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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Cort B4

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 16 reviews )
 13 reviews81 %
 3 reviews19 %

phane06's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort B4
All adjacent t say above.
Micro and bridge Bartolini.
Active mode equalizer with bass / mid / high volume and balance microphones.
Passive pickups with volume and balance.


At first glance it is the raw wood look dull, no frills or shiny gizmo that attracted me. After 8 years on an Ibanez Verdin Whyte I wanted a more flexible low and certainly less cumbersome. So I tried a few prs everything available in the region and in medium and high game, nothing in my means did not please me but one. A US Jazzbass Fender signature (which I know) full of dust and a rose among the most beautiful effect. great sound, light and color really ugly. So I prefer my dealer put in the hands of Cort.
cot handle big surprise, it's a highway. fingers found the keys without worries and without effort, gliding like a soap of a low E to do the most acute.
it is a slap at slaughter.
Branch of an H & K BK100 like mine, I put a little prs 5 minutes to find my sound to me. deep bass, clear and acute vibrant medium (TFW not good terms but REPRESENTATIVES).
Large bartolini can ask jou thumb to the finger and left hand on the handle the run as Marie-Jo Perec before the Olympic Games.
Super feel and ease of handling dconcertante.
Good mediums quickly become drooling pass the 50% but no more I go not serious.
I would not put 10 Because all mediums can be improved and would have again.


I play rock, blues, jazz and a bit of variation on the many fingers and a little slap. No problem to adapt the sound to the style, I like guts median of pots in position.
Plugs into an amp BK100 Hughes & Ketner with pedals Zoom B2.1U for the compressor and sometimes a bit of a chorus sounds good, clear and warm. I like. Black Velvet with this bass was killed.
The bass is warm, round and deep.
The mediums are accurate and submitted between 0 and 50% after it worse, just drooling.
The treble is clear, crystal-clear, precise and ringing.
REALLY are only weak point is the mdiums but the compressor runs smoothly.


I use it for 3 months 1 to 2 hours a day and I can not get enough.
May be that the raw wood "easy mark" with unminimum attention is not so bad.
I would say a good fifty.
To 480 with a cover holder and a strap is more than good is not it? The Fender cited above costs 900 with nothing and a soft color in Caguas. Although the average level game is really Excellent quality and finish.
In addition to the raw wood look corespond me well, I love.
I would do the same why dpenser large choice if you have the equivalent for much cheaper.

maunakea's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort B4
Made in Korea, but the finish is IR-RE-PRO-CHA-BLE!
24 frets under license active Bartolini MK1
(These are not real but U.S. Bartolini pickups manufactured by Cort Licensed in Korea)
Easel-like Cort: Much more sturdy than the Fender type bridge.
(Can be more difficult to solve if you do it yourself!)

there are 5 knob
- Boost bass;
- Boost medium;
- Bosst acute;
- A knob to mix the sound of the pickups (bridge and neck)
- An overall volume and
- A switch to get the bass in active or passive mode.

The neck is a 5-piece neck 24 frets very good ...
The lifts are good quality (better than the mechanical type JazzBass Accuracy)
The hoop is very correct ... (No unevenness of frets)

I repeat: Excelente a finish as I did not expect to find in this price range! So I put 10 to salute the performance!


I played on different brands during the course (Peavey, Ibanez, Squier, OLP, Whale ...) and this is the best race I could find ...
Very nice, flexible and fast ...
The neck Fender had initially convinced by his smooth almost natural and legendary ... but I have no regrets ....

The finish polishing the frets is perfect ... Very smooth and regular.

Access to treble to bass is not limiting, but it is good ...

The weight and grip are also balanced and enjoyable.
The feel of natural wood gives a warmth that does not decrease as you play.

The sound is quite "right" since he is not a type of grain 1962 Jazz Bass pickups or EMG to cut the metal ...
However, they fit all styles (There's the jazz that I have not tested) ...
In assets, boost midrange / treble can be a sound "slap" very nice (without the grain fender!)
In active, the boost can be a serious root that his breath away though ... ideal for lots of styles (rock, soul, reggae ...)

I put 9 of the handle for the quality and consistency of microphones and fast handling ...


The pickups are homogeneous without being focused on a specific type of music.
(And thus, necessarily lose personality!)

With the Line6 UX2, I have some bass amp models that give different sounds that make up the sound a bit "impersonal" MK1 pickups ...
Simus the amp warm up and brighten the sound for clear audio funk and fusion. Rajoutent or a thick sound for rhythm and blues and rock ...
We can even get easily to the metal, with saturated tones at will (the settings of the low active grain facilitates desired) ...

Discussions with the owner of a Mayones + Fretless Bartolini U.S. accounts for one's inappropriate for the Cort Jazz pickups with Korean ...
Microphones that exist in U.S. "upgrade" of MK1
but I was not able to test / listen ...
They seem to have a more clear ...
The sounds will sound obtained "root" well rounded, very serious for a clear sound ideal for slap that suit me ...

I put 8 for sounds homgènes but real personality ...
(However, good mics will cost 2 / 3 the price of the guitar! Do not abuse either!)


I tested many models being Squier, Fender, Cort Action, Cort Artisan C, Whale, Ibanez, OLP, Peavey ...
And that's the most fun I tested (with the Fender Jazz Bass, but the mechanics seem less robust / less finished)
The price difference and the violin at least worked Fender, the absence of active preamp were right choices very quickly ...

The violin is neat, it sounds very good vacuum (this is a very good point!)

The value for money is incredible ... I think the finish than the more traditional models (eg Fender) ... for prices that they are going fast and not justified / more.
The quality of the finish is surprising even bluffing.

I would do the selection again.
And if I sound tired, I would upgrade a micro but I'm not sure of the significant contribution ...

Dl71's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort B4
Made in Korea. 24 frets. 2 active Bartolini pickups. Switchable in liabilities. Rglage balance, volume, bass and treble.


This is one of the easiest bass I've tried (with Ibase GSR200).

Access in acute could not be simpler.

Good weight, balance and well enough lgre.


I currently play on Hughes and Kettner BK200 easily and I get a lot of the clear sound of mtallique hyperbasse felt.

The sound is good even if it is true that the average frquences more difficult to control.


I use it for 3 years.
Trs beautiful instrument.
I put the strings for a smooth sound without friction. It makes good trs.
We talk as a mid-range. Personally, If you are not professional and you want to play a little bit of everything but with a funk and reggae preferences is what you need ... To the big rock I would choose the fender and PB mtal, plutt Ibanez.

I tried lots of bass but most taient too heavy, many taient trs play hard and I am a dlicat. The report price is good quality. It is also a beautiful object trs: the violin is perfect.
TRS is a good choice. J'hsiterais with Fender PB.

rootsvibes01's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort B4
Made in Korea
22 frets, pearl markers
Pickups: 2 countrv bartolini mk-1
lctronique active
5 knobs: Eq (low, mid and treble) and volume activation + micro switch on / off for the Eq
trs run smooth and flat, you feel the wood grain
the table is walnut satin on the OPW MODEL

CHARACTERISTICS super for this price!
I do not because there's ten best.


The neck is super enjoyable, has slipped on its own. Access in acute is almost perfect. the shape is nice, I like the head and the table is rather small. I find the bass quite lgre. in terms of sound, it's easy to find one that pleases.
>> I put 9 / 10


Low Polyval. the knobs rpondent well, they have taken center. if you push too much in mdiums, the sound is a little distortion: I love it! if you want to turn the knobs in all directions, just disable Eq.

>> One more 9 / 10


I use it for a week. I love the handle and the overall finish and I is not found in default. report qualitprix imprssionnant (I got it new for 410 in dstockage on playback!) a lower quality in the fender, it's twice the price!
if I were to buy a bass that would be a cort qualitprix for this report, but I would take perhaps the artisan rather than the A4 B4, just to the next level.

>> I put the 10 without eSite!

After 8 months: still going strong, the original strings are still in place (D'Addario) and the sound is still banging! Attention to the wood deteriorates quickly if not careful. ESPECIALLY DO NOT USE AS THE POLISH if you do not see the wood grain all white! A super low super nice to advise those seeking a good instrument and can not afford to pay for a good Jazz Bass or a Stingray ...

bibimayeu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort B4
See the reviews previous ones ...


I find the handle trs enjoyable raw wood. Large as it is for me.
-The Access in acute is easy, no problem.
-The interface is perfect, I love the shape and contents (all raw wood, the body is Mahogany, ie functions), the weight is correct (3.5kg), good rpartition weight. I often play standing up, I have no problem with back pain.
-To the sound is very easy to have what we're looking between the choice of microphones and three tones (high, mdium and severe) found his happiness. So yes we get easily a good sound!


"I found a setup I like, I fall a little treble and mdiums, bass 3 / 4. I was good for me trs, APRS for other style is easy to find the sound adquate.
-I play with a Gallien Krueger Backline 112: a trs trs holds the road well.
-I 've talked before ADI: DIFFERENT found sound, trs bold (style Dub, reggae that shake the walls) something trs crystalline slamming. I like the diffrence its just playing on either the neck pickup or the bridge pickup (I like 2 sounds)

Really it's easy to get what you want, the sound is good and very powerful (even when micro Bartolini!)


-A week is a little long but I have tampered with all the buttons!
Do I like: the instrument itself: wood, color, finishing touch. The sound is good, powerful.
Point ngatif: accused of a serious drooling a little, may saturate ..
Qualitprix-Report: surely unbeatable ...
"It is my 2ime low for my current level is all that I need, then I would do this choice and I recommend it even!

it is more OCCAZ (trs is a good OCCAZ!)

APRS two months of use: I'm always happy trs!
APRS year: the same, always happy.

pinou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort B4
See previous opinions


The handle is incredibly easy. I'm my own bass by accident (it's all the same the second time ... It borders on the usual), so used to the fretboard.
Well, on this Cort, big surprise: an ease almost immediately, something I had never felt on a bass (I've played on Warwick, Washburn, Yamaha and a Fender PB).

If the handle is very precise, the ergonomics of the instrument is equally important. Perfect balance (probably explained by the slightly "offset from").


I play rock (pop trend) in my current group: the B4 is perfect. This is also true by moving to more violent things (Iron Maiden, Slayer, Metallica ...) However, I doubt that its use is appropriate for the extreme metal (or Black Death).

The ability to switch to active or passive, active equalizer ... provide a range of exceptional ability. Also, is pleasant: the knobs are easily accesible, without the disadvantage of being hung on the slightest movement).


It is now two months that I have, and this instrument really gave me the taste of my skills on bass.

And as I bought used for 300 Euros, I can say that the value is exceptional. In fact, if I had tried before, I think I even have to buy new ...

Kelerm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort B4
See carractristique manufacturer


The handle is really enjoyable I do not have big fingers then j'apprcie fineness of the handle and it's funny because it's just plain not varnished wood and sanded the extreme ca slides while seul.non really a beautiful race.
The bass is quilibrlgre.
The Electronic done a good job, with repre central potarts is very practical


I play an Ampeg head B2RE / Ampeg cabinet E15 CLASSIC / SansAmp / EBS Comprsseur
The sound is good, the bass is the treble Submitted are not screaming it are friendly enough, the mdiums seems to be the low point of the black middle + not running otherwise it is not pretty.


I use it for 3 months and this in 1:30 2 hours a day.
and what I love is undoubtedly the + cot enjoyable end of the handle & smooth.
The report qualitprix of this guitar is good.
To find out if I do it again this election, I do not know, not that this instrument is not good because it is a good instrument to start trs low trs in good conditions or if Symple back, but I think looking for a guitar that is more typical, more powerful, because this bass is my taste too versatile, ca is only my opinion but this is a good instrument trs.

I will either resell or turn my instrument


I chose to turn and I just finished processing as the instrument of my new dress bicolor dark oak / birch oil and function all circumstances.
Turning the microphone, I a lasting high level of housing that is I installed a tailpiece pave music man MM42 home CREL and a second Silent JB 42 of the same designer is french, CREL is working with trs good luthiers; Christian Noguera, Patrice Blanc, among other
With all this an electronic OPB3 Aguilar, well I DISREGARD is discovering a new instrument sound prcis, round, warm, but it lacks serious doubt of wood and a real patttttate Wow!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! ca high bumps, and 320 euros imprssion I have a new instrument with a good pattate while concervant the quality of the handle.
While waiting to have a low luthier I go a long way with this good old Cort B4 but can we still call it CortB4? APRS its transformations I do not think I will call a Kelermes
So I put 10 APRS transformation

zobassiste's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort B4
The bass made in korea AETE
24 frets Bartolini active (i run a bridge)
easel type cort
there are 5 bass knob, medium, sharp, and a knob for selecting micro (bridge or neck) and a volume switch to get the bass in active or passive mode.


The neck is very very very nice can reach speeds of play disconcerting
the only access to acute absolumment me never a problem when I abuse it
Ergonomics is very good for bass is super light plusla ets it very enjoyable!
we get the sound you want instantanémment besoinde not touch his amp while the bass is on the knobs on my amp are at noon because the bass can find what's nimporte can indeed act on the mediums sbasses acute active or passive and the choice of micro allowing a lot of configuration


I play in a rock cover band and a very group-oriented funk slap and then she agreed to all the styles she has more personality in the style funk groove, but she knows all the same from its game elsewhere.
I play with a Fender Rumble 100W
I get the rock sound by putting the bass in passive mode Pernet who have a very acute and his almost dry while slamming the bass is soft and warm on compounds funk and disco, I lowered my mediums and j'augemente bass and treble to have a sound slap toujorus Anyway I find the sound I want.
I love his grave and slap sound


I use it for 2 years I separated because I just bought a jazz bass us
I love the electronic weight and its handle.
I try several and fenders yamaha jb jai mexico but preferred the Cort for his versatile.
The value for money is excellent for autan it is equipped with Bartolini pickups.
El course I would do same choice if I had the budget I had at the time.

Zulu127's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort B4
Everything has been said ..


As said above, pleasant handle, I had a little trouble with the smoothing at the beginning but you get used very quickly.

ergonomics is we do not mieu (a standard, but in Excellent ^ ^)
weight about right, it's good for the back: D

his palette is truly open I think, add an equalizer in your circuit and you'll find your sound in minutes.


This bass is really versatile, I made rather rock / indie and also metal, so that the generally recommended for the funk / jazz. but I am filled, it is extremely versatile (Bartolini MK1 pickups forces) by playing with the equalizer just give it a rather bold to the game or clear sound.

I play on a small 15w amp drive, I never pushed this bass has a huge amount (it will soon: D) but I'm surprised she does not follow!


I use it for just under four months.

what I like is its versatility. Indeed, we just play almost everything with her ;-)

I walked a lot in my town stores before making this choice, trying different models of high and medium range, and upon reflection I find that Cort is a reference to mid-range (for versatility).

value for the price is right for me.

experience I would do with that choice.

jack'sbass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cort B4
See the opinions precdents ...


. The handle is great: trs sanding is enjoyable to slide a finish is nickel frets (no problem of sleeve).
Low enjoyable for its light weight and super comfortable to play seated.
the sound is easily obtained after a few minutes of research.


This bass is perfect for my style which is rather jazz-funk. Can be obtained in its active and aggressive sec (Jaco Pastorius styles) or somewhat heavy ss provided bacl treble sound is rather groovy or dry. I play on an amp and a Behringer BX1200 250 watt marshall cabinet. J'obtient so dry and deep sound that is suitable for finger and slap game without problems. But I think the mediums Carment dgueulasses fai !!!!! This a kind of soup of harmonics awful not to mention the slap that We offer a free or distortion sound old cardboard bass! I do not recommend Careers News of mediums!
I wonder if even one question: What is the switch apart to do a stylt effect as when you change the beasts of microphones bartolini turn very quickly in low-end micro? Apart these two points were no problems to be very well


I'm using this bass for almost a week and I n (is not exploit all the possibilities of adjustment possible. Despite my big problem with the mediums I am fully satisfied with this low and I spend nearly 10 hours ds the same Journe.
This bass is very useful for its versatility I also have an Ibanez with a better deep but not at all versatile.
I do not know if I remake ds Lavenir this choice because right now I'm only 15 years old and lack of experience.