Rockbass Fortress 4c
Rockbass Fortress 4c

Fortress 4c, 4-string bass guitar from Rockbass.

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MGR/Ian Hughes 08/20/2003

Rockbass Fortress 4c : MGR/Ian Hughes's user review

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I bought my Rockbass at a Sam Ash store in Columbus, Ohio. I bought this bass because I wanted a heavier sounding and more powerful bass. I paid $470 for this bass.

They're are so many things I love about this bass!!! Here a the things i love about it:
1. Looks: The looks are cool and very sharp.
2. Tone: The tone is amazing!!! The low end is deep and dense, the high end is crisp and clear, and mid is powerful, yet clear.
3. Price: This bass is amazing for how low the price is! I've played the Warwick Corvette Standard, which is about $1,500 and the Rockbass keeps up with is well.
4. Pickups: The Warwick Rockbass comes MEC Gold Active Pickups. They are extremely powerful and they sound amazing.
5. Weight: The bass is so light!!! I had a Squier P-Bass before this bass (and still do) and when compared the weight they difference was mind blowing. This bass weighs less than my Squier Tom Delonge Electric!!!!
6. Playability: This bass is so fun and easy to play. Like I said, this bass is extremely light and has a great feel.
7. Controls: The Rockbass has 4 controls on the bass itself. The include Volume, Tone, Treble, and Bass. If you mess around with them you could make it sound like a few different basses. Plus you could find your perfect tone.

Those are all the things I like about this bass.

They're is not one thing I don't like about this bass.

The Rockbass is a well put together bass. The quality is truely amazing. Even though it is a cheaper version of a Warwick, no quality is sacrificed. I think this is the absolute best bass in the $500 range.

If you are a bassist considering a serious bass and don't want to spend a ton of money, check out the Rockbass. It doesn't matter what style of music you play. This bass covers it all. It's a fantastic bass that definitely desirves to be played. You won't find anything better in it's price range. GO CHECK IT OUT.

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