Boss GT-100
Boss GT-100
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All user reviews of 2/5 for the Boss GT-100

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florent83330's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" blah ..."

Boss GT-100
see the website boss and other notices


use very intuitive, dual screen support.


medium, medium, see below


all depends on what you search, and your equipment.
Let me explain: I was looking for something compact to play in repet without several pedals.
FYI, it'm 18 I play guitar, so I became demanding.
the problem with the gt 100 is that you can do many things, but is average.
effects, overdrives, the distos are average.
Then, whether you live branches on the amp or in the loop, it significantly denature your amp.
I play on a mesa ta-30, and I lost all the dynamics of an amp claase A.
So, if you start the guitar, it's a great machine, you can really have fun on your way otherwise.
since I'm a pedal-board finally, I have 5 pedals and hard as it faut.d Moreover, same for the pedals, you need analog pedals with true-bypass, otherwise you will certainly the same problem with the digital sound processing.
I will look if you have more questions tomorrow.
I hope it was not too late for the answer!

mantea.groupmantea's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A little, very disappointed!"

Boss GT-100
For site characteristics see Roland


The configuration is its strong point is a disconcerting ease of use.


Here I concur with Samleminou, I am disappointed by comparing the GT-10 has better sound.
This effect is as unpleasant as possible tube.


Little response to Samleminou:
I use for my by my saturation and overdrive pedals in the effects loop for me to substitute similar effects of GT-tube 100.Cet effect fades see disappear by disabling noise suppressors "NS1 and NS2" it is almost nonexistent if the mode "DIVIDER" is "SINGLE"
I use it for over a month now due to about 4 hours a day and I'm looking back the problem in every sense I think I'll buy a GT-10.

samleminou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Modern heavy overdrive sound ok, clear sound or Over Drive; to ban"

Boss GT-100
effects, I think the whole panel is shown, you can double or triple the impact; combination is outstanding!
200 editable sounds, 200 plants, the top
virtually all connectors are, with one control channel amp ext, and dy can add other pedals, which you can assign yourself the functions


intuitive and simple, this unit is definitely for you life easier, I must admit that on this point it is really word!
French manual and full, very fortunately, as functions of the device many are exposed, which is not just asking, face the multiple possibilities of this device

for creating and editing sounds, too, so good, simple, intuitive, with logical management of effects, which is slightly change the position in a chain, or choose to switch between two channels (2 channels for each memory)
eg chain A = clean preamp + noise + reverb / B = + ledger + peamp distortion and delay equalizer) an accel pedal pressure, and presto! there is boost and we go solo

in less than an hour you can easily understand the system


good ... c is the bottom hurts ...

Boss has a hitch for over 20 years I could not believe that this processor would disappoint me at this point ...
Before going into detail, I played on JS 1200, Peavey VK 100 head and my multi-effect is the ME 70, and my sounds are somewhat varied, its crystal clear (see crystalline peak limit) so sensitive to the slightest mistake on my hand, but so beautiful to play and listen, its a "gilmourien" based on my clean sound, so rich in the two opposites, and saturated (disto classic), slightly raised at center to be arpeggio notes without losing ...

So the priority of my being his clear and the sound you imagine having that for a month (and perfectly mastering) can not get sound from my ME 70! (Comp + equal + delay)
I think I have tried everything, even by combining three equalizers (you can do with this machine) has a number of reasons, and hours of tests you drip, no way to find a single crystal clear sound!
A friend of mine came as reinforcements to help me, and that mastering this kind of machine since it has the previous one, tried again with me, but it's also going to highlight ....
we attempted to identify the problem, and although we are not of sound engineer, it appears always the type Tubular, artificial, in acute middle frankly unbearable
the problem is apparent on almost all sounds kind Gilmour or in saturated fat, although easier to mask the sounds of heavy
the worst is that its direct output n is not affected, but you have the misfortune to put a simple equalizer or preamp or n any treatment ... you qualify!


so I try to use the past one month without result ...

j previously have used everything boss of ME 5 today Today

this machine is waiting in my hair cell, only the sound ruined my fun (because c is c his job is annoying ...)

j expected today hui of whether others think like me, or I can provide solutions, until I take my trusty ME70, although limited and not as convenient, it has come out faithfully the sounds that I have have imagined, just!

I was therefore remains tuned for solutions, because to this day, I'm in the inability to make use of this device that I intend to resell if I stay in the deadlock!