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Korg Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar user reviews

  • Korg Ax1500g

    Korg Ax1500g - elvisguitare's review


    Amp simulation simulation hp effect (flanger, chorus, wah wah, volume ,....) UTILIZATION Very easy to use. Used to it very quickly. As against the display and very low especially when there are games of lights in concert: a lot of glare on th…

  • Korg A4

    Korg A4 - Remyxc's review


    - INTERNAL EFFECTS: Compressor, Distortion / Overdrive, 3-Band Eq, Pitch / Delay, Chorus / Flanger, Reverb, Amp Simulation, Noise Reduction. - PROGRAMS: . Prrgls: 30 . User programmable: 30 - FRONT PANEL: . Volume: Input Volume, edition…

  • Korg G3

    Korg G3 - Bitozar's review


    It's a good old analog multi-effects that I bought in 1994 I think. - 3 channels: clean with compressor, crunch and lead - Gain controls on each channel - 1 tone control (1 button) - Flanger, Chorus - Delay, Reverb - Noise reductor At t…

  • Korg PX1

    Korg PX1 - Bitozar's review


    Pocket multi-effects, batteries or power supply sector - 13 rglage distortion with gain (compressor, crunch, tube, higain, overdrive) - Equalizer bass and treble - Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Rotary, Tremolo, autowah - Delay, Echo, Reve…

  • Korg Ax1000g

    Korg Ax1000g - Electro_Primate's review


    The effects are diviss into 5 parts: -Drive-amp: 9 distos (classic, mtal, fuzz ...), a compressor and an acoustic simulation -Cabinet: 11 amp simulations -Modulation: 11 effects (two choruses, two phaser, flanger, tremolo, octave, auto-wah etc …

  • Korg Ax10g

    Korg Ax10g - sergiogibson's review


    Hello, Good j'tais party to buy an amp xv because I possd the v amp 2 and the pro, and finally I wanted something a little more size bracket. I was fortunate to have a well-known info dixit biloute on this new toy, so I bought a pigalle, without t…

  • Korg Ax100g

    Korg Ax100g - RaphRaymond's review


    Well I'm going a little fast because dja There's enough other opinions Retailer. So for this CHARACTERISTICS trs simple, one expression pedals (for volume, wah, pitch, and some others) two pad up and down, on a troisime ct to move from one mode to …

  • Korg Ax1500g

    Korg Ax1500g - Bitozar's review


    Not much more to add. I therefore résumé: - Amp simulations - Simulations of HP - Modulations (flanger, phaser, chorus) and effects (autowha, Wiltron ...) - The 'moods' (delay, reverb ...) - The switch to travel in banks - An expression p…

  • Korg Ax1500g

    Korg Ax1500g - tim armstrong's review


    Overall, all effects recenssa Submitted date are, the more useful to more unnecessary -REMS use of technology, so the good trs stars (builder, too long to explain) also presebtes of amp simulations, which make a lot together and also in a fairly …

  • Korg PX4

    Korg PX4 - Sarek63's review


    124 possible effects, 7 simulans max. More than enough! 50 preset factory, 50 user. They are all modifiable but only registered users can be (logical ...) An input, a jack in outpout + std input into the jack 3.5 The case is ultra COMPCT: a b…