Eventide Modfactor
Eventide Modfactor

Modfactor, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Eventide in the Factor series.

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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Eventide Modfactor

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grozeil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Eventide Modfactor
So this is a digital pedal, pretty cool format (roughly 19 by 12 cm)
Comprehensive connectivity, stereo inputs and outputs formatted jack, a USB jack, a jack for an expression pedal, one for a switch. MIDI in and out. Missing is a headphone jack in order to tweak its sounds shit alone without anyone. But what do I see? An outlet to power the bagpipe. And then everything falls apart: The unit has an external power supply 9 V 1200 mA. In other words, you can not use the kind of standard power pedals. Very very big black mark! If you like me TimeFactor more, you lugging two dedicated power supplies for these pedals. Not good.
Otherwise, the construction seems solid, the knobs are nice and (very) sensitive. I'm still not gaffe cum latte in one shot, I know if it would resist as well as a Boss.
A priori, to date, no publisher via computer, which is a pity.
Ah yes, two small switches to adapt the level of input and output (line or guitar). Despite what I put signal as input, this pedal does not move and do not clipped. The integrity of the signal also seems well respected. Well done!
A series of buttons on the front allow you to adjust the sound. Three switches provide in the manner in which one is (bank or play) to select a preset (by incrementing a not necessarily very practical) or modify on the fly on the current preset (slowing or stopping of modulation, tap tempo)


- The general configuration is it simple?
- Publishing of sound effects or is it easy?
- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

Answers: no, no, no!

The manual is clearly foutage of mouth. Everyone is not a pro of music and technology, and the manual is really too light (and English and more ...). In fact, the setting is not "easy". You have to spend time: I spent a few hours and I have not found my sound. It is true that I do not like me to take the lead and there, I still hesitate to keep this box in my set of effects.


While the sound quality ... I am very mixed and not at all entitled to give my opinion on all the effects available ... Overall, the sounds are quite "brilliant" and digital, but very good. I tend to say that fans of analog sound must pass their way, but at the same time, by dint of long and Fastida hack, you come to find happiness.
Among the effects that this machine offers, I have not explored those I do not normally flangers ie, the ring modulator and vibrato, while the latter two seem to well do.
For the rest, I finally found a chorus sound suits me. For the phaser, I could not find the creamy texture that I like, but I'm going to seriously revisit soon. The tremolos are compelling, the filters also, we come easily to have funky sounds. The wah is a priori anecdotal. The "undulator" (lol), the paper is excellent, but ultimately useless (and yet, I love delirious soundscape). The icing on the cake is the rotary that I found very very good.
For all these sounds, variations are available (3 types of chorus are arranged two kinds of Rotary ...), thing clearly does not necessarily explain the manual ... Grrrr ...
Well, in the end, my opinion is mixed. At first, I note that the range of adjustments of knobs is wide enough, to leave in extreme stuff. Corollary of all this: you have to be measured and not have a heavy hand when setting the sound, on pain of being quickly disappointed by this machine.
Each effect has two LFO. The first is adjustable with the top row of faders, while the second row to modulate the modulation. In my opinion Eventide missed something. If we can make very complex sounds, I think they missed the boat on this, because you can adjust the modulation with the modulation of the first LFO. For example, one module by another tremolo tremolo. Interesting, but I think it would have been much more appropriate and useful to have a type of modulation aute second level (including filters).
on the other hand, something absolutely huge (and this is a selling flagship Eventide, I feel) is the ability to assign very very easy one, several or all of the potentiometers an expression pedal, which opens doors boggles the mind, without necessarily going through a MIDI pedal! And all this with a Line6 or Boss vulgar! Little advice to those who try this pedal in the store, asks for expression pedal, as it is with this kind of gadget that takes the measure of the possibilities of the machine.
The MIDI implementation seems well done, although I did not look really am. Other features that I have not mentioned are very useful, as the "catchup", the choice of bypass (true bypass or bypass mail), etc, etc ... I refer to the manual to discover all that. How does the manual it is rotten?? ;-)


I use it intermittently for two months. Occasionally, it takes me, I make sounds and then after a while, I'm drunk and I get out my old pedals ... I find difficulty with the type of sounds I have with my pedal modulation fetishes while I am firmly convinced that this Modfactor can make a par or even better ... (It is this inner conviction which I have not sold elsewhere)
An interesting point is that the forum Eventide provides quick answers from the staff of Eventide for questions, bugs, etc ... This box seems to be quite attentive to his clients, updates are easy to install are available regularly, sometimes taking into account the repeated requests of users.
In the end, I do not know yet if I would do this choice. Lately, I use it more to try to draw the very substance, time will tell if I keep it or if I separate. I find qu'Eventide partially completed its mission: it is possible to do a bunch of stuff with this unit but it is still too complex for a lot of musicians that are intuitive and can look forward to eternal when it comes to tweak their pedals effects.
An overall score slightly above average, then, that may eventually be enhanced in a while, when I more control over the beast.