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All user reviews of 2/5 for the Korg Ax1g

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 14 reviews )
 4 reviews29 %
 9 reviews64 %
 1 user review7 %
Value For Money : Excellent
Guillaume LANGEVIN06/02/2004

Guillaume LANGEVIN's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Ax1g
Good level connectivity is the minimum but adequate vital saw the beast:
In, Out, transformer and battery.
Otherwise what about other ... uh ... it's black, there's an expression pedal or at least a crappy piece of plastic that looks like two pedals ... no selection of presets: Up and down
It's great that there's no light to tell you not to nab scoliosis by carrying it in a backpack now if you want to make the scene put 3kg of lead on the beast at every corner because otherwise the first flick inside it releases ...
Not consume much if it is rotated on batteries


While the factory presets are ... dirty, filthy, and we can maybe even grow up to say that it looks like most of the pedal never have to buy that if you try it in store. Now we must never stop at that and always try a pedal at least an hour before aligning the brouzoufs ...
Well in short you will need to edit your own presets that's loud and clear. Here comes one of the best points of the pedal: it's super simple, there's three poor buttons to program but it is done without any problems, not even need the book (the correct way).
Configuration level, so it's very simple ...


Okay so here they are attacking the party interested in everyone: the sound quality, so I'll tell you about my collection of shells of pistachios I've been doing for 12 long years now. It's just to annoy my world.
Alrosa I have exactly 129 670 483 622, but excluding c biensur THE pistachio shell collector that every good dream to have: that of a pistachio Francis Lalanne he ate for his 21 years ...
Ok I stop.
So our sound ... ha ha ..... hmmmm ...... ............ We are entitled to all the classics: great disto Metal nag, gentilllé little crunch, flanger , phaser, chorus, tremolo, delays, effects "Aqua" (more on that later ...), a wah, etc etc ...
The digital distortion are OVER and devoid of any warmth was really the feeling of playing on a synth sound with metal, it tek tek yuck. The crunch ... well it's going it pulls out of the game Phaser, Flanger and company is doing not too bad considering the price of the pedal, but hey it's like you expect it to sound in non-MXR more ... The delays are not too bad either, though not very varied. The wah wah ..... now I understand. Nah I do not understand that autorizations the sale of a sound that bad. This is the worst I've ever heard is really flat and glossy as possible to his, there's no life in it, it's not rebound as we ask a wah, short, shitty shitty home.
Finally we come to what is (in my opinion) the main interest of the pedal (it will seem strange to those who have tried to read it eja): the effect of "Aqua". Then there is 400% of delirium. You play your chords and it put out a terrible sound, like if you dive your notes in the fleet or they rebounded in short you really hear it is terrible, the more you play the more acute in the "drops" the become ... Interest? For a component, nor is it okay, but to work the imagination is not bad at all. Try an arpeggio in the Burger Queen Placebo effect with Aqua and a chorus made quite straight forward with a big sound and distortion is frankly funny and then once it breaks new ground for ...


Overall opinion? 90% of the pedal is rotten, fortunately the delays and the effect Aqua are there. Do not buy this crap certainly not new because you will fouttre your money in the air. If you want a cheap pedal take the X V-Amp in Beringher which provides for a lower price than 200 times.
Now if you have any biffetons lurking around one day and you see this pedal at 50 to € okaz buy there just for effect or to troubleshoot Aqua .... and then you can always sell it in case.
Yes 3 / 10 is bad but this pedal is crap I tell you ...