But the problem has disappeared with a strap adapted.

For weight, it's fantastic, no backache malgrès 2:30 requisitioned 'standing: it does not weigh over 4 pounds. A feast for the steadfast:)

Usage is just perfect, with a handle like this, one wonders why other brands has yet where to put our filthy fingers logs! Prepare the currency, the highway is on the way: a very nice touch, easy access to acute (although the 24th and last slot is difficult to bender ... but it is low, then who would want to go! !), a big microphone soapbar to rest the thumb (no sharp corners, which foot!). Play takes on its full value, and he even sees the word pleasure graft over time.

The knobs have no markings BUT they have a tab for MIDI, which means that the EQ flat and the balance of microphones is felt: the medium is marked, and the touch is very nice ( not need light to know where you are) and very aesthetic (yes, I know, for sound, it is useless ... but still!). Only the tone knob does not have this mileu. For the sculpture of sound, Bartos and equalization (of selector) can easily find a good sound, whether in the fingers, slap, pick at, or with the teeth, it's easy to find what one seeks.

Flat for knobs! The slappeurs will (perhaps) find annoying volume pot because of the tone, Me, I is close to each movement, which does not help me (I admit, I slapper as well as I do tap dancing in slippers on carpet ...)

Very easy to use, adjustments are quickly noticeable and no pain to report heavy use 9 / 10


I find the sound a bit "clinical", with a certain lack of grain. One can only approach, not imitate. To avoid therefore, amps too "neutral" because the mixture of the two will give something unpleasant to the ear. I coupled with an Ampeg BA 115 and even with an amp "type" like this one, I still found the sound a bit bland. Be careful though, because I tried to approach the sound of a MusicMan, and that this is NOT a MusicMan (yes, I assure you!) The limits are "fast" as found, for metal, this is not done, to slap, there's more to rock, there's more distinctive ...

But this defect is easily transformed into positive since, with a sound like, it can work and manipulate it at will with effect moult, and most importantly, it gives full value to the amp used. And then, Bartos, even when they send sound, do not deny it.

I use it since I bought a Roland Cube 30 at home, and really, I do not get tired because I can, three adjustments and a café, changing universe and move the merger a ballad rock, ska without changing hardware.

Versatility and transparency are its strengths. This is only a matter of taste, but I listen to everything, so it is a big plus. 8 / 10


Very good stuff, without hesitation. I have not used a lot of instruments, but even without Pasto, I know recognize a spade a good tool.

For me, this bass is a "real" first low: relatively affordable, value for money that promise many years of use, sounds very interesting learning and ease of use that will prevent the average user to stumble on a detail.

I love this bass, for its comfort and playability, as learning happens automatically. The sound is certainly very critical: Versatility is the price of grain and character. I am looking for my sound a little, but I already know what I will not, and why I did not need to buy more instruments, or even spend hours browsing through music stores to test and test and again test the low to find what I want.

In short, a very good instrument that will satisfy the most demanding course not, but should still young bassists in many of my stamp, which will get their money a pedagogical tool capable of tracking over repetitions without going for several zozos ... 8 / 10

chekmalt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort B4
Here I post just to tell you this:
Here I bought my bass in late January and I just 3 points ngatifs I have not seen anywhere ... First I changed my strings rcement and saw that some freight t have attacked the strings (not too much but when mchament same ...)
Then my last concert of the mcanique the G string has dtach without explanation (just the disc) ... I had to pick!
and finally not even 6 months I am my 3rd battery! (May be should it Unplug after each use?)


Low enjoyable


Good sound


But apart from a, it is true that I am satisfied with my low trs, and I quite agree with the posts antrieur but always keep in memory that it is no a low premium and that surprises can occur at any moment!