Ibanez SR500
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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Ibanez SR500

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 19 reviews )
 12 reviews63 %
 5 reviews26 %
 1 user review5 %
Value For Money : Excellent

songboy's review

Ibanez SR500
I am unaware as to where my Ibanez SR500 was built. 
It has a <span>Accu-Cast B20 bridge.  This is very similar to almost every bass bridge I have seen.
Ibanez calls the Neck type an SR4
Its a little thinner to me than a Jazz bass neck. 
It has 24 frets with a neck and a bridge pickup.   Both pickups are Bartolini MK 1-4's
They sound exceptionally good too.
As for the knobs, you get a Main Volume, a Balance knob for the two pickups and a 3 band Eq totaling five knobs all together.

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Yes the top frets are accessed easily enough, but I can't say I use them much.
This is a great sounding bass (to my surprise) for how much I paid for it.  The controls are easy enough to get a well rounded sound out of this guy. 
The reason I got this bass mainly was the amazing tone for such a low price.  The other big factors where how easy it is to play and how amazingly light it is.  I prefer a light guitar/bass and this one is one of the lightest I have found.
No drivers


I use a Peavey TNT 150 with some Mooger Fooger effects (Lowpass and Ring Mod).  The peavey brings the low end punch and the effects bring the weirdness.
I really like cranking the Low EQ knob on this guy for the deepest sounds.  Great tone down there.  I also like thinning it out sometimes and playing some slap style bass which this bass does extremely well.
Directly in to the amp, this thing is very clean.  You would need an effects pedal to change that. 
This bass can bring the deep lows for electronica, great thick mids for rock and great pops for slapping.  Its kinda of a jack of all trades.
Yeah, its a great tool for the many styles of music I play.


What I like most about it is the tone and its weight (or lack there of).  There really isn't anything I like about this bass, maybe that it says Soundgear on it and most people think Soundgear is a cheap step child of Ibanez.  That maybe true, but this bass deserves better.
I paid $420 at a local music store.  It was a show room model with a small ding on top, but I don't care about such things.  I played it and loved it and bought it that day and was very happy about the price. 
Excellent sound.  The bartolini pickups live up to there reputation.
I own a Carvin six string bass and a Fender JP 90.  All of them have there purposes but I find myself going to the SR500 because of its versatility. 
I would definitely buy this choice and highly recommend this bass for those on a budget who still want a good sound.
MGR/roel rocero01/26/2008

MGR/roel rocero's review"Ibanez SR-500"

Ibanez SR500
been playing guitar for 25 years.just switch to bass for a change.

paid $500 for an upgrade.i was looking for a decent bass guitar.

the unit is very light.and the price is very much reasonable. of course its not a warwick.but i'd take and will probably keep it for good.

the quality of the finish was not as impressive but again it's not a warwick.

the guitar sounds really good for my taste. I play rock and country.the pick ups are excellent.very quiet.

this guitar is a versatile performer.I'm gonna take care of it.

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MGR/Giovanni D. Martello10/12/2006

MGR/Giovanni D. Martello's review"Ibanez SR-500"

Ibanez SR500
I picked this baby up at Guitar Center for $549 list price.

I love the 3 band active eq, the skinny neck, the low action, and the overall look of the dark mahogany finish and bubinga fretboard is breathtaking!

There really isnt anything i dont like about it. You can get so many different sounds out of the EQ that if you dont like the way something is sounding all you have to do is tweak the knobs a little bit.

Its very well put together and the matching of the wood tones between the body and fret board make it look more expensive that it really is. Its also not too heavy... ive played other Ibanez Soundgears and felt like i had a rock pinned to my shoulder, but not this one... its extremely light and comfortable, without suffering from the drooping head from the body being too light.

I love this bass! It really makes me feel like Ibanez did something great this time and for the price you cant beat it... i would really compare it to a lower level Warwick, but even lower level Warwicks sound great. If you have less than $600 to spend I cant see you making a different choice. Go to your local Music shop and test one out Im sure you will be moved like i have been.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Mike Maloney12/09/2003

MGR/Mike Maloney's review"Ibanez Sound Gear"

Ibanez SR500
I bought this bass at a place in London, Ontario called John Bellone's Musical Instruments. I paid $400 plus taxes for it.

Right off the bat I was impressed with how it sounded. It has a real deep yet almost twangy sound. I also like how the neck moulds to my hand. My friends have told me that wood doesnt mold to your hand, but I'm telling you it does. The frets are flawless, they are so smooth I can slide from the bottom all the way to the top without the worry of cutting my fingers.(I know that shouldn't be an issue, but I've played some guitars that shredded my hands)The strings stay in tune suprisingly long. I could be rocking out hard for 4 or 5 hours at band practice, come back next week, and they're still in tune.

To be totally honest, there is nothing I don't like about this guitar.

This bass is SOLID!! For anyone who plays bass a lot, Im telling you, you arent going to find a more solid guitar then this. I've dropped it many a times and she still keeps goin strong. The neck is attatched to the body with what seems like concrete, it is extremely strong.

IF you are looking for a bass guitar in the $400 range, I hgihly recommend this guitar. It is amazing, I guarantee you'll like it.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

dthoer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Frankly super"

Ibanez SR500
Soundgear Series Deluxe features:
- Body Mahogany Satin
- Channel wendge / bubinga 5 parts SR4
- Rosewood 24 frets
- Medium Frets
- Accu-Cast B20 Bridge to massive bridges (bridge 19mm string spacing)
- Bartolini MK1 Micro (neck and bridge - neck & bridge)
- Bartolini MK1 preamp Electronic 3-band active eq
- Chrome hardware
- Colors: BM (brown mahogany)


Beautiful to watch and very enjoyable to play


It gets pretty much what we want with 3-band equalizer


I am fully satisfied with this bass for my amateur use in groups and sometimes live

Nanar34's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR500
Even if the SR 500 seems close to a GSR ... In fact see anything except the same ease dconcertante game on the handle and the entire lgret combines excellent grip.


The SR 500 BM IBANEZ home it's only good. The handle is very easy to play. The knobs facilent rgler with their "midpoint"


The electronic sign Bartolini active can be as effective as its a powerful, very easy to find. Trace Elliot amp a couple Sries 6 - GP7 is the "Fire!"


Trs qualitprix good value for this "middle range" with an electronic high-flying violin combines a high quality. Short for anything I would not change!

MrBungle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR500
Everything is said in other reviews, I will not repeat the same thing


The handle is a delight, the day I played it for the first time I had the impression of having grown at once.
Access is very easy to acute
This bass is an impressive lightness
For sound the knobs respond really well, I use a line6 xt live on a small Hartke 30W and it sounds terrible and with a good potato


Going very well for: Pop, Rock, Funk and Metal


I for 1 month
The big drawback is the battery hatch which opens with a screwdriver, and even unscrewed does not come out easily, I'm afraid of damaging the lower a force.
I tried a different model which vigier Exess excellent but not at the same price at all.
I tried Cort in the same price range and ca be worth after the choice depends on taste.
I do it again the same choice with the same budget, with other ways I can be typed above

Miliouz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR500
It comes from the little Korean.
It's a 24 frets, 2 Bartolini MK1 equipped with selector equalyser micro and low / medium / high

This is a Bolt

The body is not painted, so it is easy bread .... VERY bad thing for one who is meticulous!
I j'm'en fout, ca gives it personality!


The neck is super late. I tried a Sub (Musicman) at the same time and saw the difference! It is very small almost flat at the back, so we walk!
For acute everything is normal.

His side, I like a slightly saturated in the high, medium and boosting treble and you get there no problem! Well it has not a grain of stringray, but at the cost or is it a good investment.
The only problem, mechanisms, which are not very good tuning, although I do not play like an ox.
Also note that pulling the strings of origne = ine is low, thus giving the B flat in the way I want, you have to go suprieur has a draft, if the handle is right as u "i" moves a little and tends to curl.


I play speed metal and pop, so it works well. It's an Ibanez, so the downside to the fineness of the handle is that the SLP must be super accurate!


It's been 8 months that I have and as I often do the rounds of which was worth nearly 12 000 new stores, I can make a comparison. Jazzy funk style, do not look to this low, but if you are a more aggressive style, she can answer, without comparison with a Rickenbaker all the same.
It's a great value for money (600 euro!), And my 12,000 bales EDA takes the dust these days!

As proof, I want absolutely no selling, aloors the EDA will fall by the wayside!

Strato-bourrin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR500
This small low t made in Korea.
there are 24 frets, Bartolini MK1 pickups Bartolini, not bad at all
B20 bridge
one volume knob, a balance of microphones
- A 3-band active equalizer - serious
- Midle
- Trebble
Bolt-on maple ... I think trs end, fairly flat, although sympathetic to agu ACCS has played fairly comfortable, taken oval pearl is pretty trs .


As I have said before, super enjoyable race has played flat, wide, fast, it has played exellent, mechanical ki does not Disagree ...
ACCS at agu without problem.
Personally, I find it pretty trs (normal) but sturdy little body, c of mahogany, so trs necessarily dense, but sounds, you feel the strings vibrate in the body.
Pallete graphic interesante, c primarily why I bought it that we can do a lot of thing ... APRS depending on the technique used (finger, mdiator, slap ...) I played on a 100 watt combo Hartke therefore necessarily a ringing! I was delighted guitarsite sound so good is that c ...


As said before, versatile bass, so yes it Refre my style, and this is what ki can not hurt to change the color of her its just by touching a bass and not to the amp.
I play with effects like a wah-wah Ibanez (the Weeping Demon), the EBS-united chorus, and a saturation Ibanez SM-7 (originally intended for the guitar, but the serious fact ) ...
However I find that really agu ki agressiffes but may be filled if the guitar plays its fat and heavy, the balance is fesable ... and a lot more c for solos in saturation, a slice ...!!


I use it for about 4 months and I regale repeating, on stage, weight disturbs me somewhat in the end
I like very little detail, the jack on the front faade, can not break it by crouching or metant knees ... and oddly I find that default and also some interesting point of origin up a set of Elixir strings, all of the same has cost 70 euros ...
report quality really interresting, and yes, I do it again this choice without problem ...

Nion666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR500
See above


The handle is a rgal a play, an extreme softness (mahogany finish very well).
The highs are a joy to use, no need to be a contortionist to get there hands
The balance is very well done, and what lgeret more!


Trs versatile, I think it is more Metal. Easy to have a Korn has some sort!
(Under) uses a Peavey Basic 50, the sound is of the same very clear, very round! I expect the following to finally use it thoroughly!
We get out with all the settings, making TB a little magic of this bass, in a way ...
I think the sound of serious acute is excellent, it would be just may think about changing the game of rope dpart, which I like, is not a geniallissime hear ...


I use it for a month now, 2 to 6 hours a day, and I think it was exactly what I want, meaning you get a good metal sound, and at the same time a versatility of other occasion, like jazz, slap, tapping and blues!
What about its features, the sweetness of mahogany is a true joy! We promne, we slide, on tap, you slap it caresses the body when you have no notes to play ...
I used a Tanson earlier stages (I forgot the dsl MODL) and I prefried much this little gem!
A reselect, plus a price for a sound like, ca, I was desperate to find one under the age of 1500-2000, and ben if Ibanez did it!