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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Korg Ax1g

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 14 reviews )
 4 reviews29 %
 9 reviews64 %
 1 user review7 %
Value For Money : Excellent

MGR/'s review"Korg AX1G"

Korg Ax1g
I bought this unit on eBay for around $65.00, which seems about average for this item. Being a "part-time" player, I didn't want to spend gobs of money on ten different stomp boxes when I could just get one effects box that does it all. No more messy patch cables, batteries, etc. It didn't come with instructions, but they were easy enough to get off the Korg website.

I can get all kinds of really great sounds out of it! The thing's even got a pedal for wah, volume, speed (for modulation effects like chorus and flanger) and more. The presets are reasonable--some great, some I would never use, and it is programmable (of course). When changing from one sound to another, there is no pause like on some units. You can also loop a short passage to play over and over again while you play.

It would have been nice to have a pedal to cycle the three banks, rather than just up and down pedals--not that big a deal, though. Also, when going to bypass, you've got to step on both (up & down) pedals at the same time. If you miss one, you go to the next effect. Again, not a big deal.

It's all plastic, but I can't see it being a problem. I don't really plan on letting Pete Townsend come over and smash up my guitars and amps or anything.

For 65 bucks, this is an awesome unit! If I'd have had this years ago, I'd be making a living out of guitar playing by now!

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MGR/Anthony Johnson, Jr. - Sylvester, Georgia12/10/2002

MGR/Anthony Johnson, Jr. - Sylvester, Georgia's review"Korg AX1G"

Korg Ax1g
I acquired this unit from Musician's Friend a while back for about $99 because I had just built my last guitar for that year and I needed a small processor to last me for a while.

I knew this thing had spunk when I took it out of the box. A cousin of mine had played Korg effects for a while and I fell in love with them through him. It has so many different combinations of effects and speaking of which, the reverbs & choruses in this li'l box simply melt you and your amp. It sounds even better going straight through the mixer or house PA. The distortions are right on the money!

The only thing I don't like is the display isn't backlit so you can't see what effect you're using when you're on a dark stage, but when you use it for a while you begin to memorize what you use the most with the color & number combinations it shows beside the expression pedal. So all in all thats the only bad thing about it, but like I said, all it takes is a little memorizing.

The unit has a small & unique construction to it which is great for me since I've played many different places. Easy to pack up and take with you in a suitcase or whatever case you may use for transporting effects pedals. Great quality all in all and I would reccommend to ANY style of player from beginner to advanced.

in summation....if you don't have one...GET ONE! haha! Every musician without one of these babies isn't a whole person, lol

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MGR/Matthew Rehm --- 11/05/2001

MGR/Matthew Rehm --- 's review"Korg AX1-G"

Korg Ax1g
I bought this pedal from X-electrical in Kingston, Surrey, London, UK.
I bought it because it has some really nice effects for its price.
I bought it second hand mint condition, without box or manuals for £75.

I really like this unit because it defines truly useful guitar effects at the touch of a few buttons, some are used by the cream of the music industry today. Every effect is editable, from the use of the pedal to the name and what number setting the effect is.It even comes with a tuner, metronome, and mute function to shut up your strings when u need to.
Distortion, echo, whammi, wha-wha, and ones that are undescribable unless you can hear them!

The fact that the battery compartment doesn't like to be knocked, and apart from that its fine!

The construction and quality is second to none, the whole look of the pedal is really nice.

The best pedal for straight forward easy to use effects, utilised in a small attractive cheaply sold box!

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Soulboogaloo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Ax1g
For technical specifications, I will not repeat what has already been said.
All presets are obviously edited on the device only, not on PCs. Connector jack unsurprisingly (it makes for a guitarist, not a sound engineer!)


- The use is completely intuitive to use part of the expression pedal on certain effects (sample, reverse ...)
- Editing the sounds is very simple and the manual is understandable, even for a scratch!


- Some effects are very good and quite original (aquatic sounds, sitar ...), others are a little behind, such as distortion, which are passable, nothing more.
- The factory presets are mostly crappy, so we must take some time to reprogram its own! In addition, they serve completely the device, which is a shame, for someone who wants to listen to a demo!


- I use it for a little over a year now.
- Very handy for small concerts in Caf'Conc where there was not much room for his stuff, and easy to carry around.
- A big flaw: the display name of the presets is not backlit, and is therefore completely illegible on stage (only No presets are visible)
- If it all over again, I would buy without hesitation. When I bought it, I was looking for something low-end to help me out, and finally, I was rather impressed by the sound quality of most sounds.