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All user reviews for the DigiTech XP100 Whammy Wah

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Average Score:3.4( 3.4/5 based on 9 reviews )
 3 reviews33 %
 3 reviews33 %
 1 user review11 %
 2 reviews22 %
Value For Money:Poor
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moosers's review

DigiTech XP100 Whammy Wah
The DigiTech XP100 Whammy Wah is a unique guitar effects pedal, combining two effects that require an expression foot pedal. I don't believe that there are any other combination whammy/wah pedals out there, or at least none that I have seen. The XP100 isn't a new pedal as it's been out for some years now - at least since the late 90's. The pedal has 1/4" connections for input, and both effect and dry output. You can power the pedal with a 9 volt power supply. It's not a rackable effect.


Using the DigiTech XP100 Whammy Wah shouldn't be hard for most users. It's got three basic foot controls - one to cycle up and down between the different effects, one to bypass the effects, which will also give you the built in tuner if you hold it down, and the foot expression pedal. You can set your own presets in addition to the different preset effects for using the pedal as a volume pedal, wah, auto wah, whammy, and for harmony effects. The manual is very complete and should be able to answer any and all questions you might have about the pedal.


The sound quality of the effects on the DigiTech XP100 Whammy Wah is pretty good, but each individual effect isn't as good sounding as they would be in their own effect. Still, it's really awesome to have all of these effects in one place as you can use the pedal as volume, wah, auto wah, whammy, or harmony pedal, which obviously makes it very versatile. It's also cool that you can save your own sounds.


The DigiTech XP100 Whammy Wah is definitely worth looking into if you're after a whammy pedal. While it's not as in depth as the regular DigiTech Whammy pedals will be, it still can do a lot and if you're just looking for the basic effect you'll get that plus some. The XP100 has a cheap price when found used since the pedal is about 15 years old and modern digital technology has surpassed the sound of this in the newer models. If you're going to use whammy sounds all the time, I'd probably recommend going with the DigiTech W-4, but if you want a smorgasbord of effects with a foot controller, the XP100 is a fine choice.

mooseherman's review

DigiTech XP100 Whammy Wah
This is an updated version of the classic Digitech Whammy Pedal, but with the addition of Wah-Wah features and a Volume pedal effect. It doesn't have the MIDI in/out that would come with a later version of the Whammy. It is mainly digital technology, and it is not rackable.


The actual editing of these effects isn't too difficult. You basically set the effect to the setting you want, and then use the rocker to change it accordingly. There are 29 different effects, and they vary. There is one "Volume" setting that makes the pedal function as a volume pedal. There are five regular Wah-Wah settings, six auto-wah settings, Eight "Whammy Effects", and 9 Harmonizing effects. The whammy effects are octave effects; there is the option of going one or two octaves lower, or higher. There is also the option of pitch shifting down a whole step or two, as well the effect of going down SIX octaves (Which is really wild!). There are harmonizers that alternate a half-step up by pressing the pedal up or down. The manual explains all of this clearly.


I guess I have sort of a biased opinion of this pedal. I tried it after already being pretty familiar with the original Whammy. That pedal is a classic, and this version recreates almost all of the same features. In this respect, it is almost as good. However, the wah settings on this pedal are pretty terrible. I can't get behind any of them, and would never recommend this pedal over a classic wah like a Vox or a Crybaby. The volume pedal is also a lot worse than the ones I generally use. I just feel as though it might be easier to get a regular Whammy, and use a different wah and volume pedal. If you are not able to do this, you might want to think about buying this, but be warned that you will soon tire of the generic and unappealing Wah sounds.


I think that for the price, you are better off buying the regular Whammy. The wah features are almost useless, and they will just get in the way. I actually think the original Whammy sounds better than this one as well. I can't stress it enough, this pedal is unnecessary.

MGR/Anonymous's review"Digitech XP-100 Whammy Wah"

DigiTech XP100 Whammy Wah
I bought it from a guy in Essen a place here in Germania´s beautiful west, for about 160 Euros.

Great variety of sounds different wah-types, choruses, whammy, volume... a lot weird stuff, too what makes it even better it makes you play stuff that you normally wouldnt play really pushing your creativty!

actually nothin

Absolutely recommended for stage usage it´s made out of metal and the pedal is too. its easy to control and has great sound

Easy to handle, heavily build, great wack´d sounds. Fuckin good!!! buy it!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Anonymous's review"DigiTech XP-100 Whammy Wah"

DigiTech XP100 Whammy Wah
I was ready to go to Europe for a 5 week tour and I didn't want to lug along a wah pedal, whammy pedal, and a chorus pedal. I called my friend Paul Muniz who is a rep for Digitech and he said he had something I might be interested in, and sent me the XP-100. I think my price was around $130.00.

This incredible unit contains 12 different wah programs that have since allowed me to get rid of my old tempermental vox and dunlop wah pedals. The tones of the wah programs are better than any I've ever heard! From sweet and honky to super wide screaming tone. If you can't find a wah sound that you like, you're crazy! The auto wah programs sound quite well and all the best programs from the whammy 2 pedal are packed in here like octave up and down and harmonies for every use you can think of...

The only thing I don't like about the pedal is that it says there's a built in gate, but I haven't found how to use it yet. It would also be cool if was AC/DC, but that's asking too much on my part.

The unit is built in a sturdy steel chassis and can take the abuse of the road no problem. It's also sealed quite well for those beer soaked stages! The power pack and cable are also sturdy, and there's a clip for tucking away the excess cable which is extremely useful.

This pedal has become a staple of my gear setup, holding my tone together and making my leads sound much better when my amp wasn't...not to mention boosting my confidence when I step forward for a lead break. The harmony programs are a great writing and live tool, and I'm about to pick up my second one because I think I wore my first one out!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

Eяяаtom's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Sounds bad"

DigiTech XP100 Whammy Wah
pitch shifter effects / octave and wah


Correct, the switch to scroll through the presets and preset users are useful.


Poor! "Digital" sound


the +
. use

the -
. game boy sounds

infunity's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech XP100 Whammy Wah
Effects, presets analog dcris are a little higher.


Easy to use!

They are not ditables and modified, but it is a good dj panel for a guitarist who seeks s'clater remembering that the first Młoda out of fingers ...

The manual is not helpful.

Used in the studio, take good habits for the grate, vrifier calibration from time to time to a minimum of noise-gate, and the volume of the pedals NOT A SUBSTANCE

The main problem comes from the plastic tabs that feels trslgers face the metal pedals ... find a trick to replace DEFINITIONS ..?


The effects are effective.

Thunder thing, the small gate, put at least nice.

I've never had a background ...

I use the whammy effects / harmonizer, octave, with ptite N2 Washburn (1995)

The rest with the schecter strat more often.

J'apprcie especially Prog21, shuffled Harmonizer Whammy ...


It's been a year since I use it and a small trs interesting opportunity for a hobby and then cratif must not kid ourselves either, it's good stuff ...

I have not had the opportunity to try other versions, but I've seen live in the pub, and the guys are really ch ... with the roto thing (the WH4) to change because, while with the XP100, too simple!

Well used it can become necessary because it is easy to configure, robust (except tabs) (possibility of 6 users favorite programs in Prog)

The original power hast not lach.

Quality price ratio in terms of time, and found unbeatable!

I Do not hesitate to repeat this choice, given the price of WH4 Brrrrrrrr ...

Hawkai's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech XP100 Whammy Wah
It is especially good for our answer and deceive Spawn-X.

Normally I confess that I find really unnecessary to give ratings so low and break a gear (except when really there is nothing keeping good but it's even REALLY rare). I saw such a notice on the destructive Jam Man ... frankly this kind of advice does anyone really nothing to say since it is Rusmir "is shit", what is more one wonders sometimes if the problem does not come from the users (one Lopper can be quite a dlicat use quilibrages Contents of entry level and output).

Finally go ... the case of the XP-100 is a little part and unfortunately I can not give wrong Spawn-X even though I think 0-1/10 notes are a bit unfair.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------
Then the XP-100 sp worth too much talk, little or minimum connection, one In, one Out, out for a dry form, not south.

Ides in good effects for me, just to buy a whammy Whammy blah blah ... frankly it's still a fact which even the abuse is really the worst taste. Used wisely can be a gnial but even when we can not put all the pieces.

Then find a Wah-Wah (DJ rpandue more), a dtuner makes a really INTERESTED Chorus and volume (which will be the default rglage because volume is always useful!) bonus, that's really cool and this had motivated my choice.

In short the simple point of the design, nothing to be too hard, it plutt not bad at all.


- Configurator largely straightforward.

- Edition nonexistent but it is mostly the same PDAL of expression that is supposed to evolve the sound was so not my opinion so important that a (m me if you can even when dplorer).

- Manuel ... pff ... who actually reads the manuals and pedals that says it's necessary? With few exceptions though sr. In short pass.


That is the true one approaches the problem of the pedals.

Personally I have no comparison with other digitech but only with the pilot by hamoniser of pRSET expression pedals for a whammy effect of multi-type boss (GT-3, ME-30 and GX-700 in this case).

A cot for this type of rglage o the sound is really rotten hell and latency, the XP-100 seems very well above, but I have no doubt it is less effective than other models of range. But the latency is used as a whammy or Wha (not harmonizing) ca not impede my view.

Personally I find wha wha really cool and I like the particulirement Dtuner to give a chorus variable.

So I do not break the only aspect of compltement sound.
On the other hand ... breath ... the first problem. AC to blow, to blow, you can not deny the fact and the Noise Gate prsence tmoigne. I am pleased to learn that others do not because in fact, talking to the Gate!

It's a real nuisance! Rgl mini, it is not so efficient trs ca breath, which did not eat prevents even when low levels, if you use it often effects or simply Violing that you use the scraper to the knob rgler gain saturation, and personal normment I used the XP-100 is going to ruin any possibility of subtlety in your SETTING THE knob and gain. This makes the pedals by consquent volume somewhat less useful than you might think.

Coarse max ... a pump ... but PUMP death. Dj at a minimum means, max is hell for the dynamics of sound, totally unusable.

And of course no rglage no reason to disable the gate.
-> Short it is THE FIRST abonndonn reasons I use pedals that even if I always.


Well, other exit Whereas I am the second reason that I do is more: the fiablilit.

I did not change the power supply but I know plenty of people have had the problem without Russia rgler DEFINITIONS. In a way I bowl. (A What if, in fact I remember when I command it goes bad dj, she did not dja the store and we make the change immediately ).
But then when wriggling a bit with the expression pedals (and a wha wha happens when even a quick enough) ... just a little too much on the pedals of expression and the pan over! The machine cuts compltement what is to come to a mini power DSP problem or anything like that.

Hheureusement the pedals with Byepass True, you can quickly cut back to sound and finish his piece (APRS which simply unplug the transformer and return it to the appropriate allocation).
But with the full Solo Wha ... it's really really really pnible!
That is not reliable gear for a sub and it just does not advise anyone, especially since the new (and old) MODELS seem much more reliable.

It's a shame because it y'avait good ides.
Too bad also because at the momment digitech am looking for a modulator (chorus, flanger, possibly octave, ttype Boss Super Octav no more) and the XP-200 is automatically out of the question because of the same design and priori solid.
Clearly I was just Digitech dgout of being the only material I had of this trademark. Yet it has rather good reputable, like how you always treat such dtails (and the fawn which the gre ... in SAV)

Spawn-X's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech XP100 Whammy Wah
INITIALLY THE NOTICE POSTED at 12:49 on 25/04/2006 before publishing the date now.

<p class="bbcode-offtopic"> Off topic: <span>First, I specify that I do has more effect in recent years. This shit unworthy to wear the infamous name Whammy (Digitech nor has dared to reference that name, preferring XP-100), it should never have left as it is of poor quality.
I must tell you that I owned the four models: WH1, WH2, XP-100 and I have now and for years filled with happiness, a WH4. I also had the opportunity to keep at home for several months, the Bass Whammy of a friend left on a trip abroad. I was able to make me a very clear idea of the differences between each model.

I would lower the opinions of other users.</span>

In terms of technical features, everything has been said.
From this point of view, the XP-100 proposed some interesting things. So note that I give is modest, but not as much NULE for this trend to offer more than what was the previous two models Whammy.


This pedal was actually very simple to use, but can not speak of since, except for editing the layout of the user memories, nothing is configured in the effects.
The manual, the blows, does not require a great explanation, and what it contains is more than enough to learn to use the effect.

The radius "use", it should be stressed that the effect requires a certain apprnetissage to give his best m ^ m. M ^ m in the vein, it is clear that some conaissances in harmony is a big plus, Night at the use of presets Harmony ;) ...


This is where the bottom lies.
Compared to other models, XP-100 is a real good shit to throw into oblivion . The first breath! ÉÉÉNNNOOORRMME! It is clear that this parasitic background noise does not make it unusable, it must be admitted that memory Whammy, no other had so miserably shone in the fall that XP-100. He is the son ashamed of the family). Proof of admission of poor quality: the addition of a "Noise Gate" useless on other models. If this pedal was so good, why do you it, Digitech has added an "eat her" like that?? The question is asked. ;) ...

The fact remains that the number of effect proposed by the XP-100 focait respect. And while some might be interesting, they décolent for most unfortunately. The idea of ​​proposing in the m ^ m effects pedal Wah / Auto Wah, volume, and a tuner (also brief it may be) in addition to the effects already become a high standard, we must unfortunately recognize the poor quality of these additions.
It&#39;s a shame.

Most Whammy induce a slight latency. This is normal. The internal DSP must calculate the transposition of the signal, and like any calculation, it takes time. But on the XP100 is sometimes reaches heights. Just goes into saturation and lower the volume a little guitar for realizing it.
Lamentable ...


Used for about 18 months, she has quickly taken the path of the chance. In fact, I had that shit with this pedal. Service returned 3 times in 4 months on, the power supply in quick grilling.
As for build quality ... OS COURT! Plastic ultra light and ultra sensitive stamped sheet metal where the WH1 and 4 are securely installed in a metal shell cast. M ^ m not talking about no gnashing more annoying than the laughter of the Castafiore, much less the design of the plateau edge of control very quickly because of the rubber feet that should also be absolutely replace the real rubber ...

In short, as mentioned above, having owned (some simultaneously) all other models Whammy, I think I can say objectively that this pedal is to be avoided like the plague.

It is obviously far too expensive for what it is.

Since I&#39;m off the perfect love with a WH4 (soon 6 years) to replace my regrétée WH1, shamelessly stolen from a live set at a festival.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
<p class="bbcode-offtopic"> Off topic: <span>The other view now ...

</span> <p class="bbcode-cite"> % $ 1 <span>With</span> his <span>writing, however, an oversight, we can reconfigure the minimum and maximum positions of the pedal</span>
This is not strictly a function of use of the pedal. Rather, it is a patch designed to fill some sort of bug that causes Whammy (all models) have from time to time tend to décalibrer (probably due to micro-electric shock or other ...). It is therefore merely a recalibration option.
<p class="bbcode-cite"> % $ 1 <span>Easy to use</span> his <span>writing, unlike the original whammy, it can be used easily in a live setting, to move from one program to another without stooping for example. Must (...) and more convenient than the original whammy.
Is unfamiliar with the previous models. While the WH1 did not change the preset without stooping, it is not the m ^ m with the WH2 who was the first of the series to integrate the two that went on then switch to XP100 his own account. Do parlont m ^ m not the last born, WH4, which, in turn, is fully controllable via MIDI Yum!
Otherwise, I do not see what is difficult to turn a rotocontacteur. So that the XP100 is "easier to use" ...
For the rest, which is comparable comparont. Found more convenient than the XP100 the WH1, OK, but do not lose sight of the most important sound.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

In the end, my decision may parraître a little rough, but it&#39;s good compared to other models that I leave this opinion. And there, musician Whammiste normally constituted can not décement, encensser XP100 knowing what the other models.
C&#39;t&#39;impossible ...

louyouk's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

DigiTech XP100 Whammy Wah
Tou has been said on the subject.
But with an oversight, we can reconfigure the minimum and maximum positions of the pedal which compensates for the inevitable destruction of the pins depreciation.


Easy to use, unlike the original whammy, it can be used easily in a live setting, to move from one program to another without stooping for example.
By reading the manual though, you can store its own layout program which makes it easier if you use live only six configurations.


What can I say? The whammy was never better.
The sound is sometimes limited, but if we wanted perfection we would have bought a very expensive harmonizer.
The ets annoying squeak but with a little oil no problem ...


Essential and more convenient than the original whammy.
However for the scratch with a midi controller, the 4 wh is better suited for the south.