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Boss Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar user reviews

  • Boss ME-6

    Boss ME-6 - death's review


    -The types of effects available on the I-6 on the compressor / distortion / EQ / noise gate / delay / chorus, flanger / reverb / master. -Effects are not editable. And audio-connectors (jack). He does not sagit a rack or rack-mount model. …

  • Boss ME-10

    Boss ME-10 - Blitz's review


    We offer all the classic effects - Compressor with choice of paramtre time (attack, release) and dynamic - Noise gate with all custom settings adjustable (seuil. ..) - Distortion: choice between two overdrives (crunchy) and 2 distortion (big so…

  • Boss GX-700

    Boss GX-700 - gixxerslide's review


    There are all the standard effects of modern guitarist. The quality is at the meeting, forcing Boss. You bluff the audience with no problem. All prints are guitarists to hear what comes out of the bote .... The reverb (numrique) is very well. It ca…

  • Boss GT-6

    Boss GT-6 - javiere's review


    Better go see the site from BOSS, you will have a clear description of the effects pedal. UTILIZATION The pedal is really not complicated to use, the bank is 100 sounds, 50 pre-amp and 50 of which you may register your sounds. Warning: You can NO…

  • Boss GX-700

    Boss GX-700 - toscanefr's review


    Rack "all in one" numrique. All BOSS effects. UTILIZATION It is very easy program. Accs facade in all effects. The LCD display is readable. SOUND QUALITY L is ca gte! For my part, I think the sound quality of the pedals is better than the…

  • Boss GT-6

    Boss GT-6 - Akane's review


    Well successor to the GT-5 that I owned, sold, resold and regret, we found almost the same range of effects with qq gadgets and more. (Uni-v,-shrink, auto-riff) We find the key to a guitarist, distos, reverb, delay, chorus etc. etc. The amp mod…

  • Boss ME-8

    Boss ME-8 - Tofu's review


    Qq stereo pedalboard with real-time effects (whammy, wah, volume, feedbaker (electronic feedback)) several analog distortion (od, distortion, high distortion ...) comp, eq, chorus, flange, tremolo, phaser, humanizer, delay, reverb about 50 prog…

  • Boss GT-5

    Boss GT-5 - Judas's review


    Pdalier floor with expression pedals intgre. Many effects (feedback, compressor, simulators and speaker amplifiers, distos, chorus, flanger .... in short the total). Possibility to connect to the south of pc for transfers (in sense 2). Very practical…

  • Boss GX-700

    Boss GX-700 - PierreMortez's review


    See the post above ... UTILIZATION Super simple setup. SOUND QUALITY The effects are not bad for this price. The harmonizer is practical, the compressor is rotten, the simulator hp, I do not like at all (note, it's not a reference, because I …

  • Boss ME-30

    Boss ME-30 - Pulk's review


    Pdalier guitar rack is not Submitted as separate pedals 6: * Distortion / Overdrive * Compressor * Delay * Reverb * Flanger, Chorus, tremolo, pitch shifter * Expression pedals (for volume, wah wah ... More noise gate, equalizer. * Be…